Trouble at the Treble T

Trouble at the Treble T

by Desiree Holt

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If one man is great, how hot will it be with three?

When Marti Jensen took the job managing the Treble Shooters honky-tonk, little did she know that the three Thompson brothers-Justin, Mark and Cade—had more in mind than having her pour drinks and keep order among the rowdies. But a visit to their vast ranch, the Treble T, showed her just what kind of erotic fantasies they had and the role they expected her to play. The question then became…what next?

Reader Advisory: This book contains ménage a quatre and anal sex.

Publisher's Note: This story has been previously released as part of the Treble anthology by Totally Bound Publishing.

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ISBN-13: 9780857158215
Publisher: Totally Entwined Group
Publication date: 11/28/2011
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 55
File size: 200 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

I always wanted adventure and change in my life, and I certainly got it. I grew up in Maine, a beautiful place to live, then lived in the Midwest and Florida. Now I make my home in the Hill Country of Texas, truly God's chosen place on earth. My husband, David, is a sixth generation Texan, tracing his roots here back to the time when Texas was a Republic, so retiring here was a dream we finally fulfilled. I've had a lot of firsts in my life – first female sports report on The Michigan Daily at the University of Michigan; first woman to own a rock and roll agency in Detroit, the home of Motown; first woman president of the Pasco (Florida) Economic Development Council. I graduated from the University of Michigan with a double major in English and History, and a minor in economics., and went on to have at least four careers. When my children were small, I satisfied my need for writing by working for weekly newspapers. I had a wild and wacky time managing rock and roll bands. I joined the insanity of retail with a string of shoe stores. I worked in fundraising, public affairs and community relations. But writing fiction was always my dream. I had a lot of stops and starts, but it wasn't until we retired that I could devote myself to it full time. My wonderful husband, David, encourages me and supports me in my dream. Our children are all grown and on their own, and are my biggest fans. When I'm not writing I'm an avid reader – anything and everything – and watching football, especially my beloved Michigan Wolverines. David and I golf and target shoot., and of course enjoy life in the gorgeous Texas Hill Country, where most of my stories are based. I am a member of Romance Writers of America, and San Antonio Romance Authors, Diamond State Romance Authors, and Passionate Ink chapter of RWA.

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The jukebox had been playing nonstop in the honky tonk since five o'clock, nothing unusual for a Friday night. People got off work for the weekend, ranch hands started filtering in, the beer began flowing and soon the postage-stamp-sized dance floor was filled with bodies gyrating to old and new country tunes.

Cade Thompson sat with his brothers, Justin and Mark, at a table in the corner of Treble Shooters watching people move to the music — faces flushed, hips wriggling, practically having sex with their clothes on while Travis Tritt and Lady Antebellum echoed off the wooden walls of the honky tonk. They'd spent a hard week with the hands moving cattle from one pasture to the other and culling those for branding. Tonight they'd decided to give themselves a break from the ranch and hang out at the bar they'd bought when the previous owner died. Spring Valley was small enough as it was, with few entertainment options. They didn't want to see the only real place their hands could hang out close down.

Getting a full-time manager on a permanent basis, though, had been harder than they'd expected. Apparently the list of people who wanted to relocate to Spring Valley was a short one. The men had been burning both ends of the candle — running the Treble T ranch during the day and taking turns running the bar at night — when fortune had finally smiled on them.

Now Cade looked over at the bar, watching as Marti Jensen poured three drinks at once without breaking a sweat, and gave silent thanks once more for the day she'd walked in. He admired the way she kept her cool with all the chaos around her — the raised voices, the clicking of pool balls, the heavy thump of a bass and the squeal of the slide guitar, the lone waitress fighting for her attention along with everyone crowded at the bar demanding their drink now.

She was tall, maybe five ten.

Just right for three brothers who all top six four.

Stop! What are you thinking?

But he couldn't take his eyes away from her lush body. The way the Treble Shooters T-shirt fell softly against her ripe breasts and the jeans clung lovingly to the finest ass he'd seen in a long time. The way her riot of curly black hair cascaded down her back and framed a face with high cheekbones, violet cat's eyes and full, sensual lips. He'd wanted to fuck her since the day she'd walked in with the San Antonio classified rolled up in her hand and said in her saucy tone of voice, "Someone in here looking for a manager?" And ever since, he'd done his best to try and push the thought out of his mind.

