True Calling

True Calling

by Siobhan Davis
4.6 35


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True Calling 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 35 reviews.
superbookgrl More than 1 year ago
When I first read what it was about, and the cover, I was kinda leery, I was expecting a low budget B flick type book, for some reason I was intimidated and wasn't really sure if I wanted to request this book or not, but I'm determined to be open minded when it comes to this reviewing business, so I requested and was granted. I am so glad I did. One of the things in this book I wasn't all together thrilled with, was the love triangle. The Zane of her dreams, and Cal. I was team Cal the entire book, even after finding out the background of Zane. He won me over. I won't say much, but I think the triangle was the weakest point of the book, I'm thinking book 2 will divulge more of the Zane/Ari background to make you feel conflicted about who she should be with. I hate triangles, but even though I hate them, I don't hate this book. The book was beautifully written, the scenery was detailed so that I could clearly imagine what I was reading, the technology real enough to be believed that it could really happen. The characters were real, and you could really love/hate them. The story line was awesome, it kept me into it, and was hard to put down. After I was done all I wanted to do was track down the author and ask her to let me be her editor so I can read what she has on book 2 and 3 so far. If you are a fan of dystopian books, this one is for you. I found that it's a mix of all the popular dystopians in one. The 100, Matched, The Selection, The Program, are among the few that I thought of. Aside from some similarities, this book had a lot of unique qualities too, so it wasn't a complete copy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I could not put this book down. I cannot believe that this was a free novel. Fast paced with action, secrets, and love. Adored the characters and the disturbing worlds run strictly by government. A very good read. Only things that could have made it a five star rating with me is- if it made me laugh out load and cry PLUS if it had been written as a stand-alone book. Will be looking to read BEYOND REACH to find out what happens to everyone anyways!
ClaireTH More than 1 year ago
If you liked The Hunger Games and Divergent then you will love True Calling. YA fiction has a wonderful new voice in Siobhan Davis. True Calling is set in the future and moves between two worlds - Earth and Planet Novo. Much of Earth is uninhabitable following varying disasters and Novo is inhabited by a select number of people carefully chosen from Earth-all under the age of 45, who have been stripped of most of their memories. We are introduced first to 17 year old Ariana who is forced to take part in The Calling - a government initiative to increase the population of Novo. The Calling is a process whereby all 17 year olds are matched with the most suitable partner and expected to marry and have children in quick succession; all done by way of a Big Brother style competition. True love blooms for Ariana when she meets Cal but they have to battle to stay together. Although falling in love with Cal, Ariana can't stop dreaming about Zane, who appears to live on Earth, but she has no idea who he is. True Calling is a book of young romance with a unique ‘love square’. But it’s more than just a romance book. It explores themes such as power and control and the idea of Big Brother watching and controlling in the background. It is easy to write in a future world where anything can happen, it is much harder to make such things believable and True Calling achieves this. We don't have to be conspiracy theorists to understand that selection of people has happened in the past, or that governments around the world have often tried to dictate how people live their lives and that is what makes True Calling so believable. A must read for all YA enthusiasts and I can't wait to read the second book.
