Twenty-Four Potential Children of Prophecy

Twenty-Four Potential Children of Prophecy

by Emily Martha Sorensen

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BN ID: 2940157226855
Publisher: Emily Martha Sorensen
Publication date: 05/31/2017
Series: The Numbers Just Keep Getting Bigger , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 393 KB

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Twenty-Four Potential Children of Prophecy 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
SherryF More than 1 year ago
Many times I find it hard to rate novellas. I like a lot of depth and detail in my stories, but sometimes the characters win me over, and Henina does that very nicely. Henina is a fabulous character that kept me in stitches with her antics. She never stops talking and loves to argue. She’s in no hurry to get married and have children, like so many other girls. She is an apprentice for her father, dumpster diving for items they can repair and sell. “The days of the war are numbered…She will rule with wisdom and grace.” Twenty four girls were rounded up and taken to the castle, Henina among them. Because of her personality, she never thought of herself as the chosen one. A fun and quick read, filled with lots of smiles and chuckles. I’m excited to meet her dog, Mud, and spend more time with her in Fifty Three Assassins With a Head Cold. I found this hard to rate and bounced between 3 and 4…but because I couldn’t help but smile and laugh at Henina’s antics, loving her brash and witty personality, and left wanting more, I went high. I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Twenty Four Potential Children of Prophecy by Emily Martha Sorensen.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ms. Sorenson has created a heroine who is so annoying that one would love to hate her, but you can't because you know she speaks from her heart and almost always do not mean anyone any harm. I really enjoyed this book and can not wait for book 2! It is appropriate for everyone and I do recommend it to everyone!
rokinrev More than 1 year ago
[ I am voluntarily review this book after I received it as a gift from the author] “I have no idea,” the guard said. “I have no idea why anyone would want you around on purpose.”“Then you don’t have much imagination,” I said. This is the story of how everything changes when someone simply asks WHY. For fifty years Gemina and Holhord have been fighting. They've been fighting so long that no one is sure why they are fighting in the first place. That is until one monthly Prophecy Day, the Fates deemed that there was at least one child that would save the Kingdom and end the war. The child would be star kissed. The soldiers of the king who weren't in the war rounded up 24 girls and herded them into the castle to be held until one of them was deemed the One. Henina, the opposite of everything you might want in a potential leader. She's a street urchin and seen as someone to rally around...if you were an urchin. She's got little to no censer for her mouth. She's had no choice in her life but to think out loud. If anything it has actually kept her alive. Anna Khordoa is exactly the opposite and sure she is the chosen because she is of the King's family. The two interact and really come up with some fascinating things in attempt to bring peace.... While the other potentials think theirs is the best... turns into a sort of "which way did they go?" kind of amok time, full of fun. This is unlike most of Emily Martha Sorensen's writings. The best way I can describe it at times it feels like your watching someone herding cats. I feel the reason Henina is finally heard is that she finally stops verbally processing things and works with Anna rather than against her. All that being said, this story, and it's prequel: "Six Shiny Silver Coins and the Rukus They Caused", are quite noisy. I found myself both liking and unliking most of the characters during the reading. It felt as though no one had any idea as to what to do and where to go, and that made it actually quite entertaining. Highly Recommended.
mara1108 More than 1 year ago
This is a story about Henina, a very outspoken and annoying young woman who lives in a small town, Horlorn, that's been locked in a pointless war with for 50 years over a gold mine with another small town, Gemina. Everyone is gathered in the square to hear the prophecy and they're all thrilled when it's announced that the war will finally come to an end. The prophecy states that it will be ended by a girl with a star on her hand. Henina is one of 24 girls of different ages chosen and she's determined that she will NOT be the one chosen to end the war and "rule the kingdom with wisdom and grace". The Fates have other ideas and it's a battle between Henina and the Fates as she tries to outwit them and get herself eliminated as a "child of prophecy". If she could just keep her thoughts and plans to herself (she talks out loud a lot) she might be able to accomplish that, but the Fates have ways of getting their way. This story is unlike any I've read as an adult. I would consider it a book for older children/tweens.