Turn to Me

Turn to Me

by Tiffany Snow


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What Kathleen Turner doesn’t know just may kill her.

Her boyfriend, Navy SEAL turned high-powered attorney Blane Kirk, is keeping secrets from her – the deadly kind – and it may end their relationship before it’s even begun.

Someone in the shadows is stalking and terrorizing Kathleen, and Blane must lose a trial with far-reaching ramifications if he wants to keep her alive. Blane turns to assassin-for-hire Kade Dennon to keep Kathleen safe, a strategy that may backfire in more ways than one. Though Kade swears he hates her, he’s helpless to guard against things he’s never felt before and when they’re together, Kathleen sees something forbidden in his eyes.

Kathleen must find the truth behind the lies before her time, and luck, runs out, or she may pay the ultimate price for falling in love with Blane Kirk.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781611099621
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 12/19/2012
Series: Kathleen Turner Series , #2
Edition description: Unabridged
Pages: 488
Sales rank: 611,302
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Tiffany A. Snow earned degrees in Education and History from the University of Missouri–Columbia, before launching a career in Information Technology. After nearly fifteen years in IT, she switched careers to what she always dreamed of doing - writing. Tiffany is the author of romantic suspense novels such as the Kathleen Turner Series, which includes No Turning Back, Turn to Me and Turning Point. Since she’s drawn to character-driven books herself, that’s what she loves to write, and the guy always gets his girl. She feeds her love of books with avid reading, yet she manages to spare time and considerable affection for trivia, eighties hair bands, the St. Louis Cardinals, and Elvis. She and her husband have two daughters and one dog whose untimely demise Tiffany contemplates on a daily basis.