She'd had excellent references and they still wondered why the hell she'd wanted to come to a tiny spot in the road like Spring Valley. But all she'd tell them was it had been time for her to move on. She had moved into the furnished apartment over Treble Shooters and taken over the bar as if she'd been running it forever. Nothing seemed to faze her — not the normal complement of drunks, not the cowboys who came on to her, not the over the top crowds that jammed the place on weekends. She was a godsend, delivered up to them as if by fate.

And he still wanted to strip her naked and fuck her blind.

Damn, damn, damn.

Justin leant close enough to be heard over the high noise level. "Better put your tongue back in your mouth, big brother. That's one body you won't be licking unless you want to go looking for another manager."

One corner of Cade's mouth kicked up in a grin. "Maybe I could make it part of her employment contract."

"Thought of that myself a time or two," Mark chimed in. "But you know the rules about mixing business and pleasure."

"Unless, of course, she indicates she's interested," Cade told him.

"Which she hasn't," Justin reminded him.

But at that moment, Marti looked up from behind the bar, caught his eye and an unexpected jolt of electricity sizzled between them. Cade's cock instantly hardened to steel and a low ache set up in his balls. Was she sending him some kind of signal? He'd sure like to find out.

"You won't get any answers by staring at her," Justin chuckled.

"Maybe I just did," he said, almost to himself.

"Well, she won't be interested on a Friday night, anyway," Justin pointed out. "She's got all she can handle behind that bar and more."

"Maybe so, but we've been too damn busy at the ranch. We've done so long without that my hard-on might not go away for weeks."

Mark laughed and leant across the table. "Then we'd best figure out what to do about that."

At that moment, the fates delivered a bundle into his presence in the form of Shannon Moore. Five seven, curved in all the right places, blonde hair tumbling down her back in lustrous curls. Cade knew every inch of that body, as did his brothers. She'd played their games more than once. When she plopped herself into his lap, he wondered if she was ready to play again.

She looped her arm around his neck and put her mouth right next to his ear, her breath like a warm breeze, and murmured, "Long time no see, cowboy. How's tricks?"

He wrapped an arm around her waist and shifted her so his cock pressed firmly against her bottom. "Feel that? Tell you just how things are?"

Her face flushed red and heat flared in her eyes. "How about a dance?" She looked at Mark and Justin. "One with each of you?"

Justin grinned. "Suits me. But one of these times I want to go first."

She laughed as Cade stood and set her on her feet. "Invite me over again and I think that can be arranged."

There was a brief pause in the noise level before the jukebox clicked over to the next tune and cranked out Thompson Square's slow honky tonk melody, Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not?

"That's our cue," Cade said, leading Shannon to the dance floor.

He wedged them into a tiny space at a corner of the floor then pulled her body hard against his. She leaned against him, wrapped her arms around his neck, and sighed when his hands lowered to grab the cheeks of her ass tightly. He ground his pelvis against hers as they caught the rhythm of the music.

"Feel that, sugar?" he murmured in her ear, below the noise level. "Feel just how hard I am." His cock was pressing hard into her pussy, her heat blazing into him even through the layers of their clothing.

"Oh, yeah," she breathed.

Cade glanced quickly around and realised half of the people on the dance floor were all but fucking to music with their clothes on. Bodies were glued to bodies, hips swaying, arms wrapped around each other.

Jesus! Cade thought. At least no one — especially Marti — is paying attention to us.

He closed his eyes momentarily, inhaling Shannon's familiar essence, the light perfume she always wore that had become so familiar with all their sessions together.

And that's what they are, he reminded himself. Sessions. Hours together, the four of them, to play their erotic games. He knew the sexual desires of the Thompson brothers had become well known in the county. Almost notorious. While they were highly respected as ranchers, they were envied by most men for their sexual activities. And there never seemed to be a shortage of women to accept their invitations.

He opened his eyes and glanced around again. Marti was busy at the bar pouring drinks, not looking up at all. If he kissed Shannon on the dance floor, she would hardly notice.

"Well, sugar? Like the song says, are you gonna kiss me or not?"

In tacit invitation, she tilted her face slightly.

