Tubby Tub-Tub The Turkey That Stole Our Hearts!

Tubby Tub-Tub The Turkey That Stole Our Hearts!

by Osanna Rosa


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Tubby Tub-Tub! The Turkey That Stole Our Hearts, is a children's picture book that shares the joy of caring for all. The fun of having a broad sense of imagination, is the expression for believing.

This picture illustrated book series places the emphasis on the notion of imagination and the passion for adventures. Imagination initiates and encourages the possibilities of wonderful things to come to be of a child's ability that she/he posses with natural spontaneity and passion. This sense of creativity is a way for children to develop their own sense of independence to cope with the hardships that they may face.

In the story a bird brings a community together to unite by the sense of caring for one another. Tubby is a very special bird that helped things happen with his magical abilities or the sense of the imagination that helped the community to join and unite together. Helping one another in natural catastrophes of nature such as hurricane, fires and earth quakes. The possibilities of these disasters happening places the children in a fearful situation.

Tubby Tub-Tub! The Turkey That Stole Our Hearts, is full of imaginative adventures that which explores the not imagined. Imagination is the ability to develop and form stories and images with desired outcomes. It is an ability that contributes to the sense of the child's apparent imagination that lacks criticism. It stresses the inner sense of security that will remain with the child to become a centered and successful adult.

Enzo is a young boy and the narrator of the story. He is having a good time being engaged in the reading process. The objective of the story is to share the joy of enticement and wittiness of the unusual whimsical events in the story.

The story is absolutely whimsical! The story is informative and educational. Children will naturally relate to the story. The information is drawn and presented based on concrete knowledge and learning processes.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781982009892
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/25/2017
Pages: 82
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

Tubby Tub-Tub! The Turkey That Stole Our Hearts, is the third book published in Enzo's picture book series. The author's most recent publications are, Hello, Hi, How Do You Do? It is all about Me! Isn't it?

Osanna Rosa has worked with young children in different settings.

Osanna Rosa is also the author and creator of several children's picture books. She created the following picture book series: Bella Bear, Emem Bear, Bello Enzo Bear books, The Family picture book series, The Fairy Tale book series and Enzo's picture book series.
Bella Bear series is the author's first children's picture book collection. These titles are few that is included in this series: Bella Bear; I am a Big Sister, Bella Bear, My Cousin Candy Bear, Bella Bear's Spring Time Picnic, 1st volume, Bella Bear, It is Summer Time, 2nd volume, Bella Bear, It is Autumn, 3rd volume, Bella Bear, It is Winter Time-Let us go Skiing!, 4th volume in the season's books, Bella Bear, My Little Brother-Bello Enzo Bear, and My Friend Sophie's Art!.

Emem Bear books are the second series of picture books. Included in this series are: Emem Bear Goes Potty, Emem Bear I Am Two Years Old, My Cousin Tiger Bear Likes to Read and Emem Bear Baking Cookies.
Bello Enzo Bear is the third series in the picture books collection published by the author which includes: Keep Green! Let Us Go To The Park!, Bello Enzo Bear Likes Music, Happy Father's Day Dada Bear!, Bello Enzo Bear The Bug Inspector, Bello Enzo Bear Our Space!.

The Family picture book series Included in this series: We Are Cousins, Nana Margaret Went to Heaven!, Time to Dress Up! Princess Emmalicious, Roll Sophie Roll!, Enzo, Let's Fly A Kite!, Let's Go Swimming!, The 3 Cousins Jumping!, Chelsea's 3 Adorable Cats!, Ballbelina Tambelina your name Is Silly!, Young Mickayel Fetching a Pail of Water!, a story about the Armenian Genocide, I love you Mommy Forever! and Just Like My Mommy!.

The Fairy Tale book series is the first fairy tale genre in the author's collection of books for young children. The collection includes The Fairy Tale Story of Princess Lala Sultana!, Ukko the Magical Boy! And Irene Cecilia the Girl that Never Cried!.

Osanna also authored and published an instructional base unit The Art of Hand-Built Pottery; One Child's Creativity.

Osanna has earned a BA in History/ Philosophy from UCLA; and a MA in Education
Curriculum, Teaching & Learning from Sonoma State University.

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