Shinny More than 1 year ago
True Calling is a must read for any reader interested in a fast paced, intriguing Young Adult Book. As sister-in-law to the author I was lucky enough to read a copy of the book in advance, and as an avid reader of all types of books and a big fan of Young Adult fiction I loved this book and would highly recommend it. I think it is easily on a par with other books I have read in this genre. True Calling is set in the near-future and we accompany Ariana on her journey in her new world on Novo. Ariana struggles with her new life and she is plagued by dreams of an unknown boy –Zane, and she is trying to work out what they are telling her. The Calling pageant is the biggest event of the book which forces all 17 year olds to date from their approved top ten list and will eventually lead to marriage and motherhood for Ariana. The government is inflicting the pageant on all participants using the necessity of building the new world as an excuse for forcing people into submission. Ariana is a strong character who finds it hard to be enthusiastic about something which will take away her right to fall in love the natural way and force her to become a mother before she feels ready. She is nervous and distrustful of the watchful eyes of her new government but in order to protect her family she must not show her concerns. Family life on Novo is not the same for Ariana as it was on earth and she needs to step up and be the strong one to keep the family together. Cal is one of the main characters of the book, he and Ariana fall in love but falling in love naturally is not how it happens on Novo so staying together is tough. Cal is a real charmer, a total heart-breaker but he has his work cut out convincing Ariana that he is genuine. She is also troubled by his growing aggression and warnings that he isn’t to be trusted. This adds to the element of intrigue as you wonder what his motivations really are. I thought all the characters were very relatable and all were likeable in some way, even the fiery Isla! True Calling has everything you could want in a - book, romance, intrigue, suspense, loss and suffering. It is a book that brings us along a continuous journey of self discovery in so many ways for Ariana: love, bravery, drama - True Calling has it all. You can’t help but be drawn in by this book and I for one cannot wait for Book two.
ReadersFavorite4 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers' Favorite Siobhan Davis pens a stimulating fantastical tale in True Calling. Thoroughly screened, injected with personal tracking devices and with all memories erased, Ariana and her family leave Earth to ensure humanity on Novo. After living on Novo for two years, Ariana is plagued by the sudden invasion of frightful dreams. Out of touch with her real self, she taps into her sixth sense for answers, only to find more questions. Despite the foreboding of her dreams, Ariana finds herself falling in love with Cadet Cal Remus. When “The Calling” is announced, Ariana adamantly voices her disapproval of the arranged marriage pageant. Imprisoned by society, she is ordered not to resist the requirements of “The Calling.” She reluctantly complies, knowing a resistance movement is building on Earth; hope is on the horizon.  Without any warning, tragedy hits her from all sides; her world begins to spiral out of her control. Who does she trust: her dad, the voice in her head or Cal? Daring to escape from the clutches of Novo, she embraces her true calling. Siobhan Davis achieves the elements of a fantasy book by paralleling the real world of Earth and a fantastical setting of Novo in True Calling. Keeping with the young adult genre, her protagonist is coming of age in her new world. True Calling captures your imagination from the beginning and grips you to its end. The first person narrative holds you captive by the main character’s persona and insights. Trapped in the diversity of their two worlds, the characters are trained in military tactics, display resourceful cleverness, and demonstrate their intelligence and ESP capabilities. The conflict hidden within the plot is that of man versus society. Although the new world of Novo resembles the scenery of Earth, its new world order is explicitly different. True Calling brings to light contemporary adversities, causing you to mindfully engage the plot’s ideology. However, it doesn't bog you down with a hidden agenda. Instead, as a reader, I found myself escaping into the fantasy and being caught up in the exciting adventure. True Calling takes you on a stimulating journey, then screeches to an abrupt halt, leaving you dead in your tracks, screaming for more.
