Twelve Guaranteed Ways to Stay Miserable, or Not... (Secrets to Eliminating Depression, Anxiety and Other Emotional Pitfalls)

Twelve Guaranteed Ways to Stay Miserable, or Not... (Secrets to Eliminating Depression, Anxiety and Other Emotional Pitfalls)

by Patricia Zerman

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Twelve Guaranteed Ways to Stay Miserable, or Not... (Secrets to Eliminating Depression, Anxiety and Other Emotional Pitfalls) by Patricia Zerman

"I cannot tell you how many books I have read, conferences I have gone to, and people I have talked with, yet there is information in your book that screams true to exactly what I am feeling and experiencing," wrote a client.

"Twelve Guaranteed Ways To Stay Miserable, Or Not..." is a fresh approach offering proven tools and little known secrets to help minimize fear, depression, anxiety, anger, guilt, stress, or any other number of emotions that cloud lives. The humorous manner and lighthearted illustrations show how to eliminate chaos by valuing you, providing a way to experience freedom and independence. It pushes readers to be honest and learn how to make new choices. "Twelve Guaranteed Ways" helps struggling people discover the truth about themselves and leads them to unimagined heights of personal and spiritual growth. It is a book that teaches you to risk being you!

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Publication date: 08/19/2011
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About the Author

Armed with her heart and a compelling idea, Patricia Zerman founded the Atlanta Awareness Center and has been providing dynamic personal and spiritual opportunities since 1989. Her true dedication has effectively transformed lives.

In order to help her survive personal challenges, Pat discovered tools and techniques to get to the bottom of issues. Utilizing life experience, a Masters Degree in Psychology and a Georgia License, she put a broad spectrum of material to the test. The answer she found provided welcome relief, guiding her to share this knowledge.

The Center provides a specialized form of teaching, quickly getting to the root of problems. Clients learn to love and respect themselves by taking risks that most individuals don�t know how to do, are afraid to do or won�t do on their own.

They learn to get honest, stop avoiding and identify the conditioning that runs them, enabling rapid release of emotional blockage. Patricia helps clients practice practical skills, the �how to�s,� learning to live what self-help and therapy teach. These techniques allow individuals to live now, take responsibility, end blame, fully experience emotions, to forgive themselves and others, and most important to act independently, not through other people�s opinions.

Pat�s no-nonsense, action-oriented approach mixes piercing discernment with forthright honesty, eliminating self-avoidance. This inspired clients to nickname her The Laser Lady. She shocks by teaching people they must come first and why, stressing the term Selfishness with a Capital �S�. Never sell yourself short. Results speak for themselves!
To experience independence and personal freedom, visit the websites:, or call 770-953-3136.

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Twelve Guaranteed Ways to Stay Miserable, or Not... (Secrets to Eliminating Depression, Anxiety and Other Emotional Pitfalls) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Anne B. for Readers Favorite Patricia Zerman's book, Twelve Guaranteed Ways To Stay Miserable, Or Not, is like a lifeline for the depressed, rejected, and anxious. Zerman has a delightful and humorous way of reaching people. Her style is unique and refreshing. Private Detective Rutgar and his faithful dog, Rocky, are on a mission to find out why people like to live in Misery. "People continuously ask Rutgar to get them out of messes instead of doing it themselves. He helps them out. But they never seem to learn. Until they help themselves, they will never truly resolve the problem." "Many people live in Misery; they may say they want to leave but they rarely do." Posted at the city's entrance was a list of 12 rules and regulations for living there. Among the rules were: . Never Be Selfish . Avoid and Pretend . Stay Immobilized in Fear . Lie To Yourself and Others . React and Become Defensive . Rationalize, Analyze and Stuff . Point One Finger Out . Manipulate and Have Motives . Swim In Guilt and Carry the Burdens of the World . Hold Onto Your Anger, Resentment and Blame . Worry . Don't Ever Risk I won't explain each of the rules in this the book. Unfortunately, I saw myself in several of these rules. I followed along with Rutgar and Rocky on their quest. Like them, I found Misery disgusting and not a place where I want to stay. Rutgar knew there was a better way to live. With the desire to help others, Rutgar created his own list: Twelve Guaranteed Ways To Leave Misery. Again,..Read the book for more information. Zerman continues her book by expounding on each "step" for leaving Misery behind. After each step is discussed, she has "Suggested Starting Points." One of the most important parts of this book is the Appendix. It is putting into action what you learned from reading the book. One of the suggestions is to learn to say, "Thank You" for the bad times as well as the good ones. Unpleasant experiences show us where we are emotionally "stuck.""You are thanking this mess for reminding you something is stuck inside you." Zerman points out the positive: "To love ourselves, to express ourselves, we are worthy, etc." There is much more I would love to tell you about but then you wouldn't read the book. I love Zerman's approach. It is unique to what most counselors would take. She is an encourager. She offers us the way to freedom.