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Turn to Me 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Considering I base most of my ebook purchases on customer reveiews, I am surprised that I have not left many personally. I felt this book and series needed a big plug. It's simply awesome! I started this series with the first ebook (not currently available through B&N) No Turning Back. I was quickly drawn into the world of the "trouble-seeking" Kathleen. The characters in this story are so well developed. There is a love triangle, but it will keep you guessing and switching "teams" so often that you will have no choice but to be entertained. These books have it all. Action, Suspense, and Romance. You can't go wrong!
shannschoice More than 1 year ago
Trouble always seems to find a way to attach itself to Kathleen Turner. While she may have benign jobs as a runner for the law firm Kirk and Trent and bartender at night, people and events seem to use her as a way to move a certain agenda along. In this installment to the Kathleen Turner series, Kathleen finds herself the target for someone or someones determined to make sure the Navy SEAL Blane Kirk is defending goes down for murder. They will do anything to make sure Blane loses...even if the loss is Kathleen. Kathleen goes through quite a bit in this story. Not only does she have the target of some madman on her back, she's thrust further into Blane's world as their relationship grows. For Kathleen, the death threats are easier to take than finding out that your boyfriend is on the short list for governor and his uncle is a powerful senator. She's insecure in Blane's world and positive the relationship is a short lived one. But when she stops looking at the ticking clock, the two of them are absolutely smoking hot. Blane, being raise in the very upper class, becomes a much looser, normal guy when he's with Kathleen. You get the feeling he didn't laugh much until she came into the picture. She also brings out the caveman alpha male in him too. When he needs to put his mark on her, his sanity pretty much goes out the window. Case in point: “Undo my pants,” he said, breaking off the kiss. I drew back, trying to keep a coherent thought in my head. “N…no, we can’t,” I said breathlessly. His hand moved a certain way and I lost my train of thought. I struggled to remember why we should stop. “It would be rude…” I managed to say, “and…tacky.” “Ask me if I care,” he growled. “Undo them.” Unfortunately, the steps Blane takes to try and ensure Kathleen's safety play into her insecurities even more and devastate her. He has a lot to make up for. But it's not just her relationship with Blane that has Kathleen in an emotional upheaval, it's also the one she has with Blane's half-brother Kade. With Kade she feels a kindred spirit. They understand each other on a much more basic level and while he drives her insane with anger at times, she knows he'll never leave her alone. Then there is the sexual tension between them. It's hot, but in a much different way than what she has with Blane. It's hard to describe. It's one of those things where you know the sex would be spectacular, but their relationship wasn't meant for that. He's the best friend she doesn't have. The who, what, why's around the Navy SEAL trial kept you at the edge of your seat. The person responsible for the immediate carnage was a total surprise, but I have a feeling the details Kade uncovered are going to be even more spectacular (hopefully book 3). I think Blane and Kathleen are in for quite a bumpy road ahead. Tiffany Snow has created characters that leave an indelible mark. Kathleen could be anyone of us and what she goes through feels very, very real. To me, that is what draws me to this series. It's these wonderfully written characters that want to stay with you for a very long time.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story is good once you accept the poor writing style. It is as if the author never went beyond basic high school writing with all the grammar errors, short simple sentences, and word usage.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love love love LOVE this series...I can't wait for book 3. I couldn't put them down. This is a must read series.
herinfernalmajesty More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed No turning back, Kathleen Turner #1 I love all characters I'm especially fond of Kade And the obvious attraction between kade and Kat .(team Kade) i really hope in the next book that gets revisited..
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TheStephanieLoves More than 1 year ago
Complimentary copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review The circumstances of Kat's very vulnerable position by Blane's side in a recent lethal legal case may lead to her demise, but she can't help but stay loyal to her lover. That's Kathleen Turner for you: our (often foolishly) stubborn protagonist. She's one of both the weakest and strongest characters, which is interesting to watch play out, especially when in the presence of men. What's most penetrating about Snow's novel is her passionate characters, namely, the two male protagonists: Blane and Kade. To Kat, even despite the immediate risks of dating him, Blane is the perfect man, the perfect boyfriend, the light to her day. Kade, his half-brother, the is the dark to Blane's light, but that doesn't make him any less appealing. Thought Kat will only admit to loving her boyfriend, she can't deny her dangerous attraction towards him. I know, I know. You may be cringing. But hear me out. This isn't a smutty soap opera love triangle; it's very real, very forbidden, and thus, very painful. Kat's already been in a sticky situation by dating Blane, so she's only set herself up to get her heart broken from the start, but that doesn't mean the relationship — or its downfall — will be any easier. Snow perfectly shows the difficulty of real-life relationships through Kat and Blane's interactions, and there just happens to be a troubled, troubling, and delicious half-brother added in. The only reason I hold myself back from giving this one my full 10 hearts is because, while it is the kind of story I felt like I didn't even have to work at — the pages turned themselves! — the chick-lit-y voice detracts from overall substance, whether the particular reasons be Kat's indecisiveness, her fickle mind, or the predictability of the happily-ever-after. No way am I saying the book is predictable, on account of its countless twists and shocking revelations, but the man she ends up with, well, I expected as much. It's just that Kathleen puts herself in a stupid amount of unnecessarily dangerous situations; you'd think she'd learn her lesson and just stay put after the first few times of nearly getting killed. I understand she's being 'rescued' by Blane or Kade to propel the strength of her trust in each of them, but this directly contradicts her determination to be a strong and independent woman. This was my main complaint about No Turning Back as well: the irritating fact that she would be seething in her socks because of a betrayal by or insult from one of the brothers one moment, then quivering in sexual desire the next... flighty much? I'm not tearing her character apart, really (BY NOW YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS BOOK), but her annoying attitude is the main reason Turn to Me doesn't hit home completely. Regardless, I was mesmerized by this intoxicating, excruciating second installment of the Kathleen Turner series. If you like your suspense novels breezy — if you like high heels with your high crimes — this series, and Turn to Me in particular, will rock will world. Kat's character may stray sometimes and exasperate often, but it's the story that counts, right? In my opinion, the story is the perfect mixture of chick-lit and thriller, of scorching romance and heartbreaking impasses, and that's what makes it one you certainly won't want to miss. Despite being irked, I still loved it (is that tragic or what?) and am counting on Snow for the next in the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This series had me sitting half off my seat. I didn't want it to end. I hope the 3rd book is released soon. Sometimes Blane got me so frustrated. You know he has fallen so in love with Katherine you want to shake him to tell her so. He is so set on protecting her he forgets she needs reassurance that he trully loves her. Kade makes you wonder if she should try him out but I always seem to go back to Blane. If she goes for kade I'm grabbing Blane. ha ha
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book! It reminded me of the Stephanie Plum books written by Janet Evanovich. It was funny, serious, and enjoyable to read. The ending left it open for another book, I HOPE!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is book 2 of the Kathleen Turner series. I love the book, this is most certainly one that I will read again. Just as in the first book; suspense, romance, action, and an author with a good sense of humor. Tiffany Snow is a great author and I really wish her books were longer, can't get enough of Kat, Blane and Kade. Can't wait for books 3, 4, and 5. This series is a must read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed the second book in The Kathleen Turner series. It was full of twists and turns and gave me many "holy crap!" moments. I'm looking forward to the 3rd book, which is supposed to be out this year as well :-D Tiffany Snow is doing a great job on evolving her characters. Kathleen definitely has some understandable issues to deal with, as do Kade and Blane. I admit that while I really love Kade's character, I'm firmly on Team Kat/Blane in the series. There are plenty of ways for Blane to grow, in that he needs to involve Kathleen more in his plans when they involve her. I'm sure we will continue to see a good steady growth from Snow's characters. Fantastic book!
LoveMYCatJC More than 1 year ago
Kathleen Turner moved to change her life. Not this much change. Kat, Blane and Kade's triangle continues to develop with more information on who's and why's. Loyality abounds and ties are tested. Can't wait for book three in December.