The Truth Behind Men In Black: Government Agents--Or Visitors From Beyond

The Truth Behind Men In Black: Government Agents--Or Visitors From Beyond

by Jenny Randles

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ISBN-13: 9781466878631
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 08/19/2014
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
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Jenny Randles is the author of The Truth Behind Men in Black.

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The Truth Behind Men in Black

Government Agents-or Visitors from Beyond

By Jenny Randles

St. Martin's Press

Copyright © 1997 Jenny Randles
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4668-7863-1



Suppose that you saw something really strange — an event that was literally out of this world. Millions have already faced that moment. Now it is your turn to encounter a light floating above your car or to confront an unearthly creature that enters your bedroom in the dark hours of night.

This may seem like nonsense, a story that would cause the closest of friends to question your sanity. Even you yourself may doubt that such a thing is possible — except, of course, that you know it happened.

Such incidents do not occur to those who wish for them. You do not have to believe in little green men to suffer the trauma of a close encounter. These experiences strike without warning and no-one is immune, regardless of their status or beliefs. Today you could be the greatest skeptic on earth. Tomorrow you might be just another victim. Should that happen, then you will reasonably expect one favor from society — that we listen to your story and care to find out the truth that lies behind it.

To report what you see is a basic human right that brings solace to those trapped inside the confines of a nightmare. To lose that opportunity is the greatest fear of many witnesses. But it is a fear that is preyed upon by the so-called Men in Black. These sinister figures are not just characters in a Hollywood movie that bears their name. They are a shocking reality faced by many witnesses.

The MIB, as the term is often abbreviated, seek to prevent a witness from sharing news of their encounter. These strangers call at home to demand silence and issue threats whilst seeming to possess extraordinary knowledge about your life. The MIB insist that you must never speak out about what happened to you, warning that if you dare break this order you will regret it — forever. Many people find this understandably intimidating, and research into this subject can be very hard indeed.

Men in Black wear dark suits, drive somber looking cars and behave in an outrageous manner. They vanish without a trace once their work is done, but where do they come from?

Could they be secret agents of some covert — but earthly — power or, even more fantastic, could they be aliens themselves who are disguised to look human? Or is it all just imagination?

This book will let you judge the evidence and decide for yourself.

* * *

I trained as a science teacher, and such things as UFOs, aliens and MIB do not easily fit within my logical worldview. As I, personally, have never seen an alien or encountered what I can state with assurance was a craft from another world, then my conviction that there is something intriguing to be uncovered comes largely from the evidence of others. Such evidence has to be all the more remarkable for me to take it seriously.

For 25 years I have traveled the country (and sometimes the world), talking with truly frightened people who have suddenly been confronted with a phenomenon that most had previously assumed simply could not happen. The reactions of these witnesses to UFO sightings, alien contacts or MIB range from outright denial (in the hope that this will make it go away) to a burning desire to convince the world that "they" are here (even if they do not know exactly what "they" might be!).

Certainly there are people who have suffered delusions, or who are misinterpreting ordinary phenomena. Indeed, in my role as a sort of detective of the supernatural, unlike the fictional Mulder and Scully from The X Files, I do not find mysteries everywhere I go but identify a simple cause nine times out of ten.

Most UFO cases crumble upon investigation and turn out to be the result of the natural wonders that surround us in this world, often going unrecognized to our unobservant eyes. The vagaries of human perception can also make even the humblest of things at the fringes of our vision seem like something that would be more at home in a scene out of Star Wars.

With experience, you learn to recognize when a witness is being sincere and is describing something that is unlikely to be identified in mundane terms. Not that this obviates the need to seek for explanations. I find it part of the challenge to hunt for answers and resolve cases. Indeed, if it were proven beyond question that there were no aliens coming here in flying saucers, it would not perturb me one bit. People will go on seeing UFOs and the task of a UFOlogist, such as myself, is not to prove vast government conspiracies that hide pickled bodies of captured aliens or the wreckage of a starship from another galaxy. It is to probe the evidence that we have and try to understand what is happening.

Unfortunately, the media all too rarely appreciate this distinction. They seem amazed — or do not even realize — that it is perfectly possible to believe in UFOs without therefore meaning that there are visitors from another planet coming to earth. There may, or there may not, be any such aliens. The evidence is conflicting. But one thing is certain — Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) exist.

This conviction comes not merely from the hundreds of responsible witnesses that I have interviewed. There is evidence of a more scientific nature as well. Film and photographs that have been analyzed by top researchers and organisations such as Kodak establish to the satisfaction of most who study the data that something is really flying around. Ground traces have been left which are amenable to laboratory investigation. These have on numerous occasions been shown by science to involve radiation fields and other forms of energy that appear to be directly connected with a hovering or landed UFO. There are even reliable and remarkably consistent cases involving interference to the engine and lighting systems of motor vehicles. Data that any physicist could use to good effect in theorising what is taking place during a close encounter.

