Turbulence Management and Relaminarisation: Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium, Bangalore, India, 1987

Turbulence Management and Relaminarisation: Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium, Bangalore, India, 1987

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1988)

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ISBN-13: 9783642832833
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 12/27/2011
Series: IUTAM Symposia
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1988
Pages: 524
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

1 Wall-Bounded Flows.- 1A Structure.- Documentation of turbulence producing structures in regular and manipulated turbulent boundary layers.- Measurements in a synthetic turbulent boundary layer.- A unified view of the origin and morphology of the turbulent boundary layer structure.- 1B Outer Layer Devices.- Evaluation of drag reduction by turbulence control devices.- Turbulent boundary layer manipulation and modelling in zero and adverse pressure gradients.- Computational and experimental studies of LEBUS at high device Reynolds numbers.- Blade manipulators in channel flow.- 1C Surface Manipulation.- On the possibility of drag reduction with the help of longitudinal ridges in the walls.- Direct drag and hot-wire measurements on thin-element riblet arrays.- Viscous drag reduction using streamwise aligned riblets: survey and new results.- The wall pressure fluctuations of modified turbulent boundary layer with riblets.- Turbulence management by groove roughness.- A case for turbulence management by imposed wall excitation for fully developed turbulent flows — a numerical study.- 2 Transition.- 2A Dynamics.- The nature of oblique instability waves in boundary layer transition.- Transition of a boundary layer: controlled fundamental-subharmonic interactions.- Three-dimensional boundary-layer transition on a concave-convex curved wall.- Numerical simulation of transition in a decelerating boundary layer.- Measurement of nonlinear transfer functions for transitioning flows.- 2B Control.- Laminar-turbulent transition control by localized disturbances.- Suppression of unstable oscillations in a boundary layer.- Is the dolphin a red herring?.- The optimization of compliant surfaces for transition delay.- 3 Relaminarisation, Natural Laminar Flow.- Visualization of relaminarising flows: a colour movie.- On the process of inverse transition in radial flow between parallel disks.- Turbulent drag reduction and relaminarisation by xanthan gum.- All laminar supercritical LFC airfoils with natural laminar flow in the region of the main wing structure.- 4 Free Shear Flows.- On the pairing process in an excited, plane, turbulent mixing layer.- Experiments on turbulence control in jets and shear flows.- Excitation of azimuthal modes in an axisymmetric jet.- Passive and active control of jet turbulence.- Turbulent mixing in accelerating jets.- The mixing mechanism by organised turbulence structures in a plane jet excited by a novel method.- Performance of fluidically controlled oscillating jet.- 5 Separated Flows.- The structure and control of a turbulent reattaching flow.- Control of separated flow on a symmetric airfoil.

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