ReadersFavorite3 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Kathryn Bennett for Readers' Favorite True Calling by Siobhan Davis takes us to Planet Novo, the new home of a 17-year-old cadet named Ariana Skyee. She had to flee Earth to Novo two years before and her family were carefully chosen to take part in this new existence. The government of Novo is focused on keeping mankind going so they announce that there will be a televised pageant called The Calling in which every 17-year-old must participate for impending marriage and parenthood. If things weren’t hard enough, Ariana’s family suffers tragically and is torn apart. With The Calling getting under way, she is tormented by erased memories of Zane and her growing feelings for fellow cadet Cal. This is a fantastic young adult sci-fi read and I have to say, even as a full adult, I enjoyed every moment of it. The depth of rich characters and plot lines within this story are so well written you can only commend Siobhan Davis for the beautiful work that she did on the story. The writing flows and creates a world with a government that is not an unfamiliar story in young adult fiction these days, but this is a fresh and interesting take on it. Ariana is a character I can relate to - what would life be like if your government forced you to marry? Or willingly took memories from you to make things better for them? Things like this really make you think and, while it may be a work of fiction, some of these things could happen to us. Making me think makes the book even better. But, based on the story itself, I would highly recommend this one to any of my friends.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Trisha Dawn for Readers' Favorite True Calling, written by Siobhan Davis, starts with Ariana, a 17-year-old cadet living in Novo - a world which was created in the likeness of Earth. The novel is set at a time when Earth was nearly destroyed and, to preserve the human race, selected people were chosen by the government to live in Novo. Their lives in Novo were almost perfect. However, Ariana feels anything but that because she's having constant dreams about a guy named Zane whom she can't remember at all. Not only that, but fellow schoolmate Cal has been annoying her to some confusing point. To make things worse, the government requires 17-year-olds to join 'The Calling,' which forces them to find the perfect suitor in preparation for marriage. These events soon make an impact in her life and things start to get deeper and more complicated than she'd ever imagined. Soon, she realizes that she's in the middle of a cross-fire between the government and the rebel movement. Her choice will decide her fate and the fate of those she loves and cares about.  When I read the synopsis of True Calling, it caught my eye immediately and the story held my attention until the very end. There were so many elements playing out here, but it didn't turn out messy and it wasn't all over the place. The story held together pretty well and was realistically written. There were tons of emotions that I felt all throughout and it really helped to keep me glued and always guessing. One minute I thought I had the story figured out, but when I turned to the next page, there was another surprise waiting for me. The good part is that it was not done in an 'in-your-face' way, but in a more subtle manner. That element made the story more cunning. I love the characters and I'm definitely torn between those involved. I like the fact that I can't guess what's in store for them. All I know is I can't wait for the next installment.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Samantha Rivera for Readers' Favorite Ari doesn’t know what’s happening in the new world, but she knows that there’s something not quite right. Novo is supposedly ‘too perfect,’ but there are some things going on that don’t seem so perfect at all, like the implementation of ‘The Calling.’ But things aren’t just strange on Novo. There are plenty of strange things going on back on Earth as well. From what Ari’s been told, however, her new flame Cal may be fighting against all of the things that the rebels have been working toward. True Calling by Siobhan Davis is a book that will leave you guessing until the end. I was absolutely enthralled by Ari’s story. She’s an interesting person and there’s so much happening in her life. When you throw in Cal and her strange dreams of  Zane, and of course Eve and Ari’s family, there’s just so much action that you can’t help being drawn in. There’s a lot of adventure and plenty of romance on Novo and on Earth as well, but when characters from both worlds attempt to work together to overthrow a government that has become corrupt and evil there is no end to what they might accomplish. You’ll never know who the good guys are and who is trying to sabotage Ari’s efforts. True Calling is the type of book that you’ll recommend to everyone you know and definitely one that you’ll want to read again. I would love to read more about these great characters and their world.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite In an attempt to save the human race from the atrocities on Earth and ensure its continuity, the government moved a carefully selected group of families and individuals to a new planet called Novo. The residents of Novo were forced to leave behind their old life, including memories of the people they left behind on Earth, but Ariana was now having dreams of what looked like a fragment of her erased past, something that was supposed to be impossible. Two years down the road, the population of Novo was still far below what was needed and stringent measures were put in place to increase the numbers. All teenagers aged 17 are required to participate in an elaborate government-controlled dating process, The Calling, through which they will find spouses and start contributing to increasing the population of the planet. Ariana's life was already complicated enough with the dreams and her newly discovered feelings for her classmate Cal, so the compulsory participation in The Calling only made matters worse. Not happy with the way the authorities were handling everything and taking away every single aspect of freedom and right of choice, Ariana and Cal set out to find answers about the true intentions of their leaders and how the two of them fit into the big picture, but they might not be fully prepared for what lies ahead.  