Twelve Years a Slave – Enhanced Edition by Dr. Sue Eakin Based on a Lifetime Project. New Info, Images, Maps

Twelve Years a Slave – Enhanced Edition by Dr. Sue Eakin Based on a Lifetime Project. New Info, Images, Maps

by Solomon Northrup
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Twelve Years a Slave – Enhanced Edition by Dr. Sue Eakin Based on a Lifetime Project. New Info, Images, Maps by Solomon Northrup, Dr. Sue Eakin


"I wish to thank this amazing historian, Sue Eakin, who gave her life's work to preserving Solomon's story"
-- Steve McQueen, 2014 Academy Awards acceptance speech for Best Picture

In this enhanced/authenticated edition by Dr. Sue Eakin of the riveting true slave narrative that reads like a novel, you are transported to 1840’s New York, Washington, D.C., and Louisiana to experience the kidnapping and twelve years of bondage of Solomon Northup, a free man of color. TWELVE YEARS A SLAVE, published in 1853, was an immediate bombshell in the national debate over slavery leading up to the Civil War. It validated Harriett Beecher Stowe’s fictional account of Southern slavery in Uncle Tom’s Cabin, which significantly changed public opinion in favor of abolition. Now a major motion picture by Director Steve McQueen (produced by Brad Pitt), you can sync this e-book with our Movie Tie-in Audiobook performed by Oscar and Emmy winner Louis Gossett, Jr.

Northup’s harrowing true story was authenticated from decades of research by award-winning historian and journalist Dr. Sue Eakin, who rediscovered the narrative in 1931 as an adolescent and made it her life’s work. Dr. Eakin’s enhanced e-book includes the original narrative plus over 100 pages of fascinating new background information based on her research and photos. A portion of proceeds from this book supports organizations fighting modern-day slavery in the form of human trafficking. To enhance your book and movie experience see our website listed in the e-book’s sample pages and download a free PDF Collector’s Extra for your library.

SYNOPSIS: Hard working Solomon Northup, an educated free man of color in 1841, enjoys family life with his wife and three children in Saratoga, New York. He delights his community with his fiddle playing and has positive expectations of all he meets. When he is deceived by “circus promoters” to accompany them to a musical gig in the nation’s capital, his life takes an unimaginable turn. He awakens in shackles to find he has been drugged, kidnapped and bound for the slave block in D.C. After Solomon is shipped to New Orleans, he is assigned his slave name and quickly learns that the mere utterance of his true origin or rights as a freeman are certain to bring severe punishment or death. While he endures the brutal life of a slave in Louisiana’s isolated Bayou Boeuf plantation country, he must learn how to play the system and plot his escape home.

For 12 years, his fine mind captures the reality of slavery in stunning detail, as we learn about the characters that populate plantation society and the intrigues of the bayou – from the collapse of a slave rebellion resulting in mass hangings due to traitorous slave Lew Cheney, to the tragic abuse of his friend Patsey because of Mrs. Epps’ jealously of her husband’s sexual exploitation of his pretty young slave.

When Solomon finally finds a sympathizing friend who risks his life to secret a letter to the North, a courageous rescue attempt ensues that could either compound Solomon’s suffering, or get him back to the arms of his family.

REVIEWS - Below is from the original 1853 reviews of the narrative:

“...the extraordinary narrative of Solomon Northup is the most remarkable book that was ever issued from the American press.” - Detroit Tribune

“I can never read his account of his days in slavery, of his independence of spirit, of his determination to be free… without believing that it would make a difference in today’s world if our contemporaries knew of such a man as Solomon Northup” - Dr. John Hope Franklin, past president of the American Historical Association, best-selling author, recipient of Presidential Medal of Freedom (nation’s highest civilian honor). Written to Dr. Sue Eakin.

©2013 Eakin Films & Publishing (P) 2013 Eakin Film

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Twelve Years a Slave – Enhanced Edition by Dr. Sue Eakin Based on a Lifetime Project. New Info, Images, Maps 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book is prefaced by a little history that makes the reading all the more interesting. This is a true story as told by Solomon Northrup who was sold into slavery though he was a free man. It gives a thorough account of the conditions of slave life. If you plan to see the movie, read the book first.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book, especially reading it after seeing the movie. It fills in a lot of details that I wondered about, but also shows how the filmmakers changed the story. But what makes this version different from other movie tie-in editions is the editor's annotations that fill out the story. However, there is a major problem in the e-book: the hyperlinks to the footnotes are very inadequate. Clicking on a footnote number in the text brings the reader to the first page of all of the notes, and clicking on the number of the footnote in the notes section returns the reader to the beginning of the chapter where that footnote was found. This is extremely annoying and time-consuming. The footnote coding needs major improvement to come anywhere near the ease of reading notes in a paper edition.