Turning Points: Pivotal Moments in the Careers of 83 Famous Figures

Turning Points: Pivotal Moments in the Careers of 83 Famous Figures

by Louis Baldwin




This book contains biographical sketches of 83 people, with particular attention paid to moments that changed their lives. In different ways, they all overcame an obstacle or adapted to an outside force or turned discouragement into hope. Included are actors (Humphrey Bogart, Clint Eastwood, Katharine Hepburn), comics (Woody Allen, Bob Hope), entrepreneurs (Bill Gates), presidents (Harry Truman, Jimmy Carter), and seemingly ordinary people whose lives have inspired countless others (Grandma Moses, Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa).
News anchor Oprah Winfrey had been described as too emotional, too nice, too unprofessional, and too unattractive to succeed at her Baltimore television station. After her perceptive station manager transformed her from news anchor to talk show host, Oprah was in her element and on her way. Young Louis Armstrong didn’t let a stay in reform school keep him down. He determined he would learn to play the cornet. This led “Satchmo” to world fame as an always affable trumpet virtuoso loved by millions. Some of the 83 knew exactly what they wanted and where they were going; others had no idea. But they all experienced major turning points that took them to greater things.

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ISBN-13: 9780786406265
Publisher: McFarland & Company, Incorporated Publishers
Publication date: 09/01/1999
Pages: 216
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About the Author

The late Louis Baldwin worked as a technical writer for a scientific and engineering laboratory for twenty years before retiring to freelance writing. The author of several books, he lived in San Diego, California.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Muhammad Ali 3

Woody Allen 5

Maya Angelou 7

Yasir Arafat 10

Louis Armstrong 13

Fred Astaire 15

Lauren Bacall 17

Lucille Ball 20

Mikhail Baryshnikov 22

Leonard Bernstein 24

Humphrey Bogart 26

Ben Bradlee 28

David Brinkley 31

Tom Brokaw 33

George Burns 35

George Bush 38

Michael Caine 40

Jimmy Carter 43

Ray Charles 45

Bill Clinton 47

Hillary Rodham Clinton 50

Sean Connery 53

Marlene Dietrich 56

Bob Dole 58

Clint Eastwood 61

Ella Fitzgerald 63

Henry Fonda 66

Jane Fonda 69

Clark Gable 72

Bill Gates 75

George Gershwin 77

Newt Gingrich 80

Whoopi Goldberg 82

Cary Grant 84

Katharine Hepburn 87

Bob Hope 89

Edward Hopper 91

Lena Horne 93

John Huston 95

Jesse Jackson 97

Michael Jackson 100

Peter Jennings 102

John Paul II 104

James Earl Jones 107

Barbara Jordan 109

Gene Kelly 112

John F. Kennedy 115

Larry King 117

Martin Luther King, Jr. 119

Spike Lee 122

Maya Lin 124

Madonna 126

Nelson Mandela 128

Thurgood Marshall 131

Grandma Moses 133

Rupert Murdoch 136

Ralph Nader 139

Laurence Olivier 141

Rosa Parks 144

Luciano Pavarotti 147

I. M. Pei 149

Ross Perot 151

Pablo Picasso 153

Colin Powell 155

Elvis Presley 158

Leontyne Price 160

Yitzhak Rabin 163

Dan Rather 166

Ronald Reagan 168

Janet Reno 170

Pat Robertson 173

Paul Robeson 176

Jackie Robinson 179

Ginger Rogers 181

John Steinbeck 183

Mother Teresa 186

Margaret Thatcher 188

Spencer Tracy 190

Harry Truman 192

Lech Walesa 195

Barbara Walters 197

Oprah Winfrey 200

Malcolm X 202

Boris Yeltsin 204

Index 207

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