True Casefiles of a Paranormal Investigator

True Casefiles of a Paranormal Investigator

by Stephen Lancaster
4.4 12

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True Casefiles of a Paranormal Investigator 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
DarkDerek More than 1 year ago
one of the more honest books of read on the subject.  the author tells it like it was/is without stretching truths for dramatic purposes.  on one had this might disappoint some readers.  on the other hand this is a non fiction read and the cases are described as they happened.  there is a lot left to wonder about, but in the paranormal field nothing is absolute and the author does a great job of relaying that message.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As someone who has always been fascinated with paranormal phenomenon, of all the paranormal-research based books I've read so far, Stephen Lancaster's books are my personal favorites! The locations, buildings, clients, equipment descriptions and experiences are all described in such a way that you feel like you are there experiencing it all first-hand! Lancaster's perspective is uniquely diverse and written with a raw intensity that makes this book an addictive page-turner. I own all of his books and hope to see many more from him!
GregW54 More than 1 year ago
I have read a handful of books on this subject purely out sheer curiousity. There is such a large amount of public interest on the subject with television shows and such. I believe everybody at one time or another has experienced something they could not explain. The majority of books I have read in the past tended to focus more on one allegedly factual story or obsess a little too much on this side or that side of the skeptic/believer fence. What I really enjoyed about Mr. Lancaster's book was reading a handful of his cases spread out over the span of years. I really felt as if I could understand his growth with learning about the paranormal. His take on paranormal study is a little refreshing compared to other books I have read on the subject. In "True Casefiles of a Paranormal Investigator" the reader gets to follow in Mr. Lancaster footsteps from his first paranormal experience as a child through studying and learning over the years, trial and error to finally ending with where he is today in the field. I bought this book after seeing him in an episode of My Ghost Story and I really admired the guys attitude and passion for what he was talking about. After reading his book, I couldn't help but feel like the television shows cheat the curious folk. This book flows like a play by play on paranormal investigations which was nice to see. I wasn't left with a lot of questions. I recommend this book for any body who simply loves ghost stories. I also recommend this book for any body who is like Mr. Lancaster and spends so much time searching for answers to the unknown.
AnitaWilson82 More than 1 year ago
I've read my fair share of ghost stories and paranormal books, but I have to admit this one brought the phenomenon closer to reality. The author chronicles his most exciting cases from ghost hunting over the past ten years. Some of the stories are benign while others are just plain scary. I enjoyed reading about ghost hunting from the perspective of a real ghost hunter. The chapter Nightmare Shop kept me up for days. A bit intense at times, and there's a little bit of off-color language, but for the most part, an easy read for teenagers and up. I love Stephen's down to earth approach and he tells his stories in a fashion that makes you feel he is right there telling them to you. 5 stars
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome read... Start to finish it is totally captivating.So many people have paranormal experiences but don't end up making it there life's quest.He wants answers like we all do,other wise you would not be looking up this topic. This is the book for all of us out there. Childhood experiences,wanting to know the truth,forming a team and making it his life.Loved it.It is so refreshing to read real experiences compared to the bull we all see on t.v. GREAT JOB Mr. Lancaster
DarrenE More than 1 year ago
Lancaster knocks it out of the park with this chronicle! As a paranormal researcher, I am pretty picky about my choice of materials and was looking forward to this for quite a while before it even came out. Stephen pens this with the confidence that only someone with his expertise can muster. One thing is certain....either Stephen follows the spirit world, or the ghosts follow him! In any case....i will be a follower as well! Excellent reading from cover to cover!
Kevin48 More than 1 year ago
Stephen recants his parnormal experiences in a way only he can tell. This book picks up where his first book leaves off and guides you down a path of mind bending encounters with the other side. I look forward to a 3rd installment! I give it 5 stars.
MelissaMH More than 1 year ago
At first I thought this was going to be another "focus on all the toys we use" book. I bought this based on a recommendation from a friend. The introduction had me worried with all the tech talk, but after getting through that small section and finally diving into the book, I discovered a wonderfully written book about the life of a paranormal investigator. I understand now why the introduction was so tech oriented. To the layman, without knowing what it is he is doing, the chapters would leave you lost so the introduction to the equipment really did serve a meaningful purpose. This book isn't just written for the ghost hunter types, it is also written for the layman like me. I had never heard of the author other than from a friend so I had no real expectations. I enjoyed the book a lot and it left me with a new perspective on this unique line of work.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was disappointed in this book because the author builds the stories up and then leaves the reader hanging. There is really nothing to his stories other than the build up at the beginning of each chapter. I regret buying it.
PammyJean More than 1 year ago
"Captivating!". I have read both of Stephen Lancaster's books, and I must say I really enjoyed them! I was captivated from start to finish. Stephen has a way of story telling that makes it seem as if you are there with him on his investigations. I even got chills reading some of his accounts! You will not regret reading this book!
valere More than 1 year ago
"Paranormal enthusiasts will once again delight in being taken down the rabbit hole in Lancaster's second book. Lancaster revisits some of those remarkable cases with more details of his findings and those of this team, the P.I.T. crew. He elaborates on the rationale of the equipment essential to investigations, along with the quirky ones invented by his study of light spectrums and magnetic fields. Truly, a must read for those experienced and inexperienced seeking answers of the mysteries of the paranormal".