Cade shifted his head so his mouth could find hers. As they swayed to the music, he licked the outer edges of her lips, tasting the lingering flavour of the margarita she must have had earlier before sliding his tongue into her hot, willing mouth. Her own tongue met his, dancing with it, gliding over its surface.

Oh, yeah. Thank you, Shannon, for saying hello tonight. I damn well needed this.

Her breasts, soft mounds of flesh, pressed against his chest and her nipples were so hard he could feel them even through her bra and the soft material of her T-shirt. He moved his tongue over hers in a rhythm that captured the beat of the music, until he felt the heat simmering all the way from his toes to the top of his head. If he wasn't careful, he'd come in his jeans on the dance floor and embarrass himself.

By the time the song ended, Cade was sure he could fuck her in five seconds flat. When the next song kicked in, another Thompson Square favourite, If It takes All Night, Cade took that as his cue. He slid his hands caressingly over Shannon's, then put about an inch of space between them and took her hand.

"Come on, sugar. How about a sleepover at the Treble T?"

She winked at him. "I thought you'd never ask."

One good thing about Shannon. She'd done the sleepover thing before and knew the ropes. Not to mention the fact that she was hot as a pistol and game for anything.

"Did you ride over in that funky Jeep of yours?" he asked when they reached the table.

"Uh-huh. You might not like it, but it gets me where I want to go."

"Give Mark your keys," he told her. "You'll ride in the truck with Justin and me."

"Hey!" Mark objected. "How come I have to ride solo?" "Your turn to draw the short straw, bro."

He pulled some cash out of his pocket and dropped it on the table. The brothers might own the honky tonk and get their drinks for free, but they always tipped the waitress. They knew how hard she worked, especially on a Friday night.

Cade waited until Shannon dug her keys out of her pocket and handed them to Mark. "Take good care of it, big boy."

He laughed. "Anything I could do to that hunk of junk would only be an improvement. Why don't you get yourself something new?"

She grinned at him. "Sentimental value. That old Jeep has seen a lot of things in its time."

"Well, let's get going," Cade urged. "There's a lot I want to see."

He guided Shannon towards the door, his brothers behind him. He glanced over towards the bar, planning to let Marti know they were leaving, but her eyes were already on them. And if he didn't know better, he'd think that was jealousy smouldering in them.

Interesting. And intriguing.

Maybe tomorrow he'd find time to swing by here and spend a little time chatting with Miss Marti Jensen. Get the lay of the land.

So to speak.

The difference in noise level when they walked out of Treble Shooters was so noticeable that for a moment Cade wondered if he'd gone deaf.

"I've never figured out why it's necessary to crank the jukebox up so loud," he grumbled, fishing for his keys.

"Cranky, cranky," Justin teased. "First sign of advancing age."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's just get going."

"I'm right behind you," Mark called, heading for Shannon's ride. "Don't get started without me."

"Wouldn't think of it," she giggled.

Cade climbed into the driver's seat while Justin hoisted Shannon into his lap in the passenger's seat.

"Don't wiggle too much, honey," Justin told her in a low voice, "and we don't need to worry about seat belts."

"What are you doing?" she giggled.

"Just checkin' to see how ready you are to play."

As Cade pulled out on to the highway he glanced sideways and saw Justin's hands against Shannon's tummy, his fingers busy with her zipper. Suddenly an image of Marti slammed into him. Marti sitting on Justin's lap. Marti with her legs draped on either side of his. Marti moaning low in her throat.

Heat blasted into his groin and stabbed his balls.

Shit, shit, shit!

What the hell was he doing, thinking about that? His brothers were right. Marti Jensen had to be off limits.

From the corner of his eye, he saw Shannon move slightly as Justin worked his hands inside her panties.

"Hey, Cade," he said, "she's waxed that sweet little pussy. It's all bare."

"Yeah?" He gripped the steering wheel as lust shot through him. "Tell me about it."

"It's like pure satin," his brother said. "So soft and smooth. And oh, lordy, she's already slick and wet. I can feel that cream on those pussy lips just making my finger slide over her skin."

"She hot inside?" Cade asked, wondering why he was torturing himself and forcing himself not to break the speed limit to get to the ranch. Again, the image of Marti splashed itself on his brain, and he wondered if she trimmed or waxed her cunt. What it would feel like to slide his fingers over it.

