The Twilight Saga Collection

The Twilight Saga Collection

by Stephenie Meyer


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ISBN-13: 9780316132909
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Publication date: 10/12/2010
Series: Twilight Saga Series
Pages: 2752
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 8.70(h) x 6.00(d)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

Stephenie Meyer is the author of the #1 bestselling Twilight Saga and The Host. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in English literature, and she lives with her husband and three young sons in Arizona.


Phoenix, Arizona

Date of Birth:

December 24, 1973

Place of Birth:

Hartford, Connecticut


Brigham Young University, Bachelor's in English.

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By Stephanie Meyer

Little Brown for Young Readers

Copyright © 2005 Stephenie Meyer
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0-316-16017-2

Chapter One

Forks High School had a frightening total of only three hundred and fifty-seven - now fifty-eight - students; there were more than seven hundred people in my junior class alone back home. All of the kids here had grown up together-their grandparents had been toddlers together. I would be the new girl from the big city, a curiosity, a freak.

Maybe, if I looked like a girl from Phoenix should, I could work this to my advantage. But physically, I'd never fit in anywhere. I should be tan, sporty, blond - a volleyball player, or a cheerleader, perhaps - all the things that go with living in the valley of the sun.

Instead, I was ivory-skinned, without even the excuse of blue eyes or red hair, despite the constant sunshine. I had always been slender, but soft somehow, obviously not an athlete; I didn't have the necessary hand-eye coordination to play sports without humiliating myself - and harming both myself and anyone else who stood too close.

When I finished putting my clothes in the old pine dresser, I took my bag of bathroom necessities and went to the communal bathroom to clean myself up after the day of travel. I looked at my face in the mirror as I brushed through my tangled, damp hair. Maybe it was the light, but already I looked sallower, unhealthy. My skin could be pretty - it was very clear, almost translucent- looking - but it all depended on color. I had no color here.

Facing my pallid reflection in the mirror, I was forced to admit that I was lying to myself. It wasn't just physically that I'd never fit in. And if I couldn't find a niche in a school with three thousand people, what were my chances here?

I didn't relate well to people my age. Maybe the truth was that I didn't relate well to people, period. Even my mother, who I was closer to than anyone else on the planet, was never in harmony with me, never on exactly the same page. Sometimes I wondered if I was seeing the same things through my eyes that the rest of the world was seeing through theirs. Maybe there was a glitch in my brain. But the cause didn't matter. All that mattered was the effect. And tomorrow would be just the beginning.

I didn't sleep well that night, even after I was done crying. The constant whooshing of the rain and wind across the roof wouldn't fade into the background. I pulled the faded old quilt over my head, and later added the pillow, too. But I couldn't fall asleep until after midnight, when the rain finally settled into a quieter drizzle.

Thick fog was all I could see out my window in the morning, and I could feel the claustrophobia creeping up on me. You could never see the sky here; it was like a cage.

Breakfast with Charlie was a quiet event. He wished me good luck at school. I thanked him, knowing his hope was wasted. Good luck tended to avoid me. Charlie left first, off to the police station that was his wife and family. After he left, I sat at the old square oak table in one of the three unmatching chairs and examined his small kitchen, with its dark paneled walls, bright yellow cabinets, and white linoleum floor. Nothing was changed. My mother had painted the cabinets eighteen years ago in an attempt to bring some sunshine into the house. Over the small fireplace in the adjoining handkerchief-sized family room was a row of pictures. First a wedding picture of Charlie and my mom in Las Vegas, then one of the three of us in the hospital after I was born, taken by a helpful nurse, followed by the procession of my school pictures up to last year's. Those were embarrassing to look at - I would have to see what I could do to get Charlie to put them somewhere else, at least while I was living here.

It was impossible, being in this house, not to realize that Charlie had never gotten over my mom. It made me uncomfortable.

I didn't want to be too early to school, but I couldn't stay in the house anymore. I donned my jacket - which had the feel of a biohazard suit - and headed out into the rain.