Many people only see the lurid tabloid headlines about UFOs. They are probably unaware of the more sober and widespread reality that underpins the few highly touted cases. In fact countless scientists — from geologists to psychologists and atmospheric physicists to folklore PhDs — have spent many hours studying the gathered evidence, and there is an impressive body of research, scientific experimentation and — in my view — absolute proof regarding UFO reality. This is waiting to be examined by anyone who resists the urge to scoff and chooses to look for themselves. This is why the governments of the world have pursued the UFO question for 50 years.

What is the purpose behind these government investigations? I will assess that more thoroughly later in this book, for it is an area that I have spent a good deal of time pursuing as I researched and wrote a BBC TV documentary called Britain's Secret UFO Files. In my work I have been invited to the Houses of Parliament to brief politicians on the UFO situation in Britain. I have had the cooperation of many MPs (of all parties) and top defense officials in trying to seek out a rational answer. I have even had covert files leaked to me and spent many days at the Public Record Office learning what is publicly available on governmental UFO study — if you know where and how to look.

I do not believe from all of this that there is a major cover-up of guilty secrets. But I do think that there is much circumspection about the UFO mystery — and with very good cause. We, as a society, trivialise and sensationalise what are in fact often very intriguing questions about these strange phenomena. The sightings and data may provide insights into new propulsion systems or energy resources that could benefit us all. A government may well properly believe that it is best to conduct such studies in private rather than to face the combined wrath of the media and the UFO community.

During the years that I have investigated cases — from the simplest light in the sky to the most amazing claims of alien abduction — I have increasingly confronted witnesses who have told me about the more disturbing aftermath. The visits or the phone calls from what appear to be "Men in Black" who enforce their demands for silence — although, of course, most often these people have never heard the term MIB.

I had long assumed that the legend of Men in Black was just part of American UFO mythology. Once you have been told worryingly similar stories from a growing band of seemingly reliable witnesses, however, you do have to reassess the situation. These people were not in contact with one another. Most had no knowledge of the American legends. The cases were scattered across the UK and over 30 or 40 years. I soon came to realize that something was going on here and I had a responsibility to take note of what these people said.

There has never been a mainstream book on the MIB mystery in Britain and only one — to my knowledge — published in the USA. This came from a magazine publisher and did not attempt to investigate the issues raised but merely told a few stories gathered from American UFOlogists with various degrees of credulity. I discovered that most people had taken the view that there was no serious evidence to be investigated and so chose to pretend that the problem did not exist.

I cannot have that luxury. The problem does exist, and I was finding more and more examples as my work continued. The patterns that link the cases together were becoming obvious. I had to delve into this difficult area and set out for the first time the full story of the Men in Black.

As a result, this book is unique and full of shocking new evidence. It goes beyond reports of UFOs and aliens and looks at the aftermath told by a large number of people. For the first time anywhere it sets out the history of the MIB phenomenon from its American roots to its global spread. It presents firsthand investigations conducted by myself which I believe clearly establish that this matter is more than just a myth. There is a real Men in Black mystery to be unravelled, and this leads me onto review the theories proposed to explain these intimidating visitors.

That they are part of the phenomenon itself — some sort of shape-changing alien manifestation — may well seem rather absurd to you. Frankly, it sits uncomfortably with me although the UFO world is full of surprises and I rule nothing out. This is an idea proposed by some researchers and has at least traces of tantalising evidence in support. Honesty dictates that I must take an impartial look.

The other option — and the one that I suspect most readers will find easier to accept — is that the MIB are the product of a covert operation on the fringes of government study into UFOs. Even if this turns out to be the truth it still poses huge questions.

Why would any government act in this way, particularly given the bizarre nature of many of the MIB stories? Where do these visitors come from, given that the official line of all major powers is that they categorically do not send investigators to frighten witnesses? What is the purpose of the MIB activities — from simple threats to impersonation and even theft of evidence such as films and tapes?

Such issues go right to the heart of the need for a free society in which open government is practiced and not just preached. They are also bound to throw light on the hardly irrelevant but — in this book — somewhat peripheral question of what causes the UFO mystery in the first place.

Today's culture has dictated the remarkable success of TV shows such as The X Files, followed more recently by Dark Skies, a 1996 drama series that re-writes political history of the past 40 years on the premise that we are involved in a secret war with aliens. Men in Black are key players in the deadly games of agents Mulder and Scully and serve as puppets of the covert agency "Majestic" featured in Dark Skies. But Hollywood caught the mood even more openly during 1997 by producing the movie Men in Black with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

These somewhat comic movie characters ensure that witnesses remain ignorant of alien activity on earth in ways rather less sinister (and more amusing) than reported in real life. But that film provides the spur for this book. Millions will see it all over the world and need to know that the Men in Black are not just figures on a cinema screen. To many, they are an undoubted reality.

