Turn of the Twentieth

Turn of the Twentieth

by Susan Zizza


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"By rediscovering the photography and artwork of Glenduen Ladd and publishing this lovely collection of her work, Susan Zizza has accomplished an important task: she has recreated the life of a small, vibrant North Country community, in all its richness. It�s all here: hard work on the farm and in the woods, the busy life of the village, family celebrations, church history, even the Gibson Girl fashions of the day. Through the life of this one artist, Zizza has given us the life of her town and her milieu. It is a remarkable achievement."

—Tom Slayton, editor emeritus, Vermont Life magazine

"Glenduen Ladd�s photographs are part art and part visual record. We are very fortunate that they survive. Cheers to Susan Zizza for her fascinating interpretation of this wonderful collection!"—William P. Veillette, Executive Director, New Hampshire Historical Society

"Susan Zizza has unearthed buried treasure in the photography of Glenduen Ladd, whose beautiful work compels interest in its own right, as well as a window into the most pivotal decades of North Country history. Turn of the Twentieth is both a skillful survey of this work and a moving portrait of the unusual woman behind the lens."

—Richard Adams Carey, author of Against The Tide: Fate of the New England Fisherman

Need A Break From 21st Century Stress?

STEP back in time to the Turn Of The Twentieth century world of photographer and artist Glenduen Ladd, born in 1891. Over 70 images offer an intimate view of her fast-changing world. Buggies were bumped by the auto and the Gibson Girl made fashion waves thatreached even to Ladd�s home at New England's northern tip. Ladd's lens and paint brush captures the peace and optimism of her era, when, as statesman Harold Macmillan once observed, people believed "everything would get better and better." Most of these images (which include a section on her art) have never before been made public. These and related archives and interviews, provide intriguing footnotes to this region's history-the rescue of a Revolutionary soldier's grave and those of other early settlers in a Canadian border hamlet; the Adventist movement that spread north after the "Great Disappointment," when the world's end failed to arrive as predicted by William Miller; and tales of frontiersmen that bring to mind the likes of Daniel Boone and James Fenimore Cooper's Hawkeye.

So, readers, leave behind the stress of the 21st century-shut off the cell phone, push away from the computer and take an armchair trip back into Ladd's "Turn of the Twentieth Century" world.

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