Truth About Cabala

Truth About Cabala

by David Godwin



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Truth About Cabala by David Godwin

Now you can learn all of the basic concepts and spiritual ideas that form the core of the Western Mystery tradition in The Truth About Cabala by David Godwin.

The cabala-also spelled kabbalah or qabalah-is an ancient, powerful system rooted in Judaism. The cabala survives as a philosophy and as a way of viewing God and the universe: it is the key to mystical thinking outside the mainstream.

Knowledge of the cabala is applied in the practices of ceremonial magic, particularly, in the making and charging of amulets and talismans. Now, The Truth About Cabala translates this extremely powerful system for your spiritual growth and enlightenment.

  • A crash course in this mysterious, mystical tool
  • Explore God and the universe
  • Use it as a magickal tool
  • Understand your own life through its archetypal symbolism
  • A clear, accessible description of complex concepts such as the Tree of Life and the Four Worlds
  • The famous correspondences from different important authorities
  • Divisions of the cabala
  • The cabala and the Tarot

The cabala's premier practical application is spiritual advancement, traditionally attained through focused study and meditation on God names. The Truth About Cabala introduces you to this and other avenues of spiritual evolution, including pathworking, gematria, and Ascending the Path of the Serpent. Because the cabala deals with archetypal energies, your subconscious mind already understands its basics-even if you have never studied or read about it.

Dreams often make use of cabalistic symbolism, even to the point of presenting puns and analogies to be understood only by gematria: the cabala's system of Hebrew numerology. You will learn about this in The Truth About Cabala.

The cabala is considered to be the only mystical system to include a complete and comprehensive method of classifying the universe, in terms of both macrocosm and microcosm. Whether you view the cabala as a magical tool or as a mystical philosophy, a thorough study of this system will enrich your life immeasurably. The best place to start is with The Truth About Cabala.

Author Biography: David Godwin, born in 1939 in Dallas, Texas, and a one-time resident of Houston, Atlanta, Miami, and New York, is a student of esoteric lore, magic, and the cabala. He holds a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

Godwin has worked as a manual laborer, a newspaper reporter, an editor for a petrochemical magazine, a technical editor for two NASA contractors during the Apollo missions, a typesetter, and a free-lance writer.

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ISBN-13: 9781567183252
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.
Publication date: 09/01/2002
Series: Truth about Series
Pages: 64
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About the Author

David Godwin is an expert on esoteric lore, magic, and the Cabala. A member FATE magazine's editorial staff for more than a decade, he holds a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Godwin is the author of several books including Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia. He is also the editor of True Ghosts 2. Visit Godwin and FATE magazine online at

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