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TV News Live Shots: A Media Training Guide To Crush Your On Camera Interview!

TV News Live Shots: A Media Training Guide To Crush Your On Camera Interview!

by Scott Wolfson


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You see guests all the time on television news shows. They look confident, focused, and present their core message on camera with ease. If only you had the chance to do one of these interviews, you feel certain you could do the same.

But how do you position yourself as the go-to expert without breaking the bank on expensive advertising? These experts must have an "in" with the producers and guest bookers to get on television, right? There must be some way for you to get on the radar of these news shows, too.

You've never had any formal media training. You need a coach, someone to show you the ins and outs of what it takes to be a successful television news guest.

You're in luck, because this book contains everything you'll need.

Scott Wolfson has spent his professional career working in the broadcast news industry. He's coached hundreds of guests, getting them ready to appear calm and confident on camera. And, in his book, TV News Live Shots, he guides you so you can crush your on camera interview!

In this book you'll learn:-

Who, actually is newsworthy? You'll hear the story of how the unlikeliest of people, a hardened ex-convict, became a media star!

-How to craft winning media pitches and unique story angles that producers will love.

-Why it's important to arrive to the studio early, camera ready, and wearing colors that pop on television.

-You'll hear the incredible story of how Scott walked a guest through shooting his own live shot when a cable news network forgot to hire a camera operator!

-How to keep the media momentum rolling after you successfully ace your interview!

And much more...

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781734432404
Publisher: Wolfson Productions, Inc.
Publication date: 03/18/2020
Pages: 330
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.75(d)

About the Author

Scott Wolfson is the owner of Florida Sun Studios, an independent broadcast and production studio located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Scott is also the author of the book, TV News Live Shots: A Media Training Guide to Crush Your On-Camera Interview! His decades of broadcast news experience make him a highly sought after broadcast industry consultant and media coach in South Florida.

Media Training

Scott conducts both individual and small group media training sessions at the studio. The sessions are tailored to each client's particular needs and simulate real-life media interviews. All aspects of media training are covered including: preparing for a media interview, crafting an unique story angle, speaking in sound bites, how to handle "curveball" questions, reading off of a teleprompter, setting up your own Skype live shot, and most importantly, staying on message!

Table of Contents

Introduction p15

Part 1 – Prepping for Success p23

Chapter 1 – What is a Live Shot? p25

Chapter 2 – Are You Newsworthy? p33

Chapter 3 – Story Angle p43

Chapter 4 – Connecting With Producers p49

Chapter 5 – Finding Out Your Specific Topic p57

Chapter 6 – Crafting Your Message Points p63

Chapter 7 – The Language of Sound Bites p69

Chapter 8 – Dress For Success p75

Chapter 9 – Butterflies in Your Stomach p83

Chapter 10 – Practicing On Camera p91

Chapter 11 – Equipment & Setup p97

Chapter 12 – Record, Review, & Repeat p103

Part 2 – Studio Live Shots p107

Chapter 13 – Getting to the Studio on Time! p109

Chapter 14 – The Green Room p115

Chapter 15 – Makeup p119

Chapter 16 – Studio Tour p125

Chapter 17 – The Background p129

Chapter 18 – Green Screen p135

Chapter 19 – Props On Set p143

Chapter 20 – Notes, Cue Cards, Teleprompter p153

Chapter 21 – Lights ... Camera p155

Chapter 22 – Troubleshooting p163

Chapter 23 – In the Hot Seat! p169

Chapter 24 – Up Next, After The Break! p173

Chapter 25 – Showtime! p177

Part 3 – Expecting The Unexpected p181

Chapter 26 – Shooting Your Own Live Shot p183

Chapter 27 – The Time I Walked A Guest Through Shooting His Own Live Shot p199

Part 4 – What Is An SMT? p209

Chapter 28 – Satellite Media Tours p211

Chapter 29 – Melissa Falkowski Interview p219

Part 5 – When Tragedy Strikes Close To Home p231

Chapter 30 – The Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting p233

Part 6 – Flight MH370: The Greatest Aviation

Mystery Ever

Chapter 31 – Jay Rollins Interview: Mystery of Flight MH370 p247

Part 7 – Live Streaming News: A Double-Edged

Sword p257

Chapter 32 – Facebook Live p259

Chapter 33 – CNN Bomb Scare –

James Gagliano Interview p267

Part 8 – Life After Live p279

Chapter 34 – Advance Your Story! p281

Chapter 35 – Request a Video Copy of

Your Segment p 287

Chapter 36 – Content Is King p289

Chapter 37 – Different Types of Media p297

Conclusion 307

Recommended Books p 313

Book Acknowledgements p315

Glossary p317

Next Steps p327

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