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Tucker's Countryside 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
HomeSchoolBookReview More than 1 year ago
The author's full name is George Selden Thompson. His Newbery Honor winning book The Cricket in Times Square was on our younger son Jeremy's reading list for seventh grade. Jeremy loved it so much that he wanted all the other books in the "Chester Cricket and Friends" series. We just happened to have Chester Cricket's Pigeon Ride, but all the others are out of print so I had to order them used from Amazon. Tucker's Countryside is the first sequel. After Chester returns to Connecticut from New York City, he learns that the Old Meadow where he lives near Hedley, CT, is going to be turned into an apartment complex, so he sends for Tucker Mouse and Harry Cat, his friends from New York, to come and help him stop the development. Some neighborhood children, led by Ellen Hadley, are also working to save the meadow. Besides the fact that it is a fun book to read, there is one thing that I especially liked about the book, and one thing that I especially did not like. First, I liked the fact that by it young people are encouraged to be interested in preserving natural habitats for animals without getting into the environmental extremism that is characteristic of similar children's literature of today. What I did not like was the "benign deception" involved where people were led to think that the meadow was the site of the homestead of Joseph Hedley, original founder of Hedley, CT, rather than what it really was, the farm of Joseph Henry, and the stealing of the Hadley's old wooden yard sign which was changed to read "Hedley." Parents may want to discuss with their children how that the end, however desirable, does not necessarily justify the means. This was a bit disappointing, but aside from this, the vast majority of the book is quite enjoyable.
Stardust_Fiddle More than 1 year ago
A continuation of “The Cricket of Times Square,” “Tucker’s Countryside” by George Selden tells the story of what happens after Chester Cricket has returned to his home in Hedley, Connecticut. Trouble has come to his home in the Old Meadow as plans to build an apartment complex threaten the area, so he sends John Robin to New York City to bring Tucker Mouse and Harry the Cat back to help. The amusing adventures of the two city dwellers as they encounter the countryside for the first time are set against a somber background. Summer is in full swing, but by autumn the Old Meadow may no longer exist if the developers get their way. Twelve-year-old Ellen Hadley is one of the Meadow’s most dedicated advocates, but she is going to need secret help from the animals to save her favorite place. It is a race against the wheels of progress to develop a plan, with the woodland inhabitants’ home at stake. With charming black-and-white illustrations by well-known illustrator Garth Williams, “Tucker’s Countryside” is a delightful children’s chapter book that explores themes such as friendship and overcoming obstacles. It has an inspiring message of cooperation and working together to accomplish a common goal, and readers young and old will appreciate the humor and camaraderie of these beloved woodland creatures. This story can be read in conjunction with “The Cricket of Times Square,” an excerpt of which can be found at the end of the book, or it can stand alone.