It was just drizzling still, not enough to soak me through immediately as I reached for the house key that was always hidden under the eaves by the door, and locked up. The sloshing of my new waterproof boots was unnerving. I missed the normal crunch of gravel as I walked. I couldn't pause and admire my truck again as I wanted; I was in a hurry to get out of the misty wet that swirled around my head and clung to my hair under my hood.

Inside the truck, it was nice and dry. Either Billy or Charlie had obviously cleaned it up, but the tan upholstered seats still smelled faintly of tobacco, gasoline, and peppermint. The engine started quickly, to my relief, but loudly, roaring to life and then idling at top volume. Well, a truck this old was bound to have a flaw. The antique radio worked, a plus that I hadn't expected.

Finding the school wasn't difficult, though I'd never been there before. The school was, like most other things, just off the highway. It was not obvious that it was a school; only the sign, which declared it to be the Forks High School, made me stop. It looked like a collection of matching houses, built with maroon-colored bricks. There were so many trees and shrubs I couldn't see its size at first. Where was the feel of the institution? I wondered nostalgically. Where were the chain-link fences, the metal detectors?

I parked in front of the first building, which had a small sign over the door reading FRONT OFFICE. No one else was parked there, so I was sure it was off limits, but I decided I would get directions inside instead of circling around in the rain like an idiot. I stepped unwillingly out of the toasty truck cab and walked down a little stone path lined with dark hedges. I took a deep breath before opening the door.

Inside, it was brightly lit, and warmer than I'd hoped. The office was small; a little waiting area with padded folding chairs, orange-flecked commercial carpet, notices and awards cluttering the walls, a big clock ticking loudly. Plants grew everywhere in large plastic pots, as if there wasn't enough greenery outside. The room was cut in half by a long counter, cluttered with wire baskets full of papers and brightly colored flyers taped to its front. There were three desks behind the counter, one of which was manned by a large, red-haired woman wearing glasses. She was wearing a purple t-shirt, which immediately made me feel overdressed.

The red-haired woman looked up. "Can I help you?"

"I'm Isabella Swan," I informed her, and saw the immediate awareness light her eyes. I was expected, a topic of gossip no doubt. Daughter of the Chief's flighty ex-wife, come home at last.

"Of course," she said. She dug through a precariously stacked pile of documents on her desk till she found the ones she was looking for. "I have your schedule right here, and a map of the school." She brought several sheets to the counter to show me.

She went through my classes for me, highlighting the best route to each on the map, and gave me a slip to have each teacher sign, which I was to bring back at the end of the day. She smiled at me and hoped, like Charlie, that I would like it here in Forks. I smiled back as convincingly as I could.

When I went back out to my truck, other students were starting to arrive. I drove around the school, following the line of traffic. I was glad to see that most of the cars were older like mine, nothing flashy. At home I'd lived in one of the few lower-income neighborhoods that were included in the Paradise Valley District. It was a common thing to see a new Mercedes or Porsche in the student lot. The nicest car here was a shiny Volvo, and it stood out. Still, I cut the engine as soon as I was in a spot, so that the thunderous volume wouldn't draw attention to me. I looked at the map in the truck, trying to memorize it now; hopefully I wouldn't have to walk around with it stuck in front of my nose all day. I stuffed everything in my bag, slung the strap over my shoulder, and sucked in a huge breath. I can do this, I lied to myself feebly. No one was going to bite me. I finally exhaled and stepped out of the truck.

I kept my face pulled back into my hood as I walked to the sidewalk, crowded with teenagers. My plain black jacket didn't stand out, I noticed with relief.

Once I got around the cafeteria, building three was easy to spot. A large black "3" was painted on a white square on the east corner. I felt my breathing gradually creeping toward hyperventilation as I approached the door. I tried holding my breath as I followed two unisex raincoats through the door.

The classroom was small. The people in front of me stopped just inside the door to hang up their coats on a long row of hooks. I copied them. They were two girls, one a porcelain-colored blonde, the other also pale, with light brown hair. At least my skin wouldn't be a standout here.

I took the slip up to the teacher, a tall, balding man whose desk had a nameplate identifying him as Mr. Mason. He gawked at me when he saw my name - not an encouraging response - and of course I flushed tomato red. But at least he sent me to an empty desk at the back without introducing me to the class. It was harder for my new classmates to stare at me in the back, but somehow, they managed. I kept my eyes down on the reading list the teacher had given me. It was fairly basic: Bront?, Shakespeare, Chaucer, Faulkner. I'd already read everything. That was comforting ... and boring. I wondered if my mom would send me my folder of old essays, or if she would think that was cheating. I went through different arguments with her in my head while the teacher droned on.

When the bell rang, a nasal buzzing sound, a gangly boy with skin problems and hair black as an oil slick leaned across the aisle to talk to me.

"You're Isabella Swan, aren't you?" He looked like the overly helpful, chess club type.

"Bella," I corrected. Everyone within a three-seat radius turned to look at me.

"Where's your next class?" he asked.

I had to check in my bag. "Um, Government, with Jefferson, in building six."

There was nowhere to look without meeting curious eyes.

"I'm headed toward building four, I could show you the way...." Definitely over- helpful. "I'm Eric," he added. I smiled tentatively. "Thanks."

We got our jackets and headed out into the rain, which had picked up. I could have sworn several people behind us were walking close enough to eavesdrop. I hoped I wasn't getting paranoid.

"So, this is a lot different than Phoenix, huh?" he asked.


"It doesn't rain much there, does it?"

"Three or four times a year."

"Wow, what must that be like?" he wondered.

"Sunny," I told him.

"You don't look very tan."

"My mother is part albino."

He studied my face apprehensively, and I sighed. It looked like clouds and a sense of humor didn't mix. A few months of this and I'd forget how to use sarcasm.

We walked back around the cafeteria, to the south buildings by the gym. Eric walked me right to the door, though it was clearly marked.

"Well, good luck," he said as I touched the handle. "Maybe we'll have some other classes together." He sounded hopeful.

I smiled at him vaguely and went inside.

The rest of the morning passed in about the same fashion. My Trigonometry teacher, Mr. Varner, who I would have hated anyway just because of the subject he taught, was the only one who made me stand in front of the class and introduce myself. I stammered, blushed, and tripped over my own boots on the way to my seat.

After two classes, I started to recognize several of the faces in each class. There was always someone braver than the others who would introduce themselves and ask me questions about how I was liking Forks. I tried to be diplomatic, but mostly I just lied a lot. At least I never needed the map.

One girl sat next to me in both Trig and Spanish, and she walked with me to the cafeteria for lunch. She was tiny, several inches shorter than my five feet four inches, but her wildly curly dark hair made up a lot of the difference between our heights. I couldn't remember her name, so I smiled and nodded as she prattled about teachers and classes. I didn't try to keep up.

We sat at the end of a full table with several of her friends, who she introduced to me. I forgot all their names as soon as she spoke them. They seemed impressed by her bravery in speaking to me. The boy from English, Eric, waved at me from across the room. It was there, sitting in the lunchroom, trying to make conversation with seven curious strangers, that I first saw them.

They were sitting in the corner of the cafeteria, as far away from where I sat as possible in the long room. There were five of them. They weren't talking, and they weren't eating, though they each had a tray of untouched food in front of them. They weren't gawking at me, unlike most of the other students, so it was safe to stare at them without fear of meeting an excessively interested pair of eyes. But it was none of these things that caught, and held, my attention.

They didn't look anything alike. Of the three boys, one was big - muscled like a serious weight lifter, with dark, curly hair. Another was taller, leaner, but still muscular, and honey blond. The last was lanky, less bulky, with untidy, bronze-colored hair. He was more boyish than the others, who looked like they could be in college, or even teachers here rather than students.

The girls were opposites. The tall one was statuesque. She had a beautiful figure, the kind you saw on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, the kind that made every girl around her take a hit on her self-esteem just by being in the same room. Her hair was golden, gently waving to the middle of her back. The short girl was pixielike, thin in the extreme, with small features. Her hair was a deep black, cropped short and pointing in every direction.

And yet, they were all exactly alike. Every one of them was chalky pale, the palest of all the students living in this sunless town. Paler than me, the albino. They all had very dark eyes despite the range in hair tones. They also had dark shadows under those eyes - purplish, bruiselike shadows. As if they were all suffering from a sleepless night, or almost done recovering from a broken nose. Though their noses, all their features, were straight, perfect, angular.

But all this is not why I couldn't look away.

I stared because their faces, so different, so similar, were all devastatingly, inhumanly beautiful. They were faces you never expected to see except perhaps on the airbrushed pages of a fashion magazine. Or painted by an old master as the face of an angel. It was hard to decide who was the most beautiful - maybe the perfect blond girl, or the bronze-haired boy.

They were all looking away - away from each other, away from the other students, away from anything in particular as far as I could tell. As I watched, the small girl rose with her tray - unopened soda, unbitten apple - and walked away with a quick, graceful lope that belonged on a runway. I watched, amazed at her lithe dancer's step, till she dumped her tray and glided through the back door, faster than I would have thought possible. My eyes darted back to the others, who sat unchanging.

"Who are they?" I asked the girl from my Spanish class, whose name I'd forgotten.

As she looked up to see who I meant - though already knowing, probably, from my tone - suddenly he looked at her, the thinner one, the boyish one, the youngest, perhaps. He looked at my neighbor for just a fraction of a second, and then his dark eyes flickered to mine.

He looked away quickly, more quickly than I could, though in a flush of embarrassment I dropped my eyes at once. In that brief flash of a glance, his face held nothing of interest - it was as if she had called his name, and he'd looked up in involuntary response, already having decided not to answer.

My neighbor giggled in embarrassment, looking at the table like I did. "That's Edward and Emmett Cullen, and Rosalie and Jasper Hale. The one who left was Alice Cullen; they all live together with Dr. Cullen and his wife." She said this under her breath.

I glanced sideways at the beautiful boy, who was looking at his tray now, picking a bagel to pieces with long, pale fingers. His mouth was moving very quickly, his perfect lips barely opening. The other three still looked away, and yet I felt he was speaking quietly to them.

Strange, unpopular names, I thought. The kinds of names grandparents had. But maybe that was in vogue here - small town names? I finally remembered that my neighbor was called Jessica, a perfectly common name. There were two girls named Jessica in my History class back home.

"They are ... very nice-looking." I struggled with the conspicuous understatement.

"Yes!" Jessica agreed with another giggle. "They're all together though - Emmett and Rosalie, and Jasper and Alice, I mean. And they live together." Her voice held all the shock and condemnation of the small town, I thought critically. But, if I was being honest, I had to admit that even in Phoenix, it would cause gossip.


Excerpted from Twilight by Stephanie Meyer Copyright © 2005 by Stephenie Meyer. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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The Twilight Saga Collection 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4616 reviews.
Gigi82 More than 1 year ago
I am 25 years old, a few friends of mine (ages between 25-30) recommended Twilight. The fact that it is a young adult novel made me over look it. I was finally convinced and absolutely loved it. I read Twilight and New Moon in 4 nights. Thats 1200 pages! It is a beautiful romance novel, obviously Sci-Fi, but very well written. Now I just started Eclipse, still page turning!
theReader278 More than 1 year ago
I loved Twilight!!
booksonmynook More than 1 year ago
Such a great series from start to finish. The first book, Twilight, was my favorite, but there were a few good twists along the way. Can only recommend.
ICPForever101 More than 1 year ago
amazing from the very begining to the very end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ok, so for about three weeks I was cornered by atleast a dozen friends speaking about twilight, the must-read book of the season apparantly, and every one of them was utterly in love with edward. I finally decided I HAD to read the book after mentioning it to my English teacher who quickly replied 'You have to read it. But Edward Cullen is MINE', that totally tipped the glass, and I immediately got to reading. Not only did I read the entire series in less than a week, but EDWARD and BELLA became an awkward addiction.. I have read many books that have left me with my heart in my hand 'ex. The Kite Runner [EXCELLENt BOOK], The Alchemist, Veronika Decides to die', from varying themes and stories.. yet none has left me as mezmorised as these page turning novels..I'm still thinking of Edward now.
inv1able More than 1 year ago
So why should yet another book about vampires and werewolves matter?

