Trouble in the Attic

Trouble in the Attic

by G.G. Hall


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The world famous house rabbit is back! It has been a year since Hershey and Pepper ventured outdoors and Hershey is now the senior house rabbit. An orphaned girl named Penny and a new rabbit called Charlie have moved into Trickel Manor. Hershey and Pepper decide to find out about these new residents. Just as they make the acquaintances, a series of events unfold when the rogue rats of the air ducts kidnap an attic bat named Harwick. Hershey, the other rabbits and Penny must attempt to rescue him while dodging the quirky sitter Mrs. Cauliflower who has come to take care of them. A huge battle unfolds in the attic and one of the other bats named Rousetta dies in the midst of things. Or was she murdered? Just as Hershey and the others are about to find out, a sudden sad event requires them to once again venture into the backyard. A snowstorm complicates their excursion and now Penny is missing. Will they find her or perish in the snow? Will they find out what happened to Rousetta? Where will all of this take them this time?
G.G. Hall returns after success with the original "Hershey- A Tale of a Curious House Rabbit. It circulated the globe and tickled the hearts of all ages.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781522744245
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/13/2015
Pages: 242
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

G.G. Hall and her husband live in Miami, Florida with four birds and four rescue rabbits. She is an adjunct professor with degrees in engineering and physics. This is her second novel- a sequel to "Hershey- A Tale of a Curious House Rabbit" released several years ago. The novel had great success worldwide as both an electronic book and a paperback and the audience of all ages demanded a sequel.
Ms. Hall is also a dedicated rabbit rescuer with several rabbit rescue groups dedicated to rescuing rabbits and educating the public that rabbits are real pets, too. A percentage of royalties will be donated to rabbit rescue efforts.

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