Tungee's Gold: The Legend of Ebo Landing

Tungee's Gold: The Legend of Ebo Landing

by Tom Barnes

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ISBN-13: 9781440196478
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/07/2010
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 268
File size: 321 KB

About the Author

TOM BARNES grew up in the South, studied English Literature at Middle Georgia College and Drama at The Pasadena Playhouse. His military service was spent in naval aviation and he was a member of the original Hurricane Hunters. Following his hitch in the navy Tom went to New York where he worked in theater, Television and wrote documentaries for PBS. Tom is the author of 'Doc Holliday's Road to Tombstone,' 'The Goring Collection,' 'The Hurricane Hunters and Lost in the Bermuda Triangle,' and his latest 'Tungee's Gold.'

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Tungee's Gold 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Skip_Grant More than 1 year ago
Tungee's Gold, The Legend of Ebo Landing is an exciting story with a twist for an ending. As I read it I began to wonder if the story was true so I "Googled" the words "legend of Ebo landing" and several sites came up, including Glynn County, Georgia where Ebo Landing is located. The thought that the story may have really happened makes it all that much more compelling. Tom Barnes does a great job of using description to set up his storylines. His smooth conversations lend to a more believable text. Just as his first book, Doc Holliday's Road To Tombstone was a novel based on real facts, Tungee's Gold is a historically accurate novel. Barnes' stories are timeless but teach us about certain periods in history. I really enjoyed this book. It gives you the other side of slavery. The dialog with the slave king gives the reader an understanding of what it was like to be one of the African slaves being brought to America on a slave boat. I highly recommend the book.
Way2kool_Designs More than 1 year ago
ISBN-10: 1440196486 ISBN-13: 978-1440196485 Available at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble Historical, Mystery, Suspense and Romance Tungee Cahill is what most of us would call a hero and/or survivor. He comes out of one hell and goes right into another. Always being the man with the clear head and senses when something's wrong, but what is it? It all starts when he joins the 49'ers in a dash to the California gold fields and strikes it rich. Few people trusted the banks, but Tungee deposits part of his stash in a San Francisco bank. The only problem is, he didn't count on being shanghaied, and now find himself on the way to Liverpool. Cahill knows the ship's captain, he had sailed with him before and doesn't understand how he wound up on the ship. As it turned out Captain Foster had no idea that Cahill was one of the men he had shanghaied, but it's to late to make a change. Both the Captain and Cahill hear rumors about a mutiny, and the captain requests Cahill to keep his ears open. Cahill knows, he really has no choice, and wants to stay alive, get back to San Francisco and his gold, so he agrees. They put down the mutiny, brave the icy hell around Cape Horn and sail to St. Katherin Island. The owner double crosses the captain and orders the ship to make another slave run to Africa. The crew thinks mutiny but sticks with the ship to West Africa where they take on 350 Ebo tribe members. Crossing the Atlantic and heading for the states they out run British and American war ships by ducking into a storm, they make it through the storm and deliver the slaves to Georgia only to have tragedy strike at St. Simons Island. Cahill is disturbed by the tragedy, but makes his way back to San Francisco where he hopes to find out who did him in. The only good thing that comes out of this is his new friends. Jeff Randolph, once a slave now free who has a hard time dealing with being on board a slave ship. Everett Dobbs who use to belong to the Sydney Ducks Gang back in San Francisco, Gene Blakely a young kid that was shanghaied a while back but decided to stay on board, and we can't forget Gene's Cousin Laura Dubek, a young widow, who Cahill can't seem to get out of his head. I found this book to be an interesting story from beginning to end. Tom Barnes has a great way of telling a story, so that you can imagine each scene as it unfolds, always wondering what is going to happen next. A solid five stars, way to go Tom. I would love to see it made into a movie, or at least a sequel so we can find out if Tungee Cahill gets him self into any more trouble. Patty Foltz Way2Kool Designs.com
DukeHoward More than 1 year ago
For those who like the taste of powder, fire and smoke with their stories and enjoy the company of men who have little or no control over their own fate, come join the half-breed Tungee and his mates, Captain Foster, the Black Moses King Kumi,the slave trader, Jeb Turner, the Aussie brute, Alf Talbot,and sail the high seas on the slave boat MFC for a rousing adventure of blood and violence. I highly recommend this book. Tom Barnes is a master story teller. Duke Howard, Author of THE DAMNATION OF MERCY KILWICK
GabinaFS More than 1 year ago
Tungee's Gold: The Legend of Ebo Landing Author: Tom Barnes Greed makes people do many things that often go against their principles and beliefs. Taken further, greed can force a person to enter into a deal with the devil, even if the end result would cause harm or injury to others. Tungee's Gold: The Legend of Ebo Landing is a unique story about a man who wanted to make his fortune by panning gold during the Gold Rush like so many other people. It is the story of a man who not only made his mark and his fortune but also as a result became embroiled in a dangerous plot that might cost him his life, the lives of others and, his integrity. The time period is the late 1800's. This historically based novel brings the California Gold Rush and us back to 1851. Finding gold and staking their claims meant a person could create a life for themselves wherever they wanted. In 1851, Gold was discovered in Greenhorn Creek, Kern County leading many people to flood the area. Wouldn't you want to be part of this great hunt for Gold? Depositing the gold in the bank in San Francisco should have been the right decision for Tungee Cahill. But, was it? How and why did he become the primary target of an assassination plot? Who planned the attack and who was behind it? The reasons will become clear and the facts revealed as you read this novel by author Tom Barnes and try to figure our where all of the characters fit and how. Tungee Cahill wanted to find his fortune and he did. But, what happens as a result will surprise the reader and compel you to read on in order understand that this book is not just about finding gold, but much more. Depositing the gold in the bank in San Francisco should have been the right decision to keep the gold safe. But, was it? Then how and why did he become the prime target of an assassination? Who would have planned the attack and who was behind it? The reasons will be clear and the facts revealed as you read this novel by author Tom Barnes and try to figure out where all of the characters fit and how. Stopping off at a local restaurant before returning to his hotel, Tungee learns about a group of Aussie's called the Ducks who caused major problems in the area. Little did he know that he would soon learn more about them and their true mission. Meeting several captains of several ships Tungee learns that there is a shortage of manpower to work on them. But the biggest surprise is yet to come. Walking back to his hotel he is shanghaied. Waking up in a locked cabin on a ship with two other men, he learns his fate. None other than Gideon Foster, the sea captain, he saw at the restaurant that evening, was the cause of his new working and living arrangement. But, the worst has yet to come, and his keen sense and with the aide of some of the other crewmembers he learns about a possible mutiny aboard ship. Tungee decides to aide the captain and his crew to foil the mutiny but at what cost? Learning that the name of the ship was also changed beforehand, sends up a red flag and no one has the answer as to why. The real reason for Foster's trip to Liverpool has not been revealed and the cargo that will be picked up and delivered will astound the reader and remind you of how difficult it was for some people to survive because of their race. Slave trade began in 1440 when Portugal started to trade slaves with West Africa. By the 16th century, there was an organized system for slave trade was in place