The Turning of Anne Merrick

The Turning of Anne Merrick

by Christine Blevins
4.4 5


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The Turning of Anne Merrick 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
MollyzReviewz More than 1 year ago
So, I love historical novels, but I've never really read many set in the American Revolution. I'm glad I jumped on board this blog tour, for this book was not only eye catching with a beautiful cover, it was a GREATABULOUS read! Christine Blevins digs deep into the American History and fills this book with amazing twists and turns and complex characters. Sadly, this is book 2. Happily, this wasn't confusing in away, but I will DEFINITELY go back and read book 1 for the pure enjoyment of a talented author's work. Anne Merrick. An American spy drifting among the British soldiers. A spy who writes letters for the soldiers to their loved ones. Little did those soldiers know, she's really writing to Jack Hampton, a rebel, who will use the information to help his fellow soldiers outwit the British and conquer the war. Jack Hampton also happens to be the lovely spy's beau. A man she knows she loves, and hopes that all this information she sends to the Commander-In-Chief will help to reunite them sooner, and wholly, rather than later and dead. It's taking a toll on Anne emotionally but she will not give up! Along with Jack and Anne, there's Sally, Anne's dear friend and maid. She's tagging along with Anne as a spy to help with the information. She's just as lovable a character as the beautiful Anne, and the charming, witty Jack. All three characters have stolen a place in my heart to stay! This is definitely a 4 Book worthy novel and one that I am pleased and happy to recommend to everyone who loves history, who loves action, and who loves romance. It's a little of all those and so much more with the roller coaster ride it takes the reader on! I am definitely adding the first book, The Tory Widow, where we're first introduced to the amazing Anne Merrick, to my list of MUST read novels, and can't wait to see another addition to this fabtastic author's work. Her talent is beyond speakable words and her characters become family. Well done, Ms. Blevins!!! This review originated at Reviews By Molly in part with a blog tour.
literarymuseVC More than 1 year ago
Anne Merrick is a spy for the Revolutionary Army in the late 1700s in the colonies. Jack Hampton and she are deeply in love but don't get many opportunities to be together. Caught up in the war between the Patriots and the British, Anne is spying in the camp of the enemy, having fled New York City after killing a British officer, Edward Blankenship. Though they are outnumbered by the British in manpower and weapons, the Patriots are slowly but surely winning the Saratoga campaign. But all is not so easy for Anne as she and her friend Sally see what war is like up close. They cook and care for wounded British soldiers, and they have to frequently remind themselves in the middle of suffering and death who they are supporting and why. Still Anne never loses her feisty nature and can swing between joking and compassionate care without missing a heartbeat! After a phenomenal victory, Anne and Jack head for General Washington's camp at Valley Forge, where the situation is dire as they are surviving with a serious dearth of food and clothing in the middle of a fierce winter. Here Anne helps out in the middle of this dire situation; the strength of Anne and Jack is that the Cause of Liberty is worth everything and anything. Such determined focus is amazing on page after page after page! Returning to Philadelphia Anne returns to her former role as owner of what we know as a coffeehouse and a collector of information from a carefully planned network of spies. With her charm and vitality, she manages, as she did in Saratoga,to charm the elite and thus learn of even more important British secrets. However, things begin to go awry when the man she thought she killed is met, alive and well and on recognition determined to have revenge on his would-be killer. The story of Anne's capture, imprisonment, and escape is riveting, tense reading, ending in a shocking way guaranteed to promise the reader more to come from this very, very talented writer, Christine Blevins. This reviewer looks forward to reading the next installment of this writer who makes history, with all its real and fictional characters, pull in the reader for hours of historical and romantic pleasure!!! Wonderful!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you've never read one of Christine Blevin's novels before, I can assure you that you are in for a real treat. I've had the pleasure of reading all three novels and each one supercedes the other in both quality of writing and delightful storytelling. In The Turning of Anne Merrick continues we return to the days of the American Revolution and pick up where the first novel in the series, The Tory Wife, ended. Anne and her feisty Scottish maid Sally, have now infiltrated the English Redcoat army. As a previous printing press owner, Anne's cover is to scribe letters home for the soldiers, but secretly she is spying and sending valuable intelligence to the handsomely roguish Jack Hampton who is a mischievous scalliwag and rebel. Together, they risk their lives for the Patriot cause. Anne Merrick is a courageous, gutsy widow, who along with her dynamic maid, Sally, endure the hardships that come with following an army on the brink of destruction. Sally, in particular, is a complex, entertaining character, who holds no words back no matter the situation, and holds her mistress's best interests at heart. You'll love her sassy Scottish accent and “in your face” retorts. Jack Hampton is an endearing hero who often finds himself in the midst of all the trouble, yet never fails to land firmly on his own two feet. Although there is a strong romantic element, this is not a romance. It is much more than that. Author Christine Blevins is an expert at the craft of writing historical fiction. She retells history the way its meant to be told and enjoyed. This novel takes us right into the heart of the Battle of Independence, giving readers a first hand look at the finest details of the era. Magically, she weaves details such as rifles, clothing, uniforms, army life, supplies, and the machinations of those who lived and endured the hardship of the times. From start to finish, the novel is realistic, impeccably researched, and beautifully written. Although The Turning of Anne Merrick can stand alone, I highly recommend reading The Tory Wife first because it truly enhances the highly charged relationship between the hero and heroine. Read this book! It won't disappoint.
Marcie77 More than 1 year ago
I love a good historical fiction novel and this definitely qualifies as one. The Turning of Anne Merrick takes place during the American Revolutionary War. Anne Merrick is a widow who has infiltrated the Red coat's camp as she spies for General Washington. Anne and her companion Sally work among the soldiers and their families, desperate to find out any information that might be useful for the Americans. She leaves secret messages so that her love, Jack Hampton will find it and pass the intelligence on to wage their attack. Anne and Jack have a complicated relationship. They are both spies as well as loyal patriots willing to do what ever it takes to win the war. This often results in long separations. However when they do get together it is so sweet. The author did a wonderful job portraying the hard ships of this time for these two lovers. They were so close at times, yet so far away. Anne is a great character. She is strong, smart, witty and most important very brave. I also love that the author made her caring and compassionate as well. I also love Sally. Sally says what ever is on her mind and she doesn't let anyone take advantage of her. The story line to this novel was exciting. I was so nervous for Anne while she was spying. The author kept me on the edge of my seat. This is one of those books that I stayed up late to finish because I couldn't bear to put it down. This is the second book in this series. I did not read the first book but The Turning of Anne Merrick stood on it's own two feet. I don't feel like I missed anything. I would absolutely go back and read the first book, The Tory Widow, because I adored this story so much. This is also a series that I would continue reading as well. The Turning of Anne Merrick is a story of survival, love, loyalty and hope. It's an up close and personal look inside the war that gave America it's freedom. If you love history, this is a book that you should read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago