Trust Me

Trust Me

by Earl Javorsky


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ISBN-13: 9781611882148
Publisher: Story Plant
Publication date: 07/14/2015
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Earl Javorsky is the black sheep of his family of artistic high achievers. He is the author of one previous novel, DOWN SOLO.

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Trust Me 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
CommonBookSense More than 1 year ago
This book was good and definitely suspenseful, but it was extremely hard to follow. There were a couple times when I was convinced that I must have missed time I was so convinced that I started reading the book all over again (those of you who follow us were probably wondering why this review was scheduled to post last week and I'm just now getting to it....this would be the reason). I was wrong. I hadn't missed anything, I was left with the same feeling of being out of the loop, and I quickly came to the conclusion that finishing this book would be more of a job than I anticipated. Don't get me wrong, as I said before this really was a good book, it's just the kind that you have to be completely focused on or you're going to miss something. I found that some of the characters were better developed than others, which was weird considering they would all be labeled as "main characters". Often times when I'm sitting down to review a "hard-to-review" book I ask myself one simple question before deciding which direction to take my review....."Shell, do you regret taking the time to read....?" For this book, my answer was that I didn't regret reading Trust Me, but I did, and still do, believe that it would have been a little more enjoyable had I not needed to take notes to keep things straight. You can find this review (and many more) on the CommonBookSense blog!
MissBethBC More than 1 year ago
If you are into thriller suspense/ mystery, murder and mayhem, Earl Javorsky is an author to be added to your TBR list! In my humble opinion, he ranks right up with the best authors out there in this genre. Trust Me is written in alternating voices, which can be disconcerting with so many characters, but at some point that becomes a minor influence as you move deeper into the story Javorsky creates. It is an effective tool though as these various characters begin to cross paths with one another. The stage has been set for their interactions and the suspense steadily builds to the climactic end of this brewing pot of insanity and criminal deeds. Truly a nail biter with criminal intent which repulses this reader at times, it is difficult to put Javorsky's work down. His writing is smooth and flows effortlessly; his characters are strong and well rounded. You can feel their psychological pain and weaknesses in the writing. Javorsky is definitely an author that should be followed as he journeys through this genre.
phlipside More than 1 year ago
A solid story with good characters that suffers from a little bit of a muddled plot line. Not quite up to the quality of his debut novel "Down Solo" but a worthy read never the less. Javorsky has solid story telling skills, creates believable characters and then gives them interesting things to do. The only downside is that there is some plot "shrubbery" that needed to be trimmed. While it doesn't distract in any major way from the story, it's serves as a distraction from all the good stuff here.
walc More than 1 year ago
JenZuna More than 1 year ago
This was an interesting book to say the least. The story is dark and twisted and kept me reading even when I should have been doing other stuff. Addiction, suicide and a shadowy villian all are weaved into this story about a brother trying to find out what really happened to his sister. The further into the plot you get, the more chilling and dark the story becomes. I was on the edge of my seat so to speak most of the time I was reading this book. The story starts with a bit of a slow burn, but once everything comes together the story ends fantastically with no loose ends. The characters are very well developed and you will find yourself feeling what they feel, and feeling for them also. I really enjoyed this book and will be checking out this author's other title too!