Stop it!

"Let's see." Justin's breathing was getting choppy. "Kinda tight quarters here but oh, yeah, I can get two fingers inside her. And damn, that little cunt's just burning up."

"You guys drive me crazy," Shannon groaned, her voice unsteady.

Cade sensed her trying to move against his brother's touch.

"Just hold still, honey," Justin told her.

"Oh, God," she cried. "Oh, oh, oh."

"Tell me what you're doing," Cade demanded, gritting his teeth. They'd all discovered early on that half the fun of sharing a woman was describing what each of them did to her.

"I found that hot little clit and she nearly jumped off my lap. Shannon, baby, if you hold real still I'll get you off. Would you like that?"

"Yesss," she cried. "Please."

"Don't even want to wait until we get to the ranch?" he teased.

"No, no, no."

From the corner of his eye Cade saw her toss her head back and forth.

"Kinda tight quarters here, sweet thing, but I think we can make it work. You just hold on here."

"What are you doing?" Cade asked again, his fingers so tight on the steering wheel he wondered why he didn't leave dents.

"I'm pushing her jeans and panties down enough so I can get at her with both hands. Ah, okay, there we go. Now I've got two fingers inside her again and I'm workin' on that swollen little clit. Like that, Shannon? Like me to finger fuck you and play with your little button here?" "Yes, yes, yes."

Cade glanced sideways briefly and saw Shannon leaning back against his brother, her arms straight down at her side.

"Eyes straight ahead, bro," Justin reminded him. "I'll give you a blow by blow."

"Well, get on with it."

"Okay, then. I've got three fingers inside her now and the little pussy is still just as tight. I'm rubbing her clit, pinching it and stroking it and she's hot as a pistol. Oh, shit, I can feel more cream inside her. You close, honey? Yeah, I think you are."

"Get her off now," Cade ordered. "And Shannon, you scream your pleasure."

"Here we go," Justin said. "Feel my fingers moving faster, honey? Oh, shit, Cade, I feel those cunt walls quivering now. She's tensing up."

"You still working on her clit?" Cade asked.

"Damn straight."

"Keep rubbing on it."

"Oh, yeah, Oh, yeah. Bet on it." He paused. "Here she goes. Okay, okay, here it comes. Here it comes. Oh, shit, yes. God, she's about to break off my fingers she's clamped down so tight around them. Cade, she's coming like crazy."

And Shannon's scream of satisfaction echoed loudly in the cab as she jerked in Justin's grip, the sound stretching out until it surrounded them. Cade had to move one hand from the steering wheel and clamp it over his cock, which was straining painfully at his fly. He ground his teeth together to hang on to his control. He was eternally grateful the ranch was in sight.

"Lick my fingers, Shannon," he heard Justin murmur in a low voice. "See how good you taste."

And then he was through the gate, down the long drive and pulling up in the gravel parking area. Mark slammed into the spot next to him two seconds later.

"I hope y'all didn't use it up on the way here," he grumbled as he stomped towards them.

"Hell," Cade said, "we're just getting started."

Justin led Shannon into the house, his brothers hot on his heels. He'd refused to allow her to zip up her jeans, only letting her pull them up past her hips so she could walk. When she was standing in the middle of the great room, he knelt to remove her boots, lifting one foot at a time and pressing down on the heel to ease them off her feet. She stood there silent, shaking slightly with need. He could smell her arousal, a musky scent so strong he was sure it permeated the room.

Once the boots were gone, he rose and tugged at her Tshirt.

Although it wasn't really cold, Cade lit the fire that had been laid in the fireplace. He always thought there was something so sensual about having sex by firelight. Mark flipped on the switch for the CD player that always had a stack of disks in it. The mellow sounds of Reba McEntire floated out into the dimly lit room, singing When's It Gonna Be My Turn?

Cade came up behind Shannon and put his hands on her shoulders.

"We're all gonna get a turn, right, sweet cheeks?"

"You bet." The sound came out on a choppy breath.

"Then let's get you naked."

He eased her T-shirt over her head. Only a flimsy concoction of satin and lace restrained her full breasts. He flipped the catch open and then the bra was gone and her breasts were resting in his large palms.


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