Truths Within: Authentic Messages from the Masters

Truths Within: Authentic Messages from the Masters

by Rosemary Gabourie


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If anyone had ever told me I would be publishing a book, let alone in automatic writing of messages from the masters of peace, inner truths, love, and community, I would have thought that’s impossible! Now it has become a reality.
Onesong is a name that encompasses the group known as the Ascended Masters. They are known as the truth-bearers and are meant to spirit those who are searching to find the meaning of whatever this life brings them.
They are a group of ascended souls with the higher and best intentions of the within; all that is, around and through the universal fields of existence. They have been united to create the love of what is of benefit for the continuation of the soul’s growth and the provisions to move forward in the light to come to the point of serendipity.
In 1995, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This created significant feelings of helplessness, denial, anger, and guilt for me. I felt revictimized, as it brought back the eight-year-old who had been sexually abused.
I had my time of fear and loss and decided to educate myself on the matter of MS. I became aware that the best thing to do was to make friends with this challenge and continue on. I believe my MS was a catalyst, for it forced me to slow down and go within myself. I feel honored and blessed to receive these words of wisdom.

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ISBN-13: 9781452514369
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 05/14/2014
Pages: 118
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.28(d)

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Truths Within

Authentic Messages from the Masters

By Rosemary Louise Gabourie

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 Rosemary Louise Gabourie
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-1436-9



Never Regret the Past

Never regret the past, for it is your lesson, your teacher, parts of your journey. "If only" doesn't matter; what matters is today. What matters is how you grasp the past, embrace it for it is how it was and is meant to unfold. For in this universe, we choose our paths, only to rue the choices we make instead of being thankful for the opportunity of karma. Our karma is the blessing of becoming aware and alive, at peace with one and all things. This is a task of life, of karma.

Be grateful for a life, and embrace each moment as if each detail is a lesson and a gift. It is not yours to judge, but accept things that are positive and challenge the negative and have hope for the future.

To this, be eternally grateful, for all things good and indifferent, for they are meant to be. Each path has turns, and they all have a specific lesson for you in this life. The path you choose is the lesson you must learn and accept in this karma. Take heed of your lesson, and rejoice and take comfort in the inner peace and strength they will give you.

Forgive yourself, others, and the world, for everything is meant to be. This decision is up to you, for this will promise the peace and serenity that each individual is looking for. There are some people who just take a different path; this prolongs the journey. There are no shortcuts. Forgive, be kind to yourself and others and to the world, for in the end we are all one.

This is serendipity.



Whatever our life is, know where it is truth in the values of life. Anything else is not necessary for we have whatever we need.

When we bring ourselves up to task, we hold ourselves back. When we lack awareness of spirit truths we get caught up in life.

It is natural, and by using and sending from universes, we utilize our gift of intuition.


Life Is

Life is a series of changes.

Changes are a series of compromise.

Compromise is a series of understanding.

Understanding is a series of knowing.

Knowing is a series of faith.

Faith is a series of pure thought.

Pure thought is a series of utmost serendipity.

Utmost serendipity is a series of peace.

Peace is love.

Love is.



The message for today is one of hope.

There are many people who are afraid; they don't know where to go or what to do with their lives. This is creating vibrations of sorrow in the world.

Note: I believe this message is given to encourage us to share hope with others.


Try, Try, Try

The message for today is try, try, try.

Try to be the best you can at what you do—not better than anyone else, but the best for you; for that is all that's expected in this world universe.



The message for today is have patience.

Take care of yourself; have faith that what is meant will be.

Be kind; know what your path is, and wish others well on their journey.

Beware of doubters, for they can vex you and take you away from your focus.

Be discreet in whomever you choose to share with, and realize we all have our own path; so be patient and let it go, for this too is a journey in time.


Be Yourself

The message for today is try, be yourself, and ignore.

Try for patience, be true to yourself, and ignore naysayers.

Your dreams will give you your answers.



What your truth is may not be the same as someone else's.

This is because we all have free will to think the way we want to.

There is no reason to put your truth onto someone else, because we are all perfect in our own way in God's eyes. This is a truth of life and love.

Being true to yourself is a good way to live your life, because this is the truth we need to go by.

