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Tuning In: A Journalist, 6 Trance Channelers and Messages from the Other Side

Tuning In: A Journalist, 6 Trance Channelers and Messages from the Other Side

by David Thomas, Matthiew Klinck, Kryon (Contribution by), Bashar (Contribution by), the Pleiadian Tobias (Contribution by)

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Ninety minutes had melted away. I knew Darryl generally didn't like to channel for more than two hours at a time because it can be physically draining for him, so I reluctantly shifted into wrap-up mode. Did Bashar have any wise words with which to leave us?


Ninety minutes had melted away. I knew Darryl generally didn't like to channel for more than two hours at a time because it can be physically draining for him, so I reluctantly shifted into wrap-up mode. Did Bashar have any wise words with which to leave us?

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Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.
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Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.

Copyright © 2011 David Thomas and Matthiew Klinck
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-57174-646-7


Darryl Anka Channeling Bashar

If someone had told me a decade ago that I would make a documentary film about trance channelers, I would have suggested that the person was crazier than plant life.

I was a trained journalist who wore a gray cloak of skepticism, and the only thing I knew about channels was that there were lots of them on my television. I scoffed at such woo-woo nonsense, if I bothered to think about it at all.

But my crooked path did indeed lead me to make such a movie, entitled Tuning In: Spirit Channelers in America. And I have come to believe that channeling—higher intelligences speaking through humans—is real and happening with more frequency all over the globe.

You may think that I've drunk the Kool-Aid, that I'm just another deluded pilgrim who's lost his way and is desperately grasping at any fool thing that comes along. You would be wrong. With the aid of channeled information, I have found my way. The Big Questions that have blazed in me for most of my life—"Why am I here?" "Who am I?"—have been answered in delicious and satisfying ways.

I have truly come to believe that the supernatural is just the natural not yet understood. I am no scientist, and I cannot explain to you the quantum mechanics of how a spirit can speak through a biological receiver called a human. Basically, channeling involves a nonphysical entity "stepping down" energy and a person going into a trance state and "stepping up" energy, creating a melding in the middle where communication is possible.

As our evolution speeds up, as we in a sense ascend, the veil between our physical existence and the spirit world thins. Before we incarnated, we asked our nonphysical friends to remind us of who we really are and to keep us on track in this tricky arena of duality. That is why more and more spirit channelers are popping up all over the globe—because we have asked for help in navigating the age we have entered, which some have termed "The Great Shift." There is a silent revolution of consciousness afoot, and more channeled information is a part of it. We are evolving quickly, and spirits are coming through to offer guidance, advice, and unconditional love from a broader perspective. With our once-robust economy now anemic and many people feeling downtrodden, confused, and scared, such information couldn't be more timely.

Kryon, a highly evolved disincarnate spiritual master channeled by Lee Carroll, is well aware that skeptics abound. "Many humans," he told me, "will say, 'can't be happening. Channeling is impossible.' Yet know this: all of your spiritual texts you hold so dear have been channeled. This is an ancient, sacred form of communication and now here we are offering it up again. If you come to this material with an open mind and open heart, perhaps there is something to be gained from it, dear human."

It is not a stretch to say that channeled material saved my own life. Maybe that sounds hyperbolic, but a decade ago I was in full-on Hamlet mode, profoundly unhappy and neck-deep in a slow crucifixion of the spirit. Poleaxed on the twin spires of Doubt and Despair, I was drinking way too much and enjoying way too little. I was in the process of getting a bitter divorce from life itself and, to be totally honest, I wasn't long for this dusty planet. I had no money, no girlfriend, was being evicted from my Los Angeles apartment, and my hoped-for screenwriting career had fizzled on the launchpad.

I hadn't yet jammed my head in the oven, but I was desperately disconsolate. I really didn't see the point of continuing on if my existence was going to consist of mostly heartbreak and abject misery. A doctor even put me on antidepressants. They didn't work.

One Saturday afternoon I was drinking beer on the back steps of my building, wondering what it would be like to be homeless in a few days, when a bird lit on a wire directly in my line of sight, perhaps twenty feet away.

This was not a washed-out city pigeon; it was a bright-plumed white dove. Our eyes met and we stared at each other for a good minute. I felt something welling up inside me, a wave of well-being. In that moment, I knew that I wasn't alone in the universe, that I'd be okay no matter what happened. Then the bird flapped its wings and flew off toward the smoggy L.A. skyline.

My encounter with the dove wasn't exactly a burning bush, but was it a sign? I have come to believe that indeed it was. The very next day I stumbled across the Conversations with God books and devoured two of them right there in the bookstore. This was material channeled through Neale Donald Walsch, and I was rapt. Answers—real, cogent answers—were contained in those pages, and they were slaking my thirst like cold water to a man who'd just crawled across Death Valley. I realized I didn't even have enough money to buy the books, so I sat and sat and read and read. My stomach grumbling, I looked up and discovered that four hours had sprinted by.

I went home, got online, and began looking for more channeled material. I found plenty. Some of it had no resonance with me, and I left it behind. I came across a few channelers who seemed like outright charlatans or fakers, and of course did not revisit them.

My only criteria for continuing with a particular channeler were whether the material made sense and whether it made me feel the truth ... in my heart, in my loins, in my marrow. I came back to this material again and again, finding that it not only provided answers to my questions about life, God, existence, all of it; but also offered inspiration and solace. It was a true balm, a salve.

I am, after all, trained as a journalist—a professional skeptic. So I didn't tell my friends about channeling. I was raised Catholic, so I didn't divulge anything to my family either. It wasn't that I was afraid of anyone's reaction; I just didn't want to be looked at as a weirdo. I didn't need the headache, I didn't feel like explaining; there was no reason anyone had to know.

But I did begin hearing remarks from family and friends that I looked more at peace, happier. "Just good whiskey," I'd joke.

Finally, after nearly a decade of delving into channeled material, I was struck with a thunderbolt of a thought: make a documentary about channeling. I wasn't sure where this idea even came from, so I turned the other cheek, as it were, and tried to forget about the notion.

But it persisted—a fly buzzing in my brainpan. If I did make a movie, I surmised, I would most likely have to kiss my "serious journalist" label goodbye. But I felt that I hadn't really made a mark in that field anyway. I mulled and let the idea gestate until finally one day I woke up and decided it was time to make the movie. Just like that. I simply knew the time had come.

If I had been so positively affected by profound channeled messages, I reasoned, certainly many others would benefit as well. I took the proverbial leap of faith, scooped what little money I had out of my bank account, sold my car and bought a beater, sold some gold coins, and liquidated anything else I could think of.

I'd gained a toehold in Los Angeles as a rewriter of screenplays, so I did have some friends and connections in the movie industry, people I thought might want to take this excursion with me. But their reactions were consistent and unilateral: "A movie about channeling? Are you crazy?"

Maybe I was, but the decision was made and I wasn't backing off. I put an ad on Craigslist for a partner, ideally someone who had cameras, professional lights, and sound equipment, and who knew how to edit. I got about twenty responses, winnowed them to a few, and met with each of them. Like in the story Goldilocks, the first three didn't seem just right.

But when I met the fourth, a young Canadian director named Matthiew Klinck, over a burger on a Sunday afternoon in Santa Clarita, CA, I knew we were simpatico. We had a natural rapport and within minutes were bantering like old buddies. He would later tell me: "I had this immediate connection with you, as if we'd known each other for a long time.

"But when you got into detail about this entire notion of spirit channeling, I have to admit I had flashbacks to Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost. But you were so passionate about it and explained it so well that my curiosity really kicked in."

By the time dessert arrived, I'd presented Matt with a simple deal memo stating that we would be partners on the project, and, to his own surprise, he found himself signing.

"No due diligence on my part, no subject research, no market research, no business plan," he now recalls with a laugh. "I basically just went on your enthusiasm and a strong hunch that I was supposed to get involved in this. You promised that you'd lined up three channelers already for interviews and you were working on three others. I didn't know you. I didn't know for sure if you were telling the truth."

Matt liked my fervor about the project, and I liked his energy, the fact that he had most of the necessary equipment and was open to the phenomenon of channeling, and that he was new to L.A. so not yet jaded. We shook hands, and only a week later we were seated in the modest home of Darryl Anka on a tree-shrouded street in the San Fernando Valley.

Anka is a barrel-chested man with a soft voice and a smooth moon face belying his fifty-eight years. He has channeled Bashar, an extraterrestrial being from three hundred years in the future, since 1983. Bashar has come back in time to assist Earth in this period of transition, and Darryl considers him an aspect of his future self, like a great-great-great-great-great galactic grandson.

Peach-colored late November sun dappled the living room as bespectacled Darryl explained that he is certainly attuned to the fact that some people may find it difficult to believe that he's channeling an "alien."

"I always make it clear to people that they do not have to believe that Bashar is really an extraterrestrial in telepathic communication with me," he said. "If they want to believe the words are coming from another part of my own consciousness, that's fine with me. I have no way of proving Bashar's existence to anyone anyway. The most important thing is that the information, wherever it's coming from, has made a difference in many people's lives, including my own."

And mine. I had stumbled across Darryl and Bashar some seven years earlier and had an immediate, deep connection with the material. By the time I decided to make the movie, I had listened to many hours of the Bashar channelings online and on CDs, and had even attended a live seminar.

The genesis of Anka's channeling dates back nearly four decades. "On two occasions within the same week in 1973, I had close-range, broad-daylight sightings of UFOs with witnesses present both times," he said. "At each sighting we saw a dark metallic, triangular craft about thirty feet on each side. There were three blue-white lights, one on each 'point,' and one orange-red light in the center. The craft in the first sighting was about 150 feet away; in the second sighting, it was only about sixty feet away."

Anka began reading everything he could get his hands on about ETs, but he still had no clue that he would eventually be channeling one.

"Then in 1983, I went to a channeling seminar with a friend," he continued. "Not because I was fascinated by the subject, but just because he was going and it sounded interesting."

Anka found himself returning to the channeling seminars, and also listened to some on tape. "I was amazed by the consistency and quality of the information I was hearing on a variety of subjects," he says. "Eventually, that entity offered to teach channeling to whoever wished to learn. This surprised me at first, as I had assumed channeling was not something that could be taught. Nevertheless, I joined the channeling class—not intending to become a channel myself, but rather to learn more about the process by which this entity seemed capable of accessing volumes of information on endless subjects."

About midway through the classes, he said, things began to really get interesting." During a guided meditation, I received what sounded like a telepathic message in my mind. I became instantly aware of three things: The message was from an extraterrestrial consciousness that I was to call 'Bashar' and the ship I had seen ten years prior was his; a memory came back to me that I had made an agreement at some point prior to this life to channel him; and now was the time to fulfill this agreement if I still felt like doing so.

"After thinking about it for a while, I decided to explore the possibility of letting this 'Bashar' entity speak through me to see what would happen. I figured that even if it wasn't really another entity—even if it was some mysterious portion of my own consciousness—the information that could be accessed through this channeling process could be used to help people make constructive and positive changes in their lives.

"Whatever the source, I decided to continue. I have now been channeling publicly since that time in 1983. Bashar has spoken on a wide variety of subjects to thousands of people throughout the United States, as well as in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, and Egypt."

Now it was zero hour, my favorite. Time for the channeling, to have Bashar come through and for me to ask anything. This was consistent with all six interviews Matt and I would do over the next two months: I would ask whatever I liked. None of the questions were submitted beforehand.

Darryl sat in a simple wooden chair, me seated across from him on the couch. Several cameras were set up, and Matt was wielding a handheld high-definition camera. Anka removed his wire-rimmed glasses, set them aside, cracked his knuckles, and rolled his neck a few times. He closed his eyes.

He took a deep breath. Another. Another. His face began to twitch. His breathing became deeper and deeper until it sounded almost otherworldly. His head appeared to get much heavier as his chin inched down, eventually settling on his chest. More facial tics.

I suddenly found myself very excited, my heart hammering like a broken piston. I took a few deep, relaxing breaths of my own as Darryl continued to sink into trance state.

After about a minute of intense breathing, Darryl's head popped straight up, reanimated, and his entire body convulsed for a moment. Then a thunderclap of a voice veritably boomed: "Good morning to you in your day and time, how are you?"

Bashar's energy was so strong and vibrant that I thought my scalp might peel back. The room was now supercharged with his crisp energy. I felt invigorated and began firing my questions. I wasn't interested in knowing how my dead grandmother was doing, but rather in the Big Things: How do we create our experiences, how can we better manifest things, how can we stay healthy, what is God?

Early on, he made it clear that we are responsible for our own lives, totally responsible, and that nothing is being done to us, but rather through us:

Whatever vibration you give off, whatever frequency you create or generate, determines, utterly and absolutely, whatever experience is reflected back to you from your reality. Because physical reality really does not empirically exist apart from your definition of it. Even your own quantum physicists are beginning to discover this. So physical reality is likened to a mirror.

Whatever it is that you give off, whatever form you give yourself, however you define and identify yourself, is what is reflected back to you from your reality, so that you can decide whether you wish to retain that idea and that frequency or whether you wish to change it.

Bashar was pumped, hands cutting the air like a martial artist.

From our perspective, the most effective way to alter your reality is to get in touch with, consciously, your beliefs. Find what that belief is, identify it and define it. Once you have defined the belief, you can then understand as a mechanism how it has been generating the frequency that caused the reflection you've been experiencing. You can then replace it with a belief that you prefer.

And then you can also believe, if you wish, that the new belief will replace the old one just as effectively and create reality just as effectively as the old belief did. But once you replace the belief, and thus then it generates new emotions, new thoughts, and new behaviors, you will then get a new reality that is reflective of those ideas.

I wanted specifics and, since we could all use a few more dollars in the bank account, asked about money.

We understand that money is one of the symbols of abundance on your planet, and that's all well and good. You can have as much money as you want. But the idea really is to relax the definition of abundance because it doesn't have to flow to you only through paper money. You open the doors through which abundance could come in all the other forms. Abundance really is simply having what you need each moment for you to do what you need to do when you need to do it.


Excerpted from TUNING IN by DAVID THOMAS, MATTHIEW KLINCK. Copyright © 2011 David Thomas and Matthiew Klinck. Excerpted by permission of Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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