Turn Me On

Turn Me On

by Kristin Hardy

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ISBN-13: 9781426870682
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 07/01/2010
Series: Harlequin Blaze Series , #148
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 641,578
File size: 558 KB

About the Author

Kristin has been book-crazy her entire life. When her mom would tell her to go to bed, she'd hide in the bathroom just so she could read a few more pages. In the afternoons, she'd play with her dog, Misty, in the backyard and tell her elaborate stories of princesses and Indians, dressing the dog up to play the part.

She grew up in Anaheim, California, home of Disneyland. When she was 12, Kristin started her first novel about a boy growing up with a racehorse. She managed to get only about 10 pages into it, but the seed of ambition was planted. She wrote short stories throughout junior high and high school, and entered college as a creative writing major. Unfortunately, the pressure of writing literary short stories for a weekly college course was far different than writing one story a semester in high school, and that was the end of that.

Shortly after, now as a geology major, Kristin read about category romance in a Sunday supplement and decided to give it a try. Her first effort brought together an aviatrix and a cowboy and had a great scene in which the heroine airlifted a sick ranch owner in the midst of a thunderstorm. Unfortunately, it didn't have much else. A few years later, now as an engineering major, she decided to try again with a book about a lady architectural engineer and the gorgeous owner of a shipping company. This time, she had a cute meeting scene and a great kiss scene, but still no real plot or conflict. She tossed it after three chapters.

The next year, this time as a physics major, she came up with a plot about a firefighter and an engineer. Things were looking good when she thought about plot points and conflict and actually developed a solid story line. A couple of chapters later, though, she moved away to attend grad school in Orlando, Florida, home of Disney World. (Are we seeing a pattern here?) The manuscript moldered in her closet.

After graduation, Kristin worked in Connecticut on the mirrors for a NASA X-ray telescope now orbiting the earth. Writing kept calling to her, though. She quit engineering and moved to New Hampshire to join the editorial staff of an engineering trade magazine. There she met and fell in love with her husband. Suddenly all those romance novels made a heck of a lot more sense.

Plot possibilities followed her when she left the editing job to join a business-to-business dot-com (where she was an on-paper millionaire for a heady 30 seconds). Around that time, a publisher tried to recruit her to launch a print magazine for an engineering society. Driven by the conviction that it was time to finally finish one of those danged books, she took the job and negotiated a four-day workweek that would allow her time to write.

Her ambition coincided with the announcement of the creation of the Harlequin Blaze line. Inspired by a presentation at a writers' conference, she plotted out a Blaze novel on the plane home and wrote the draft of chapter one that night. Ten months later, she typed the words The End and did victory laps around her living room. My Sexiest Mistake sold to Harlequin's Blaze line for publication in June 2002. In 2004, My Sexiest Mistake became a made-for-television movie on the Oxygen network!

Kristin lives in New Hampshire with her husband, also a magazine editor, who is her critique partner, copy editor, web master, and master of her heart.

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Turn Me On 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hey boo whaat happend :(
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hi^_^ im danny!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Kristin Hardy¿s Turn Me On starts a series of hot and sexy reads. Sabrina Pantolini has put her partying ways behind her and has gotten serious about being a producer. She has a great idea to cover all things sex in her TV pilot, True Sex. Sabrina has a set back when she needs a new director. The man that comes to her rescue is a flash from the past. Stef Costas steps in as the director as a favor to Sabrina¿s uncle. He is sure he can handle being around Sabrina again. Even though their affair from years ago ended badly. As Stef and Sabrina work on the provocative series their passions ignite. They both realize they are not the same people from their first fling. But can they get past their misconceptions to forge a future. Turn Me On is a very steamy, emotional read. It is so hot it scorches. Kristin Hardy really delivers the goods. Looking forward to the next book in this series.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Eight years ago an unfortunate hot tub incident ended the romance between Sabrina Pantolini and Stef Costas. He might have been her best kisser ever, but he did not have the trust in their relationship that it took to endure a Hollywood world. After their breakup, Sabrina abandoned her dreams, dropped out of film school and made a career out of partying for three years. Then she approached her uncle and offered hard work for training, becoming an excellent producer. Now she wants to put her hard earned skills to the test, filming a pilot made for cable called ¿True Sex,¿ an expose on the more risqué side of Middle America¿s sexuality. When her director gets a better offer, Sabrina¿s uncle calls in a favor and gets her none other than Stef Costas. Stef has serious misgivings about Sabrina¿s project. He does serious documentaries about espionage in the American War of Independence or the Industrial Revolution. Now caught between projects and waiting for funding, he is not eager to help Sabrina, especially when he learns her documentary includes strippers teaching lap dancing classes or the country¿s most daring private sex club. Despite his misgivings, however, Stef agrees to work for her, but vows to leave their personal relationship where it belongs ¿ in the past. However, sensuality has a way of encouraging chemistry, and soon Sabrina and Stef cannot deny the heat between them. But when the smoke clears, they still face virtually insurmountable challenges to their relationship. Author Kristin Hardy burst onto the romance scene several years ago with scintillating tales certain to turn up the heat, but she has truly outdone herself in Turn Me On. A racy, titillating, daring read that juxtaposes the rowdy with the tender, the daring with the gentle, Turn Me On will turn readers every which way but loose with its exciting, fantasy inducing prose. Hardy boldly explores the most wild and risqué possibilities of sensuality with grace, creating a background of heat and daring that absolutely dazzles. But beneath a story filled with glitz and glitter are a heroine and a hero that capture the reader¿s heart and imagination with their boldness and with their vulnerabilities. Most importantly, while readers always anticipate a happy end with series romance, Hardy offers enough tantalizing originality to make every page a treasure. Keep your eyes on this talented author, it won¿t be long until she joins the ranks of Harlequin¿s rising stars. Turn Me On earns the WordWeaving Award for Excellence. -- Cynthia Penn, Senior Editor
harstan More than 1 year ago
Highly regarded documentary filmmaker Stef Costas finds he lacks proper funding for the one project he always wanted to direct. A friend offers funding if Stef agrees to direct his niece's pilot ¿True Sex¿; Stef agrees until he finds out that the niece is Sabrina Pantolini, who broke his heart years ago.---- When Sabrina learns that Stef is the director, she has doubts about working with the man who broke her heart years ago. Still he is her only hope so she accepts the situation. However, the college attraction between Stef and Sabrina remains strong although both blame it on the documentary. As they fall in love again, each has doubts that the other will be there once the filming ends and neither wants to lay their heart out in the open for fear of cardiac arrest caused by anticipated rejection.---- Fans of hot contemporary romances will be turned on by this enjoyable tale. Readers will feel their fingers burning from the passion generated by the lead couple even when they fear a déjà vu involvement with one another. The weekly meetings of the Sex and the Supper Club introduce the next lead stars, but they will have quite a temperature to scale to meet the Venusians levels of Stef and Sabrina.---- Harriet Klausner