Turtle With A Top Hat: Imagination Station Children's Series Vol. 5

Turtle With A Top Hat: Imagination Station Children's Series Vol. 5

by Cedric Diamond-Smith

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BN ID: 2940032884842
Publisher: Ritchie A.Thomas
Publication date: 11/26/2011
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 118 KB

About the Author

Born and raised in the Atlanta area. Loves skateboarding with friends, watching movies and Rob & Big television show. Finds relaxation in writing.

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Turtle With A Top Hat : Imagination Station Children's Series Vol. 5 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Whatever caused her-... 'it', to come to life, it surely could not be so crazy as an ability he possessed to bring life to art. It was crazy. His thoughts drifted as he stared at the picture of Lacuna. He couldn't be the only one, which meant there were others, which meant loneliness wasn't ways meat for him. If he could meet these people, who, surely had more experience than he did with whatever he had; if he sounded convincing, would they help him understand it? <br> "Alex. Come back, please." The face seemed to be saddened, her papery voice somehow filled with worry.<br> "Hm?" He looked it in the eye and sighed. "Do you expect me to tear you up or fold you up and tuck you away somewhere safe? This could all be my imagination -- you," he gestured with both hands, his voice shaking was emphasis,"have to be a figment or project of my imaginings." He rubbed his face. Everything around him might as well be as vain and rediculous as living paper. <br> "Oh, Alex... l've always been here for you. No, it's not a trick of your mind."<br>The paper floated closer to him and he stepped back, a foot past the frame of the open door. "W-w-..." he stuttered bit, frowning in confusion,"wh-what do you mean you've been 'here' for me? And, l don't know that." <br> "Yes. Your heart has always been powerful enough to speak to the ones you love, even without opening your foolish little mouth." She said it lightly, as if it were plain as day his incompetance when speaking.<br>"I've never loved anything like her. If you're suggesting love has this... power, like some freak-drama always says-" <br> "No," she said urgently,"l'm saying you love her, and because she feels it, and knows it, it is pure enough to form a perfect being." <br> "What, so now l'm some kind of god? You're stepping into a new realm, there, whatever you are." He shook his head, arms crossed as he stood thinking in his small shack... with living paper. This was hurting his head. <br> "Not a god. Just a lonely soul whose love is so innocent and understanding, that his thought and ideas are born out of the perfection of innocence." She hovered at chest-level, a reassuring smile on her wrinkly paper-face. <br> "l'm not lonely. I have my thoughts, and l have my art. Love is reckless and unpredictable." He flaunted gestures at her, emphasizing. "I'm in school with people who don't care for me, and l love someone who's barely on a first-name basis with me. My mother is selfish and close to uncaring. My life could be a little more perfect and a little less innocent if you ask me." <br> "In your life you have been held back, yes, but you have never proven yourself other than truthful." <br> He raised an eyebrow, now curious."How do you know so much about me, anyways? You have the face of Lacuna and you talk like some wise-guy, yet you know everything about me." <br> "My will is an extension of your mind. But, l am not you in any way. I have a soul now, and thanks to you l am alive with memories and experience spanning seventeen years, yet l am no more than a day old. A miracle, no?" <br> "A freak-show is more like it." Alexander sat down, feeling at a loss. What was he gonna do with it? He never had a pet, or a sibling, or anyone to take care of other than himself. <br> "Do l 'freak' you out? Is it because l am paper? Life is found in the silliest of things. Yet when you create it you shun it like an abomination? Your pride has fooled you into thinking this a mistake, Alex. Open your eyes."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago