Tur (An Elsker Saga Novella)

Tur (An Elsker Saga Novella)

by S.T. Bende

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An Upper Young Adult Paranormal Romance Novella:
Inga Andersson is the envy of every girl in Asgard. On the surface she has it all -- great friends, a job as Odin's personal fight choreographer, and a happy ever after with her realm's hottest assassin. But when evil invades Asgard, her perfect world comes crashing down. Someone is planning to kill off the gods, and Inga's best friend Ull is first on their list. With the Norse apocalypse a nanosecond away, Inga has to decide how she'll spend her final moments of freedom. Because from the moment this battle begins, Inga's happily ever after will be nothing more than a memory.

Some things are worth fighting for.

TUR is an Elsker Saga novella. It is approximately 10,000 words long.

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BN ID: 2940150319677
Publisher: S.T. Bende
Publication date: 05/17/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 80
Sales rank: 227,843
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Tur (An Elsker Saga Novella) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
BellesBeastlyBookBlog More than 1 year ago
Inga has always believed that she had her happily ever after, aside from the fact that she never got the job of her dreams. When a new threat goes after the gods, she must protect not only her life, but also Ull's too. After being captured by giants, no one thought she would be ready for battle, but difficult measures call for difficult decisions. Will the gods trained warriors and routines be enough to save the bloodlines of the gods? Will Inga have her happily ever after? Is Inga truly ready to fight a life and death battle? This was a good book. If you are wondering why it only has four stars and is labeled as NA, then I will tell you. :) There is more adult content, not sex, but very detailed make out sessions close to sex. Also, there is intentions behind some of their conversations, which isn't teen/tween appropriate. Other than that it is a GREAT book!! Good job, S.T. Bende.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I can't begin to tell you how good this entire series is! I immediatly bought all the available books to finish Ull's and Kristia's story! It grabs you from the very first word and will keep you reading for hours! The characters are well thought out and developed, along with their relationships. The twist and turns and fabulous surprises that come into play are just amazing! I love that you get all hot and bothered with their chemistry without the book having to get dirty! This story series is just so beautiful! This author has a true gift! Encore!
stinamadsreads More than 1 year ago
QUICK SNIFF REVIEW: 4.5/5 Inga Andersson has everything a goddess could ask for - a loving husband in Gunnar and a best friend in Ull, who are both among the top warriors of Asgard - except for the job she really wants. She is an accomplished fight choreographer and battle tactician, but she wants to be a warrior - to actually use her strategies herself. When dark elves attack Asgard, Inga sees her opportunity to protect Asgard as well as her best friend, Ull who has become a target himself. But Inga isn't the only one who is getting a raw deal. Ull has retired from fighting, but his grandfather Odin orders him to postpone his duties as God of Winter and take up the mantle of God of War, just for the duration of the battle with the invading dark elves. When all is said and done, Inga is still denied her request for the title of warrior and Odin wants Ull to continue as God of War. Inga suggests to Ull and Gunnar that they go on vacation to Midgard, to get away and wait for Ull's destined soul mate, Kristia Tostenson. So I am a HUGE fan of S.T. Bende's Elsker Saga, so I was really excited to get the chance to read this prequel. TUR shows us the events that eventually lead to Inga, Gunnar, and Ull coming to Midgard. We see Inga's struggle to be recognized as the warrior that she is and we get to see more of the dynamics of her marriage to Gunnar. We can also see the depth of Ull's loneliness and his hopefullness with the arrival of Kristia in Wales. The end of TUR seriously left me choked up with tears in my eyes. Ull is such a sweetheart and we really see that at the end when he learns when Kristia is arriving. I also loved seeing Inga's love for Ull and her determination to see him with Kristia. Inga and Gunnar are the greatest of friends that Ull could ask for. I just really loved seeing the depths within their relationship. This is a group of friends that I think anyone would hope to have. Inga, Gunnar, and Ull are just awesome and I love them to pieces.
JadeDragon13 More than 1 year ago
I love this series. The developing relationship between Ull and Krisita is deep and both are strong and independent. I bought this box set to get them all at once as well as the novella, Tur. Seeing the relationship through Inga between herself, Gunnar, and Ull was insightful. Tur gives great background onto other characters and set a beautiful tone for the entire series.
GroveMother More than 1 year ago
This beautifully written novella acts as a prequel to S.t. Bende's Elsker Saga. Meet Inga.... Beautiful, feisty and sassy Asgardian goddess whose rapier is as sharp as her wit. By day she trains Asgard's finest warriors in the art of battle, yet she dreams of being a front-line warrior herself -, just like her gorgeous husband Gunnar and their best friend Ull Myhr - who just so happens to be Odin's grandson and God of Winter. The ever-present spectre of the prophecy of Ragnarok looms large and Asgard is constantly under threat from the surrounding realms, leaving all on high alert. Inga's hope for finally getting her dream job in Odin's upcoming allocation of tasks are raised. Ull just wants to live a peaceful life. However, Odin has other plans for both of them, deciding that Inga should stay as his battle choreographer - as far away from the front lines as she can get, while Ull should take up the temporary mantle of the God of War. Disappointed by Odin's decree, the trio decide on a holiday on Midgard, posing as college students. Primarily they are there for some downtime, but Inga is also hoping that her lonely friend Ull will find the soulmate that has been prophesied for him. This prequel, although fairly short, sets the reader up perfectly for the excitement to come from the Elsker Saga trilogy. It is fast-paced and action-packed without feeling rushed, with characters you can easily identify and empathise with. Tur is a fabulous start to an equally gripping trilogy that will whet your appetite for more.
LauraC More than 1 year ago
A short, but vivid outside view into the Elsker saga. Having read all the Elsker saga books, which are narrated from Kristia's point of view, it was interesting to get a distinctly different perspective from Inga. This novella took less than an hour to read, with the help that the characters are already more or less developed in the other books. Nonetheless, in its few pages, S.T. Bende was able to bring Inga's personality--slightly more catty, fierce and lascivious than Kristia's--in the fight scenes with her boys, her stand-offs with Odin and her tangy romance with Gunnar. I enjoyed seeing the appearance of Kristia in Ull's life from the position of one of his best friends. Inga also gives a view into Asgard, showing the exciting daily lives and vicious politics of Ms Bende's Norse gods and goddesses. If you have read/are reading the Elsker saga, I recommend this book; it's quick read, and well worth seeing the Elsker world from another point of view. And if you haven't read the Elsker saga, this short, fun introduction to S.T. Bende's work will suck you in.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love these books! The story of Ull and Kristia is so sweet! It drew me in from the very begining. There is plenty of laughter and its a beautifully written clean read. The Norse Gods in this series will keep you on your toes and wanting more! S.T. Bende is great at keeping you hooked and making the characters feel real! So real in fact that on my last road trip I purposely planned it so that I could visit Kristia home town! Can't wait for more!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This lil look in to the world. It's great look for the others in this series as all are great reads
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a nicr little tid bit to put more pieces together. If you like fantasy get the other 4 books. I promise you wont want to stop. Its so captivating