That's just it--the Twilight series isn't just about vampires and werewolves. If anything, it's about humanity, and how one can find it within the hearts of those whose hearts don't necessarily beat.

Some of the characters are totally unreal according to our empirical knowledge. But they all feel such human emotions. It's comforting and exciting to know that even these glorious porcelain beasts and loyal wolves can go through what we ordinary humans go through.

But the heroine, Bella Swan, the most ordinary of humans, is faced with everything extraordinary: forbidden sexual attraction, obsessive love and life-threatening events to name a few. We see this pawn go through life and become a queen.

Its "Young Adult" categorization is misleading. The content is entirely mature, and it only becomes more so as the series progresses. Give it a try. Keep in mind that the first book, by default, must be expositional. It may read a bit like a teenage girl's bubblegum-pink-colored diary. But keep reading her adolescence, because, as you'll recall, you too had to grow up once.

- inv1able
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is an excellent series and definitely makes a great gift! If you know someone who loves to read about adventure, romance, and vampires then this series will be perfect for them.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have read the first three of the collection and i abosolutely love them i will read them over and over again.I would say these are the greatest books i have read in a very long time and will recomend them for a good read to any one i come across i enjoy a book that pulls me in and these are it well thank you stephanie meyer for writting such an awesome set of literature and i plan to read many more of your books your writting is wonderful and captivating
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When I was in seventh grade some people bagan talking about Twilight, I thought that they were all mad and that it would be a stupid read so I neglected to read it. Two years later when I was in High School I thought that it might not be all that bad to give it a try, I mean really I am into fiction and love stories so hey why not. It was upon reading the first word of Twilight that I fell in love with my now favorite books.

I read Twilight is a matter of hours, having girlish giggle fit every so often. This book was amazing, from every corny vampire line to the deeply romantic love of Edward and Bella ( Bedward). I love this book. The next day I began reading New Moon.

I had heard from many people that this was the worst of the books and I must sadly agree. This book was well writen but I find that when edward breaks Bella's heart for her saftey he was breaking mine as well. Then of course you get to met Jocob the hottest warewolf ever, and I find that I like his character but could not help getting mad at Bella for being so whiney. This books happy ending pulled me out of my depression however and I was ready for the next book.

Eclispe turned out to be one of my favorites. I did not really like all the Edward, Jacob I love you both drama, but it was enjoyable. In the end you learn that Bella chooses Edward ( who wouldn't) and Bella and Edward plan to get married.

Breaking Dawn which is the forth book is also one of my favorites ( note that it is slightly bedroom grafic for younger children).In the first section the wedding and honeymoon made me so happy it was like fate for them to be together, then the pregnancy. I found that the section from Jocob's point of view was my least favorite of the three sections though. This section just made me want to cry a lot but it all worked out in the end. At the end of the Twilight sega which rapts up with Bella becoming a vampire and her and Edward having a baby and getting to live happily ever after made me so happy i could barley contian it. This series was amamzing and I plan to read it 100,000,000,000,000 more times because it is just that good.

