Trust Your Enemies: A Political Thriller. A story of power and corruption, love and betrayal-and moral redemption

Trust Your Enemies: A Political Thriller. A story of power and corruption, love and betrayal-and moral redemption

by Mark Tier
Trust Your Enemies: A Political Thriller. A story of power and corruption, love and betrayal-and moral redemption

Trust Your Enemies: A Political Thriller. A story of power and corruption, love and betrayal-and moral redemption

by Mark Tier


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A story of power and corruption, love and betrayal-and moral redemption

"Fascinating read. Politics, sex, scandal, blackmail, corruption-a real page-turner"-Marby Villaceran, La Trobe University, Melbourne

Prepare to be initiated into the dirty, seamy side of politics. A world where no one is a friend, where the only people you can really trust are your enemies; where beliefs you take for granted are turned on their heads.


As "The Power Behind the Throne" of Australia's next Prime Minister, Alison McGuire is just one step from the pinnacle of power and the achievement of her every dream-when she's ensnared in a web of political intrigue and corruption.

Her adversary: the powerful, Machiavellian Senator Frank McKurn-who plans to use her for his own twisted ends.

In a frantic race for survival, she must dig up a knockout blow to demolish McKurn before he destroys her.

But McKurn holds all the cards. And crossing him is an invitation to wear concrete boots.

"I'm hooked from page one"-Jo Ann Skousen, writer and critic, New York

In desperation, Alison seeks the support of an acerbic-tongued newspaper columnist-who ends up in hospital in a coma. A police sergeant asks too many pointed questions-and is "reassigned." A politician with a heart of gold-who shows his true nature when push comes to shove. A secretive computer hacker who digs up priceless information on McKurn's web of corruption-and is forced into hiding to save his life.

"The way you describe Alison McGuire makes her the sexiest woman I can imagine"-Kirsten Perucci, investor, Sydney

Who else can she trust?

Certainly not Derek Olsson, her former lover, the man who betrayed her, now her bitter antagonist-who's nowhere to be found.

"Trust Your Enemies is a blockbuster! I loved it. One thing I really liked was no typecasting. The people in government, the Christians, the cops, the Muslims-even the bad guys-are all human beings, not 2D cutouts. And the hero wasn't perfect either-hallelujah!"-Ellen Young, editor, Vermont

Derek Olsson is on the run. Wanted by the police-for a murder he claims is the perfect frame-up a Triad king who has offered a reward for his head-without the a powerful politician who must shut his mouth permanently-or spend the rest of his life in jail.

Little do Alison and Derek know that only by joining forces do they have a chance to survive

But Alison must first swallow her anger and bury the hatchet-except their time is running out.

A shadowy contract hit man is now hot on their trail.

Known only as "The Assassin," he has yet to fail.

"Wow! In Trust Your Enemies you'll meet the woman you want to be-the woman you hope your boyfriend NEVER meets!"-Raquel Narca, teacher, Manila

Trust Your Enemies weaves the contentious issues of religion, abortion, terrorism and drugs into a spine-tingling drama and heart-throbbing romance with something to inspire (and offend) everyone.

A parable for our time that plumbs depths of moral depravity and soars to the pinnacle of human achievement.

"Trust Your Enemies is an intense drama where two lone individuals fight for their lives-because they're fighting for their principles-against the overwhelming odds of corrupt politicians more concerned with power and glory than principles and ideals.

"In a cliff-hanging climax that will have you holding on to the edge of your seat, they craftily elude 'The Assassin' sent to silence them forever, bring calamity on the head of the country's most corrupt politician-and bring down the government as a mere side effect."-Michael Morrison, editor, Chattanooga

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781470023058
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/09/2012
Pages: 790
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 1.57(d)

Table of Contents

PART ONE: “Trust Your Enemies . . . ”

“Those whom the Gods would destroy

they first make mad with power.”

— Greek proverb


1 A Truckload of Monkeys

2 Between Heaven and Hell

3 “Vengeance Shall Be Mine . . . ”

4 “For A While . . . ”

5 The Long Arm of Paradise

6 A Woman from Mars

7 Shark Bait

8 Fallout

9 “Wish Me Luck . . . ”

10 “Value Added”

11 Murphy’s Law

12 The Siren’s Song

13 Night Vision

14 The Frosty Lady

15 Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Star

16 Fairy Tales?

17 “Mum’s the Word”

18 Pillow Talk

19 Pendulum of Fear

20 Virginity Hill

21 Without Notice

22 Sly Grog

23 A Man of Influence

24 Hobson’s Choice

25 Rolling the Dice

26 The Ice Queen

27 Fingers of Fate

28 The Lion’s Den

29 Sixth Uncle

30 The Girls from Issan

31 Merchants of Death

32 Hollow Idol

33 Chains of Love

34 Hacker for Hire

35 Collision Course

PART TWO: “But Not Your Friends . . . ”

“Take what you want,” said God,

“and pay for it.”

— Spanish proverb

36 Masquerade

37 The Sound of Thunder

38 My Enemy’s Enemy

39 True Son

40 Mexican Standoff

41 Virtuoso

42 The Smile of God

43 A Matter of Trust

44 “Get a Dog”

45 Down Payment

46 Gone Fishing

47 Election Fever

48 Hanging Judge

49 “As Ye Sow . . . ”

50 Run Like Hell

51 “Fair Go!”

52 Blank Cheque

53 Lost and Found

54 Off the Record

55 Citizen’s Arrest

56 What Goes Around . . .

57 Invasive Procedures

58 Rue the Day

59 Blowback

60 No Sanctuary

61 Unintended Consequences

62 Judgement Day

63 Disappearing Act

64 Mission Accomplished?

65 “. . . for I Have Sinned . . . ”

66 End of the Line

67 Inversion

68 Pay the Piper!

69 Black Holes

70 “Chicago Rules”

71 Fireworks

72 Mandate of Heaven

73 Fun & Games

74 “Et Tu, Mate?”

75 “Why Not?”


Cast of Characters and Glossary of Terms

About the Author

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