True Calling by Siobhan Davis is an amazing science fiction novel with a perfect blend of super advanced technology, romance, drama and suspense. Imagine living in a world where everything, and I mean everything, is controlled by the government and someone is always watching you, with precious memories of your past wiped out. That is the life of the people who live on Novo. The story comes alive through Siobhan Davis’ incredible writing skill and the setting and scenarios are clearly vivid throughout the novel. The vibrant characters are easy to connect with and a pleasure to follow around as they try to make the best out of their lives on the new planet where technology has taken over most aspects of their day to day activities. True Calling by Siobhan Davis is a perfect blend of reality TV dating show meets super high-tech sci-fi meets teenage drama meets government conspiracies, and I had an absolute thrill reading it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story was very riveting. I enjoyed the way it is written. You could feel the story coming to life while you read it. Very hard to put down to sleep
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
KaylaSue More than 1 year ago
A SCIENCE FICTION STORY THAT YOU WILL WANT TO READ. THIS IS A WONDERFUL STORY. IT REALLY MAKES YOU THINK ABOUT "WHAT IF". A great book anyone can enjoy. The world is being destroyed (they say) and certain people are moved to Planet Nova a perfect new world. The chosen people find it is not what they though it would be. With constant monitoring , told what job you could have , what schools, and medication delivered when the machines say you need them. Then it is announced of a mating type show where the committee ,the parents , the 17 year old girls and boys (that are in each others top 10) are to be married and produce 3 kids in 5 years and 1 in the first year. Two of the kids selected : Ariana Skylee - who doesn't like to be the center of attention, her father in government and her mom being down in the dumps and having trouble adjusting- is told she must be part of the chosen group. She has been having dreams of a Zane but- since all sent to Planet Nova get a drug each night that keeps them from remembering Earth, what happen or the friends and family left behind- she doesn't even know if he is real or not. Cal Remus - who's father is a head of the government and does not want him with Ariana even though he loves her and has finally got her to see that he does- reading some of the mail left laying around the house he is finding out that all is not what they have been told on Planet Nova or back on earth. The people back on earth think the others have it so good till they start finding out what is really going on on Planet Nova, and this is one good book that you really must read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
gmfuhlman More than 1 year ago
This was an enjoyable read to know that they could use high technology to be able to erase someone memories of families and people that they had left behind on earth. What I found interesting was the dual perspective of Ariana and Zane and how their life worked in both planets. This all started when the government set up The Calling, a pageant set up to match up couples who would produce the most ideal offspring. I will stop now before I give away too much of the story. Siobhan Davis, she knows how to keep the reader involved in the story. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series to see the next journey that she takes on.
Alicia_R More than 1 year ago
I was hooked by this book because of its cover, and I'd been eagerly trying to get through my reading list to start reading this one. Based on the description, I had high hopes for this book, although I knew I would have to go into it suspending some belief about planet physics, which I didn't really mind. I'm happy to say that it didn't disappoint in the slightest. I absolutely loved it! At the beginning, this book reminded me of Matched, but I liked that series so I didn't mind. I felt like I had to suspend some belief about The Calling at the beginning just because it doesn't seem like something a government would do, and it doesn't seem like the best option for rebuilding the population. But I did think the premise was interesting, and I could really see the story going somewhere with it, so again, I didn't mind. As I got further into the book, the government's motives--and Zolt Rada's--made more sense to me. There were a lot of good things about this book. I liked the author's writing style and voice, and I liked the characters. The pacing was well done, too. The Zane story line was very intriguing and expertly crafted. I liked that you get constant reminders of him just enough to spark curiosity. At the same time, I was also engrossed in the rest of the story that it wasn't frustrating to not get all the answers about him right away. Part 2 gave the book more momentum and got me more intrigued with him all while wondering how the story would end. This book definitely has elements of other popular dystopians in it, but that's understandable since they're all part of the same genre. Alone, this book makes a fantastic story!
