Truths Stolen by Satan Revealed

Truths Stolen by Satan Revealed

by M D Connell-McDowell

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This course is to prevent that happening to you. Plus you’re going to have a wonderful life on earth and gain your full reward rather then some of your reward in this life and far more importantly your full reward in eternity. Many Christians don't have the Apocrypha/Dueterocanonical books in their Bibles and so lack expertise to win in spiritual warfare. You are going to learn these secrets. Firstly by convincing you that the Apocrypha/Dueterocanonical books are inspired by The Holy Spirit. Secondly the art of ‘Heeding mild rebukes’ On top of all this you’re going to increase greatly in knowledge, for example: 1) You will learn what happens to you for seven days when you leave your mortal body, you will be going on a wonderful journey with Christ. 2) You’re going to find out who the mysterious Melchizedec was, mentioned in Hebrews; whom many have said was Christ, not so! 3) You will learn that the earth was originally created upright on its axis and why and when it was tilted; by the way scientists concur that it was upright, but it did not happen tens of thousands of years ago as they suggest. 4) Scientists tell us originally the dry land on earth was gathered together in one huge continent, they have named ‘Gondwanaland’ they are correct, the scriptures not only tell us this but when it was changed to the map that we have today by the almighty power of God. It didn’t happen when the scientist say. 5) Did you know Job was advisor to Pharaoh and that he was complicit in the murder of the Hebrew male babies? 6) Between the killing of the Egyptian and seeing the burning bush, Moses led a fascinating life, what was he doing? He wasn’t herding his father-in-laws sheep the whole time as some say. I could go on and on, there is so much more awaiting you; come with me on this fascinating adventure. God bless you, I’ll see you on the inside.

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