Turning Lead into Gold: The Demystification of Outsourcing

Turning Lead into Gold: The Demystification of Outsourcing



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ISBN-13: 9781890009878
Publisher: Executive Excellence Publishing
Publication date: 11/01/1900
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 5.28(w) x 8.35(h) x 0.86(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1There Is No Alternative17
1Embracing TINA19
Why Outsourcing Will Change Your Business
2The Alchemist's Dream23
Extracting Wealth from Scrap
What Exactly Is Outsourcing?
Misconception of Losing Control
Outsourcing Is Not Contracting
The Nature of the Relationship
Why Outsource?
What Processes Are Outsourced?
Cutting to the Core
Outsourcing as a Solution
3The Trail to Outsourcing51
Pioneers Who Traveled the Trail
New Worlds to Conquer
4The Components of Value63
Leverage--the Crucial Component
The Buyer's Perspective in Recognizing Value
How Can a Buyer Apply Leverage?
Part 2Principles in Action85
5Finding the Right Formula87
Pressure on the Container
Five Steps to Eliminate Pressure
Step 1Defining the Elements (Scope)
Step 2Agreeing on an Appropriate Price
Step 3Providing for Flexibility
Step 4Making the Contract Short Term and Flexible
Step 5Aligning Motivations and Objectives
Additional Contributions
6Make Sure It's Gold123
How to Establish Service Levels
Establishing Metrics
What Buyers Should Measure
Challenges of Measuring
Effects of Diagnostic and Business-Oriented Metrics
Effects of Proactive and Forensic Metrics
The Dangers and Problems in Metrics
Automating the Metrics
Continual Improvement
7The Price of Gold149
Pricing Is More Than Establishing a Cost
Two Common Practices to Avoid
What Is a Fair Price?
Factors to Consider in Establishing Pricing
Price by Measurable Results
Adjusting Price Through Negotiations
Adjusting Price Through Benchmarking
Adjusting Price for Cost of Living
Paying for Additional Contributions
Contingency (Incentive-Based) Pricing
The Use of Co-sourcing
Issues Inherent in Contingency Pricing and Co-sourcing
8Gold Purifiers and Inhibitors185
A Supplier's Perquisites for Success
A Buyer's Perquisites for Success
Conflict Resolution
Nurturing the Relationship
9From the Lab to the Shop Floor203
Choosing the Best Approach to an Alliance
Buyer-Supplier Alliances
Contractual Structure of the Relationship
Example of a Master Procurement Vehicle
10The Philosopher's Stone229
Appendices on Additional Resources231

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Guest More than 1 year ago
Handing over a portion of your business to someone else is a scary proposition. As a small company with limited capital resources, I don't have the cash to invest in processes that don't distinguish Meltdown in the marketplace. And all the employees are specialize in what we do: marketing and sales. I can't afford to hire the best at these crucial but non-core functions. Yet I was afraid to let go. This book helped me understand the underpinnings of outsourcing and gave me the courage to do what my business dictated: outsourcing everything but the marketing functions to folks better at it than I am. I learned outsourcing lets you become excellent at everything while you concentrate on what you do best.