BookWorm913 More than 1 year ago
I really did love this book but, after thinking a little about the storyline, I was disappointed. It was mostly the same storyline as Matched by Ally Condie. I personally liked this story over Ally Condie's but I still wish that the story line's weren't so closely related. I really like the whole 'rebel'ness of the characters. How they unfortunately had to yield to the authorities, they also went behind their back to see each other. I hope that whichever she chooses is the one she truly loves. Much happened in the first book of this series and a lot was also unanswered. I hope to read the second book of the series. I hope you enjoyed the book as much as I did as well as others!
MyndiL More than 1 year ago
The author was kind enough to send me an ecopy of this book to read and review. I'm a very big fan of dystopian works, and this book definitely lived up to my expectations for the genre. In addition to the normal themes we find in Dystopia, the post apocalyptic world, the totalitarian government, and of course a bit of romance, we also have some Sci-Fi qualities as well. We've got different planets involved and high class technology. I found my self enjoying having the two genres mix in this book. I really loved the main character, Ariana. She was easy to connect with and relate to. I sometimes feel disoriented when stories go between characters in different parts of the book, but I was happy to find that when we got to Zane's section I was able to relate to him easily as well. Warning, there is a cliffhanger and you will want to read more, so be sure to pick up the 2nd book too. I'm so excited about this story that I'm off to get the 1.5 book as well!
Cat2002116 More than 1 year ago
(I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review). (This review may contain spoilers). I did find this book to be quite difficult to get into at first. By the end, I'd ideally give it 3.5 stars... unfortunately, it didn't quite reach the mark for 4 stars, at least for me. I had a few mixed feelings about Ariana. I actually felt she started off as quite an interesting character... but I felt that she lost the strength I glimpsed when Cal came into the picture. She kind of lost me for quite a while when she waxed narcissistic (there were a couple of references to her body shape being curvy. And toned. And thin... and, well, who really knows what shape their face is?) I felt that the book was better during the times when the romance took more of a backseat. I liked seeing glimpses of Zane and it was also good to see Ariana interacting with the others in her family. I did like the fact that she was taking care of her brother and sister... and it was also good to see her having to deal with a mother who was struggling with depression. There were times I felt that Ariana's language came across as a bit juvenile. I've seen 'OMG' used in dialogue... but it's just as cringeworthy to read it used in the narrative. And it seemed to contradict Ariana's entire personality up till that point. Although I didn't like the constant descriptions of males being 'handsome' with no reference points, I did actually find Cal to be a fairly intriguing character. I do have a strong dislike of love triangles, though, and the one set up in this book hit a lot of my negative associations. I found Zane a bit more of an interesting narrator, though his constant hangups over Ariana were a bit annoying. I felt that too much of the book was dedicated to describing events/scenes that were really unnecessary. There was a lot glossed over that was irritating, giving a telling rather than showing feeling to the book. I did like Ariana's relationship with her father and it was interesting to see the politics involved... even if I did get a sense of the Hunger Games at certain points. The book was easier to read as I continued... but I do think there were things that could have been improved upon.