Inner truth is always right; it will never betray you. Just believe you will find the true happiness and the meaning for your life this time around.

Be calm, and it will come to you—the truth for you. We only need to look into ourselves to find home, peace, love, and serenity, for this is serendipity.


My Energies

The manner in the way messages come is my energy's friend. It is how you are meant to receive.

Learn a way to begin. No matter what you write, know when its lesson is right, as you will be drawn to the part you need to learn about and what is meant to be for you.

You will find true value in whatever you do.

All you require is to wish.

Be brave, and you will go forth in tremulous joy.

Note: This is the answer to my question.

DAY 10

Walk through It

What is it in the world today that makes people want to lash out at injustices?

Is it the way they perceive life to be, or is it that they have not had a good example of what could be, if only they would just listen? Listen to their inner voice and go where it takes them, instead of allowing outside influences to determine their fate.

How sad that these are the very same people who go through life wishing instead of doing, watching instead of seeing, and imitating instead of learning for themselves what the real truth and value of life are.

One day, people will suddenly wake up to the truth that's always been there, the inner truth that does not deceive you.

DAY 11


In the manner of reason, we all need to find a better way to cope in this world.

Better this than worry needlessly about what-ifs and if-only.

We have only this day to celebrate and rejoice.

Honour it, for it could be the last time you do a particular thing the way you always have, just because.

Think before you do, and realize when it's time to choose your path.

Know and take faith in whatever happens, as this too is a lesson in time.

DAY 12


What is that people want most in life?

Is it really the things they don't have, or is it the intangible?

How many people have gone through their days wishing for the big day when they can enjoy life?

What a shame they don't realize they only have to ask, and they will be given what is necessary at this time. In a world so full of wealth, it seems it should be easier to accomplish what's needed for a peaceful world.

Why are so many wealthy people never quite satisfied?

Perhaps they are looking the wrong direction, when I have shown them the way.

The way to accomplish "the all" in life; it is a good deal easier to acquire more money, if only it is somehow honoured instead of lavishing on useless trinkets and whatnot.

It is okay to have, but not at the price of the have-nots.

Honour your money but also your gifts.

DAY 13


In the manner in which life unfolds, there are choices we all need to consider. This is a truth of life, and yet we get bogged down as if we were stuck in the mire of indecision. This is not how it was meant to be but how we perceive it should be. It is very simple if you look closely at what your options are.

Many people panic and worry about what others will say about their choices. Do not despair and waste time on this, as everything is meant to be just the way it is. The choices you make are for your path, not for someone else to judge.

The doubters fear because of lack of hope; this is brought about because of their own issues of mistrust in themselves, in inner strength, in total conviction, and in belief. They can do whatever they choose to, if only they would believe in their higher power and universal law.

This is a truth of life and of living well.

DAY 14

Peace Today

The message for today is peace to you, and let there be many more days when you may enjoy life to its fullest.

This is not to say you are going to pass through, just that you deserve to enjoy life as the gift it is. No one has as many rights as they may think. It is prudent to bless each and every day as if this is the only day you have, for it is, in fact, true. This is today, now, and never again will this time be.

Take great care, and honour each day for what it is, not trying to make it into something else.

Keep records for this day as it was. Watch your progress of life, and celebrate the journey as your lessons unfold for you.

Remember to be kind to yourself, for you are only human and must fall along the way in order to remember where the pitfalls are.

Perhaps you have heard these words before, and that's okay, but it is very important in life not to get stuck in your ruts. Move into the better part of what you were put here to do at this time in your life. Be brave; be proud, for tomorrow is another day. Thus, the cycle begins again, and now a new day offers opportunities for growth and wisdom, love and joy, to all who ask.

This is not difficult; it is only difficult for people who do not understand the true meaning of their lives.

This too is no secret, for it is all there within your grasp, if only you would be still and listen. These are true and honest words that anyone can take and learn from, or they can choose to stay where they are, in their "safe zone."

It is said that you know you are growing when you begin to sense a stirring that will give you questions you didn't know you had. This will be your sign, your message.

You have only to be still and listen; all will come to you in due time. Be patient, be brave, and be proud, for you are a child of the universe who is much loved and cherished. Peace to all.

