Turkey's Last Century of Trouble: 1824 - 1924

Turkey's Last Century of Trouble: 1824 - 1924

by Bassil A. Mardelli


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By 1924, Turkish Nationalists had already made away with every old practice of the Ottoman Empire. Turkey, in a few years, broke apart with the past and imposed European ideals on her people. New Turkey accomplished radical improvements without apparent risk of revolution. Such great achievement was the power of Ataturk and his battalions as his opponents were displaying to the world Oriental passivity.But what happened before 1924? The Sultans, their Harem. Multiple races. Minorities. Christian Missionaries. Russia's desire to recover Constantinople. Spies' activities. The Balkans? "Turkey's Last Century of Trouble" discusses the Powers that held their protecting hands over the assassins at Bosphorus. Kurdish rebels and Turkish mobs had their hands red with Armenian Christian blood. With the Ottomans, large regions in Europe changed hands time after time. Irrespective of religious constraints, what the eight Sultans successively tried, but failed to do, was migrating the various numbers of races in areas they had inhabited since the thirteenth century. The Sick Man of Europe neglected to establish reforms to resettle the people under his hegemony, something that has taught Europe nothing.

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