TMBA_Corbett More than 1 year ago
Let see I am not sure where to start cause when I first started reading this book I was put off by the narrator Ariana describing her world. It was almost an information dump but done in a pretty way. After that slow start the book really picks up. There are a lot of comparisons to other YA dystopian books ignore them cause the author does a good job creating her own world and characters. The plot concept centering around memory loss is what kept me reading this book and made the story original. The story is well written; starts out a bit slow but picks up, keeps a good pace, and hooks you. The way the story is told from Ariana's and Zane's perspectives makes the story more intriguing. The characters are relate-able and you can not help but enjoy Ariana's sassy determined attitude. If you need a new book for the new year then I would pick up True Calling today! The second book in this series is expected out April 30th 2015!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Firstly I want to start by saying that the characters in this book are some of the most interesting I have read about. Ariana is your typical 17 year old girl to begin with, getting on at school and with her friends but the growth in her character is what had me hooked on this book from the get go. Ariana is strong and sassy but also clever and caring, I found her easy to relate to and enjoyed her plot lines. Cal who is Ariana's love interest is a strong male lead character also. I loved his protectiveness over the heroine and how we get she the depth of his personality while he is dealing with Lilly. I enjoyed the sort of love triangle within this book and constantly flitted between team Cal and team Zane. I am not usually a fan of books told from duel perspectives and in this book we get a little from Zane's point of view too. I didn't hate it actually and although there was a lot extra to take in during this section of the book I thought it helped to move the book along smoothly. I thought this book was action packed and there was not a single boring page which is amazing considering I do get bored quite easily with boring story lines. I think this book reaches out to the girly girl inside of me slightly with the dresses and the make up talk but then drags me right back into the action. The Calling does have a hunger games feel to it so if you liked the hunger games you would probably enjoy this book but the story and premise is unlike anything I have read before. I am excited to read more from Siobhan Davies and more in this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
True Calling by Siobhan Davis is a must read for anyone who enjoys young adult dystopian genre books. Ariana Skyee and her family are selected to leave Earth and move to planet Novo. The government of Novo is focused on sustaining mankind as the Earth continues to decline. However, things are a bit odd for the inhabitants of Novo; their memories of their time on Earth has been erased and they are equipped with a chip that tracks them all day long. The Novo government is also concerned about increasing the population of the planet and they initiate a new process to promote population growth. “The Calling” is a process during which all of the 17 year olds on Novo are matched with the most suitable partner, then married and expected to have children as quickly as possible. The Calling is a televised event, sort of like The Bachelor/Bachelorette, and the entire population participates in the match making process. Ariana cannot believe her good fortune in that she meets Cal who seems to be her soul mate and they are the most popular couple according to Novo populace. Despite her feelings for Cal, Arianna experiences recurring dreams that include a young man named Zane, who apparently lives on Earth, is part of a resistance movement and seems to have had a close relationship with Arianna and her family. Much to Ariana’s dismay, her father and Zane warn her to not trust Cal, in spite of the obvious chemistry between them. Tragedy strikes Arianna’s family and she becomes aware that the resistance movement is real, not a dream, and this realization thrusts her into a dilemma. Does she trust the guy in her dreams and her father or does she follow her heart and her feelings for Cal. Some readers will find that the plotline of True Calling has some similarity to the most recent and wildly popular dystopian novels. What sets this book apart from the others is the author’s ability to blend science fiction, romance, suspense and intrigue into a book that grabs the reader on the first page and leaves us counting down the days until the next installment in the trilogy is available and we get a chance to find out more about Ariana, Cal and Zane. All of the characters are well developed but I grew particularly fond of Ariana who is a very believable teenager who has been forced into a near impossible situation. I loved True Calling and would highly recommend it to readers who enjoy dystopian science fiction or who just want to lose themselves in a really enjoyable book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book follows Ariana, a 17 year-old girl who was relocated in another planet with her family two years ago. Everything is fine until she starts dreaming about a guy named Zane that she doesn’t recognize. To complicate her life even more the “Calling”, a pageant where everyone under a certain age is going to be placed with the best match to marry and have kids, is announced. I had already heard about this book and I was really interested in reading it but this plot accentuated my interest in reading it even more and didn’t disappoint me. Not only I liked the plot but I also liked the characters even though I never completely trusted Cal (and believe me, I wanted) especially towards the end of the book when he started to be violent towards everyone. Another thing that I liked in this book was the fact that the author included a few chapters in Zane’s POV. This was really interesting because we only knew Zane from Ariana’s dreams so it was cool that we could see what was happening with him and who really was. Overall I really liked this book and I’m excited to read the remaining of Ariana’s story (I also need to know if I can trust Cal because I really want to but I don’t know if I can). Although this book is similar to other YA books you can see that in some ways it is also unique. So, if you like type of books you should give it a try.
