Trucker Ghost Stories: And Other True Tales of Haunted Highways, Weird Encounters, and Legends of the Road

Trucker Ghost Stories: And Other True Tales of Haunted Highways, Weird Encounters, and Legends of the Road

by Annie Wilder

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In a uniquely entertaining book by a rising star, here are uncanny true tales of haunted highways, weird encounters, and legends of the road.

It may have happened to you; it's happened to almost everyone who's ever driven down a highway at night, or in the fog, or snow. Something suddenly appears: a flash of movement, a shadow...what was it? It could be, as the true stories in this book attest, a ghost.

These are true stories from the highways and byways of America. These firsthand accounts are as varied as the storytellers themselves—some are detailed and filled with the terror and suspense that made people feel they had to share what happened to them with others; others are brief and straightforward retellings of truly chilling events.

Here is a chupacabra attack on the desert highway between L.A. and Las Vegas; ghost trains and soldiers; UFOs; the prom girl ghost of Alabama; a demon in Texas, and other accounts of the creepy, scary things that truckers and other drivers and passengers told to editor Annie Wilder.

With so many different stories, Trucker Ghost Stories moves beyond the usual haunted house to offer stories to entice any ghost story reader...and anyone who's ever wondered....

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ISBN-13: 9781429924580
Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates
Publication date: 08/07/2012
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
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About the Author

ANNIE WILDER wrote House of Spirits and Whispers about her experience living in a haunted house and working with paranormal investigators. She has appeared on the Biography Channel's My Ghost Story and has been a featured guest at paranormal conferences and hosted haunted tea parties and tours.

ANNIE WILDER has written a true book, titled House of Spirits and Whispers, about her experience living in a haunted house and working with paranormal investigators. She’s attended paranormal conferences and hosted haunted tea parties and tours.

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Well, I was in this place in Texas, off of this road that was said to be an Indian burial ground. They had mulch after the hurricane, Hurricane Ike. They had mulch and stuff on that piece of land, on that property—lots of it. This subcontractor called me to have it hauled away. So I called up a couple guys I’d been working with, and we ran that site for a good two weeks. And as I was completing the job, I stayed on-site because we didn’t have anywhere else to go and we didn’t have a job; we weren’t welcome on the work site, so me and a friend of mine stayed on that property. And then at night we would sleep in our trucks. So this one night we were sleeping there and it was very, very cold. A little snow was on the ground.

So I remember about like 8:00 P.M., we went to bed early. I was laying down with my head somewhat by the window. I had a 1995 Freightliner SLD—it’s a flattop, and there’s a single bed. So I was on the bed, lying down. And I heard a commotion outside the truck. I’m saying to myself, “What’s all the commotion?!” The wind was just howling and going on like crazy. I felt my truck shaking like it wanted to turn over. It was like the wind was blowing something like sixty miles an hour. All of a sudden the wind just picked up and just started acting crazy.

Anyway, I hear the commotion again outside, like folks talking. And I’m wondering to myself, “Who on earth is over here making noise at my head?” I’m thinking out loud, and I’m saying, “It’s just me and my buddy over here, in the truck.” And I’m hearing the noise of talking; and the wind’s blowing hard … while I’m saying, “Man, this is just crazy.”

I felt like a hand came through the side window, which is the window to the back of the truck, the little breathing window. I felt a hand touching me on the head. I start throwing my elbow and trying to hit the hand. I’m trying to shove the hand from off of my head. And the touch went away. Then I heard the wind pick up some more, and then I heard somebody trying my door! My door was locked. So when I heard the person trying my door, I didn’t say anything ’cause the truck was fully locked. I didn’t worry about anyone coming in on me. I had the windows wound up and the door locked. I had a plastic bag on my brake lever. And I heard, like, the wind coming inside of my truck now. I mean, I hear the wind just howling inside the truck. And it was just making a lot of horrible noise, picking up the plastic bags and tearing at everything I have. And I’m saying, “Lord? What is this going on?” You know what I’m saying?

My back was turned to the steering end of the truck, the front of the truck. I had my back turned. I was lying in the back of the truck. And I felt a pressure come and lay on top of me, trying to pin me down on the bed. I’m crying out for the Lord, and I’m saying, “Lord, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, have mercy. The blood of Jesus is upon you.” I’m crying out and I’m saying it real loud. I could hardly hear myself talking, ’cause it felt like my tongue was so heavy that I couldn’t get a word out. But I was still saying it in my mind. And I’m trying to speak and I couldn’t speak. But I’m saying it in my mind—I’m saying, “The blood of Jesus is against you.” Until I felt it lift off of me. All I saw was my curtains thrown back, and I heard it go through the door … thwip! As if a knife was chopping something. It went straight through my door.

I turned my lights on … and I got the Bible, and I started to read and pray to the Lord. My friend, who was next door to me in his truck, heard nothing. And he said he got up and saw my lights turned on and asked himself what I was doing up at three o’clock in the morning. He didn’t hear me screaming. He didn’t hear anything.

There’s a house down here in Missouri City, Texas. A friend of mine owns it. So he asked us to stay there. I parked my truck outside, and I slept in my truck when I came down Friday and I stayed from Friday till today. I didn’t go in the house and sleep, because that house is terrible! But I slept in my truck. I heard demons coming to my truck. But they couldn’t come in. I specifically bought The Passion of the Christ tape, and I played it in my truck loud. And when it cut off, I heard the demonic forces coming toward the truck and pulling on my door. It was the same wind blowing—it happened this weekend. And I felt the presence come into the truck. But it couldn’t come into the cab where I was. And I just got up, turned on the DVD, let it play. And it was peaceful again, and I went back to sleep.

—George Stern, Sr.


Copyright © 2012 by Annie Wilder

Foreword copyright © 2012 by Terry L. Aldershof

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