DAY 16

Why Ask?

Why is it some people look for what they already have?

Do they not realize life is all they need to celebrate?

They go through life not feeling quite content that they have done well for themselves, whatever that means for them.

Why can't they just stop for a brief moment to ask a question?

Why do they feel so unsettled? Perhaps it's their own inner profile that is trying to tell them the truth. Life is tough only if you let it lead you, instead of asking for guidance.

It is always easy to lay blame on others or on circumstances.

We all know the true reason why life is the way you have taught yourself to accept negatives and this is precisely what is wrong with the world today. There are too many whys and not enough people looking for their own answers.

Everyone can find the answer just for them. It doesn't matter that it isn't suitable for someone else. This is your journey.

Ask and remember that you are your own captain, so stay afloat and have faith, for this is the truth within you.

Why is it that people do not want to stop long enough to hear their own heartbeat?

Perhaps they may realize they actually have a living being who needs to grow and be themselves.

Why do people fear this change? Is it fear of failure, success, or not being what other people see them to be?

You are the only one that can answer this, as your truth belongs to you, and that is all that matters in this life you have now.

DAY 16

In This Time

What is needed in this time?

So many people go through life wondering why things go wrong and just don't seem fair to them. They are not ready for the answers to their questions, so they continue on, wishing and hoping, instead of listening and doing.

This too is a lesson in patience and understanding, for all is there for you.

People sometimes lose their way due to ill-informed desires. This is why there is lack in this world—not because of individual pride but because of indiscriminate mistrust.

Trust in yourself, because that is the only thing you have. In the end, this is all you need, and this too is a lesson in life and abundance.

Have faith. Be true to yourself, and all will be well for you in this life now.

Take care not to be a doubter, for this will delay your growth and create stress. This is useless and wastes valuable time.

What is it today's people can't find with every turn of their busy lives?

Is it that they don't give themselves credit for having the knowledge needed to get through anything they come up against?

Perhaps they are looking for the wrong answers because they are not sure what questions they need answered to. Maybe they just didn't stop long enough to listen to which answers were needed to fulfill them on their journey.

Why is it that people feel a need to have all the answers at once, when they still aren't sure of what is needed for them to learn and grow in this time?

If only they would listen to the inner chatter going on inside their business—stop and listen, really listen. Maybe they don't want the time, unsure or perhaps fear holds them back. People who always question and look for answers sometimes aren't ready for the reply they get, but at least they are asking questions. Then, in time, they find a way to cope with all the answers they receive. This is having faith in the all-that-is-there, for when you ask, you will get. This too is a lesson in time.

DAY 17

Do Not Despair

In the manner of how life is, we have things we find overwhelming. This creates despair.

This is a natural reaction when people don't know where to turn or what the true purpose of life is.

Why does this occur? It is their lack of knowledge and fear.

We only have to look at world events to realize how true this is.

Ignorance creates fear, which in turn stops learning. We get stuck in negatives instead of allowing our true nature to come forth.

How sad that so many people take so little time to stop and listen. Listen to what is happening in your world, as we all have a responsibility to create our environment; yet we look to others to fix things for us.

If only we would realize that freedom starts with ourselves.

Take watch of how life goes in cycles, and find a way to make changes to benefit mankind, animals, the environment, and the universe.

One step forward can be the beginning of a journey in peace.

Notice how a smile brings a smile.

This rule is true in every form of life. If you honour life, it will honour you.

There are no short cuts to this, so realize that these words are true and part of the universal plan in our world.

Do not despair in this, but take part in your own world peace. You will find we can all make a difference if you and I start with one step.

The universe is crying out, waiting for your support. This will gradually become of life what we put into it.

This is a law of the universe, and people are gradually realizing this.

Take part in your life; don't just watch others and let yours slip by unannounced.

Carry your flag high, and believe in yourself, as this is who you are in this time.

Don't let despair stop you, because this is only your own self-doubt.

Look out into the stars and see the greatness that is also within every individual living thing.

Be proud, be brave, and have hope.

God loves you.


Excerpted from Truths Within by Rosemary Louise Gabourie. Copyright © 2014 Rosemary Louise Gabourie. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
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