BecNJer More than 1 year ago
True Calling is a young-adult sci-fi romance novel. Its an unusual combination but it was really enjoyable! The book focuses on Ariana Skyee who lives on Planet Novo. Airiana is soon to be forced into marriage to Cal and motherhood. However, Ariana is having dreams of dreams of an unknown boy, Zane. She is plagued by memories of a forgotten Earth. So many alternate world novels do an information download at the beginning that just tells you everything about the world. However, Ms. Davis lets information develop naturally. The Cal or Zane question is a bit reminiscent of Edward or Jacob debate from Twilight. This book was interesting enough to make me want to read the second book in the series when its released. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Goldenfurproductions More than 1 year ago
MY THOUGHTS What really drew me into this book was, yes, I admit it, the cover. I have an attraction to covers featuring space, and while this book was not exactly what I was expecting, I was not disappointed! This book takes place on Planet Novo, which is a man-made planet in the atmosphere of Earth to protect people from the dangers currently going on Earth. Not everyone is on Earth, though, only the smartest and the healthiest got to live on Novo. Ari's family is among them and life is just fine, except for these strange, realistic dreams she has of a person named Zane, whom she has never met. Then, the Novo government places The Calling, in which all 17 year olds will basically be in forced marriages, in order to increase the low population. At first, I was doubtful about this book, as I felt like it was beginning to sound very similar to Matched. Then, as the book went on, I begin to ignore the similarities and began to really enjoy this book. What really made it was the romance! I'm usually annoyed by the romance in books, but I adored this one! Cal and Ari are just perfect for one another and you can tell that they love each other! Sure, the romance was a bit cheesy, but what's romance without some cheesiness? I was fully expecting this book to be all about The Calling, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. There actually ended up being a Part II (there's more than 2 parts by the way) which is from Zane's perspective, yes, the same Zane that Ari has dreams about. Zane is on Earth, where things are not the best, and is in a resistance that is against both the government on Earth and Novo. At first, I wasn't really into Zane's perspective, I was really interesting in what was going on with Ari, but I quickly grew into his perspective. Zane's perspective gave an insight as to what the government was doing, and what was going on in general. There are so many things that we found out thanks to his perspective! There was speak of rebellion in Ari's perspective, but it wasn't until Zane's perspective that we get to see that this book is about so much more than The Calling. Now, onto the sad part: What did I not like? I love this book and I had hardly any problems with it, but, I hate saying this, I did have a few. One problem is that I was confused by how Ari and her family seem to have some memories of Earth, when those memories were supposedly erased. For example: Ari mentions forests where she grew up. There is also mention of an uncle that committed suicide on Earth, but how do they know these things? My other issue is the psychic abilities. I felt like it wasn't explained enough as to why people have them. And that's it. Those are my only problems, and they're really minor and pretty easy to ignore. IN CONCLUSION This is a really great dystopian that took me by surprise! Sure, it has similar ideas to other books, at points, but this book has so many new, unique ideas as well! This book is exciting, with a great collection of characters, and I had a very hard time putting it down! I definitely recommend it to sci-fi and dystopian fans! Am I going to continue the series! Yes! Especially after the way this book ended!
Shanrock19 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this! I almost gave it 4 stars because I hate love triangles and I really dislike Isla, but I liked the premise and other characters more than I hate those things, so 5 stars is the way I went. This book is very thorough, very descriptive; sometimes a bit too much, but I think it really helped build the world up. I love futuristic type books and also dystopian type books, and this book is both, so I liked all that tech talk, but it did run a bit long, and I would have liked for the pacing of the story to be a bit faster. Ariana and Cal were interesting characters, and I think they were really sweet together. Ariana had some feistiness to her, as well as intelligence, and Cal was both strong, as well as vulnerable. I liked Zane as well; except for some of his actions with a certain someone, and I look forward to learning more about him in the next book. I will definitely read the next book in the series; I'm really looking forward to how things will play out; (bit of a spoiler ahead, but really it's more of a teaser, or I could just be reading too much into an actions; we shall see!) especially what happened to Ariana when she was put to sleep at the doctor's!