This book is full of the real life stories that have inspired TV series and movies like The X Files and Men in Black. Such fiction requires no explanation in order to maintain its suspense. It can afford to take the legend simply on trust. We are forced to look much deeper than that.

The cases in this book are told first hand, often by very frightened people. Fear alone should not prevent us from debating the issues that are at stake although, until now, many of these witnesses were bullied into silence and the shocking truth behind their claims has never been revealed. That is about to change, for Men in Black exist in the real world and seemingly refuse to go away. How could they disappear? It seems that the MIB have a job to do, and we are in their way.


Just how do we find cases of Men in Black? Unfortunately, it is not as easy as going up to someone and asking. If they have been frightened by a mysterious visitor who demanded their silence then they could well choose to obey him for fear of the consequence of speaking out.

A witness has to want to talk. Often they will have broached the subject carefully over the years, gradually sharing the story with family and friends. Perhaps after a suitable passage of time they may feel the need to talk to an investigator. Or, indeed, they may have been so angered from the start that anyone should order them about that they quickly opt to tell all — although usually with some discretion. Sadly, the latter possibility is less likely. Cases usually emerge years after they happen.

As a result, many MIB will never be reported. To those wrestling with the decision as to whether to relate their own account I can add that I know of no cases where any serious repercussions have followed the decision to speak out. MIB threats may seem scary, but they appear rather hollow.

In truth, when hunting MIB reports we can only keep alert for the possibility. It would be poor investigation to lead witnesses from their story of a strange encounter into urgings that they tell you about weird visitors who came to call. If they do not do so voluntarily we cannot force the issue.

This means that we have to look at the evidence that is already available to see whether there are types of cases, categories of witnesses or geographical areas where MIB tend to call more often. We know that the evidence will almost invariably follow a witness encounter with a UFO or alleged alien contact. This is is a place to start. There may be something special that alerts the MIB — whoever they are — to pay a call on witness A, whilst ignoring witnesses B,C and D. As this book develops I believe that you will find that there are indeed clues of this nature about all of these things.

We also need to look at where cases of Men in Black first appeared in history. Are they only contemporary to the UFO mystery, which itself is a largely post-World War II phenomenon? UFOs predating modern times do exist — far back into history, in fact. There are also tales of dark strangers frightening people that might well be early examples of MIB. We will look at those in a later chapter.

For now, let us start with a case that came my way just as many MIB stories do. It arrived bit by bit and very slowly with the witness gradually finding that time had turned fear into anger and frustration, then inspired the very understandable desire to know what on earth was going on.


For Shirley Greenfield the nightmare began one winter's evening as she walked home from work. It would only come to an end 12 years later when she purged herself of the horrors that now plagued her life. She was about to come face to face with the Men in Black, and they would stun her into silence for a long time. Talking in public led her inexorably down a path that she could not have predicted — a path that took her from an innocent teenage witness to a young woman who was frightened out of her wits.

On 23 January 1976, Shirley Greenfield was aged 17 and was working in an office in the town of Bolton, Lancashire. As usual, she took the bus out of the center to her new home amidst the Pennine ridges. This is a part of Britain that has been fraught with high levels of UFO activity for many years.

Shirley got off the bus at around 5:20 pm. It was almost dark and the streets were quiet. Her walk from the bus took less than ten minutes and she was nearly home when she saw two lights over a reservoir about half a mile away. Mildy curious, she looked closer to see that one was amber and the other red. They moved through the air as if bumping into one another in some kind of aerial dance.


Excerpted from The Truth Behind Men in Black by Jenny Randles. Copyright © 1997 Jenny Randles. Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Title Page,
Copyright Notice,
1. MIB: Strangers in the Night,
2. Maury Island: Birth of a Mystery,
3. The Three Men,
4. The 1950s: Missing in Action,
5. 1957: Men from Gharnasvarn,
6. 1963: Fields of Folly,
7. 1964: Intruder on the Shore,
8. 1965–1967: Imposters,
9. 1972–1977: Hidden Depths,
10. 1980–1988: Men of Mystery,
11. Foreign Affairs,
12. Grand Deceptions,
13. Evidence of Aliens,
14. A History in Black,
15. Enforcers of the Cover-Up,
16. Conclusion: Dark Thoughts,

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Truth Behind Men in Black: Government Agents-or Visitors from Beyond 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
monnow on LibraryThing 3 months ago
A minor classic with some really surreal (and often creepy) tales that made me wonder if the aliens have been watching Monty Python's output.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Seems to take an objective view to a possibly crazy topic. Doesn't try to drive you to a particular conclusion. Just presents a well documented case and leaves the rest to the reader