Tune Beyond the Clouds: Zen Teachings from Old China

Tune Beyond the Clouds: Zen Teachings from Old China

by J. C. Cleary (Translator)


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ISBN-13: 9780875730530
Publisher: Jain Publishing Company
Publication date: 04/28/2001
Edition description: JAIN PUBLISHING COMPANY
Pages: 136
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.40(d)

Table of Contents

I."A Tune Beyond the Clouds"1
II.A Slice of Zen History2
1.Buddhism in China2
2.The Zen Schools5
3.Zen Influences6
4.The Process of Buddhist History7
5.Zen in the Time of Stone River9
6.The Barbarian Conquests of China11
7.The Worldly and the World-Transcending17
8.Quality in Buddhism22
III.A Map of Zen Mind24
1.Buddha Mind and the Human Mind24
2.Analyzing the Human Mind25
3.From Theory to Practice28
4.Transforming Consciousness into Wisdom33
5.Yogacara Buddhist Theory and Zen35
Teachings of Zen Master Shiqi Xinyue "Stone River"
1.The Ready-Made Case37
2.Zen Lore38
3.How to Serve Buddha39
5.It's All Here Now42
6.Thought & No-Thought42
7.There is No Other Road43
8.How to Learn Zen44
10.Zen Travels46
12.The Inexhaustible Treasury48
13.The Lineage of Zen50
14.Why Wait?51
15.Ready-Made Samadhi52
16.The Village of Dreams53
17.The Transmission of Zen54
20.Before and After57
21.Today and Forever58
22.On the Anniversary of the Death of his Teacher58
23.The Teacher's Method59
24.The Family Style59
25.A Visit from an Old Friend60
26.Beyond Affirmation and Denial60
27.Putting a Roof on the Dharma-Hall60
28.See for Yourself60
29.An Imperial Invitation61
30.Farewell to the Assembly at Tiger Hill62
31.Entry into Lingyin Zen Temple63
32.A Challenge64
33.Forming Associations66
34.Accept Your Lot67
35.Bluegreen Mountains, White Clouds68
36.The Dharma on New Year's Day69
37.The Staff69
38.The Dharma Cannot be Sought70
39.A Turning Word70
40.A Disciple's Gratitude and Resentment71
41.Always Secure71
42.Break the Golden Chains72
43.This Dharma72
44.Smelted in a Great Furnace73
45.Who Can Sing an Answering Refrain?73
46.Ancient and Modern74
47.How Can We Escape?74
48.Still Lacking75
49.Buddha's Body76
50.The Net is Cast Over You76
51.Inside an Atom of Dust77
52.Abiding Nowhere77
53.Greetings to the Assembly at Jingshan77
54.A Thousand Mouths to Feed78
55.The Harvest78
56.Do Not Pass the Time in Vain79
57.Grandpa Buddha79
58.Raise Your Level of Insight80
59.The Same as Always80
60.The Bequest of Enlightenment81
61.Then and Now82
62.Come in out of the Rain83
63.True Basis or Misguided Understanding83
64.Buddha Ocean84
65.The Solitary Lamp84
66.Turn a Somersault85
67.To the Old of the Mountain Stream85
68.Three Dot Ox86
69.The Buddhas of the Present86
70.Sword Hall87
71.Seeing off Zen Man Jinzhou87
72.Pure Mountain Stream87
73.Seeing off Xinfeian88
74.Moon Pond88
75.No Image88
76.What a Perch89
77.The Snow White Ox89
78.The Iron Wall89
79.Words to Open up Everyone Everywhere89
80.What's in a Name90
81.To Qian Yanshou of Tiantong90
82.Reprinting a Zen Classic91
83.Eulogy for a Dead Monk91
84.Where Knowledge does not Reach91
85.Verse at the Cremation of Senior Monk Qing92
86.Verse for a Dead Man92
87.Be Quick to Awaken92
88.A Spring Tune93
89.On the Pathways of Mind93
90.Buddha Subduing Demons94
91.The True Lifeline95
92.A Thousand Times is not Too Much95
93.Knowing Satisfaction96
94.Returning Through the Clouds96
95.The Smell of Sweat96
96.Standing Out97
97.One Root97
98.Who are They? Who are We?97
99.To a Monk Returning Home to Visit Sick Parents98
100.Which is Which?98
101.Coping with Reality98
102.To a Lost Wanderer99
103.It's Facing You99
104.One Flavor Zen99
105.Bequeathed to Whom?99
106.Our Old Home100
107.The Whole Face is Revealed100
108.Lamentation for Master Wuzhun100
109.Offering Tea for Elder Zhengjiao of Iron Stupa101
110.Remembering the Enlightened Ancestors101
111.Do You Want to See?103
112.Under a Shadowless Tree104
113.When the Lotus Opens104
114.Flying Sparks104
115.Close Continuity105
116.Light as a Feather105
117.Spirit Traces106
118.Essays in the Void106
119.A True Son107
120.Right Now You Look Very Fiery107
121.Look for No-place108
122.In Flames of Fire108
123.Subtle Touch109
124.Grandpa's Gate109
125.A True Seedling110
126.Flying Above the Peaks110
127.The Golden Lock Breaks Open112
128.The Spring Wind Blows Him Away113
129.Penetrate Through This Barrier113
130.Let the Sparks Fly114
132.How to Plant the Bodhi Tree115
133.Eulogy for a Princess116
134.Eulogy for a Buddhist in Government117
135.Field of the Immortals119
136.Zen Uses of Literature119
137.Who Does Not Have a Heart?121
138.On the Lookout121
139.What is Buddha?122
140.The True Person Without Position122
141.The Bridge123

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