I read these books in three days so if you plan to give them for gifts make sure you give them all four and not just one. I recomend this to every older high school student who loves a Romea and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, olny without the lovers dying. Better lines, more family and a happy ending.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When the movie Twilight first came out I had wanted to read the book first before I saw the movie, but I never got a chance to read the book and now that I saw the movie trailer for New Moon I had to watch Twilight. I fell in love with the movie and I new that I had to read the book because everyone said the book is so much better because it gets into detail. I loved the book so much I finished it in two days and I knew that I had to go out and buy the whole collection I could not put these books down I find myself sneeking into the bathroom at night and reading in the bathtub for hours and at work. I can't wait for new moon to come out. My husband thinks that I'm going crazy because that's all I ever talk about. I'm 31 years old and I can relate so much with the story because what he doesn't know was that he was my Edward in high school besides the whole vampire thing. We are high school sweethearts and now have been married for almost ten years and have two beautiful kids, reading these books have just brought back so many great memories....
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
At first i did not know who this author was.Then i watched twilight.I loved the movie.Picked up the first book twilight,And i fell in love with the books. She is a good writer.This box set will make a good christmas gift to someone..!!
STEPH26 More than 1 year ago
After listening to my sister and good friend go on and on about these books I decided to pick it up and see if maybe there would be a chance of me being interested. After eight hours I was finished twilight, same with the other two. The last book I made myself put it down so that it wouldn't end so fast. I was able to spread it out over a four day period, only by leaving the house every two days and not leaving myself time to read. I loved loved loved these books. I have never liked reading and after reading Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, have decided to start to read more books. Thank you Stephenie Meyer for letting us into your mind and allowing us to experience the love between Edward and Bella! These books are a MUST read!!!!!
AdrienneMonique More than 1 year ago
Books should not be this addictive! Two books in 4 days! I only wish the author had another series I could be reading right now. I was sad to finally finish knowing that it was "the End." All these books are an easy read and will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time. I have two toddlers and even they could not distract me from reading this book! Ha!Ha!
Tanja More than 1 year ago
each of these books in an amazing.I love, love, love them.I have never read something like this.I read the four books in over a week, all of them. I just couldn't stop reading them.After I finished reading them, I didn't know what to do with myself, I felt so empty.I wish there's another book at least close to these books.Don't waste your time get the books right away, you'll love them.
SexyGuardian More than 1 year ago
I happen to be in my mid 30's and wanted to start up reading again and after reading all the Sookie Stackhouse novels all 8 in 7 days....I needed something else to sink my teeth into (no pun intended) and when the trailer for Twilight started popping up online I knew that that would be my next good reading...I actually felt like I was 16 all over again wishing that vampires were real and that I could find someone jus like Edward Cullen....for those of you who love vampire stories and movies this is a real good read..Stephenie Meyer depicts these vampires like no other and there is no comparing her to Anne Rice she is in a league of her own..... I actually finished the whole saga (all 4 books) in just 3 days...see how addicting this saga can be.
Anonymice More than 1 year ago
Why does this cost more than buying each of the 4 nook books individually?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am 11. I am on the 3 book. I am in love with the seires. You should read the other books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a must read! It doesn't matter if you are a teen or not. You have to read this series! The popular series is an intriguing epic of an forbidden love between a vampire and a normal klutz of a girl. Bella is someone most teenage girls can relate to and Edward is the one we all fantasize about. Those who hate it, suit yourself. But I assure you, everyone wants to own a copy of this series. It is the perfect Christmas gift.
Wisconsingirl16 More than 1 year ago
I wish I were in Bella's world!! This series made me laugh, get angry at characters, and cry. 10 times better than Harry Potter. I can't find a book that even half way decent compared to the twilight series. READ IT!!! You won't forget the thrill of this series!
Calebsmumma More than 1 year ago
I am also responding to the overly negative review by BRIANSCHOICE. Yes you have the right to your own opinion and we do welcome it but come on..... this series is well written and obviously this person has forgotten what is like to be a kid or teenager in todays world. Yes this book is a little unrealistic and far fetched but reading is suppose to be a way to escape, this book does it for you. Behind all the vampire and mystical background there are points to this story. LOVE, ROMANCE, IMAGINATION and true family and friend relationships. I totally dissagree that these series were a waste of time. I thouroughly enjoyed them and I don't think that that review is useful nor accurate at all. I am actually sad that I have finidhed the series, I hope there is more coming in the future. I am a reader that enjoyes more realistic stuff and even this series kept my interest. You also have the movie Twilight to watch and compare, though the book is WAY better and more detailed. I am excited for New Moon the movie to come out, I think it is in November and it can't come soon Enough! If you like to escape in your books and basically picture yourself in this book as a character than you will love it! GO TEAM EDWARD!! I did however in the begining of Breaking Dawn get a liitle annoyed with Bella but she proved herself worthy by the end, great happy ending wich I always enjoy!
martmarg More than 1 year ago
This series was amazing. I found that it is very entertaining for not only young adults but for more mature adults as well. I loved it. I could not put my book down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading all four books. It's light and easy to read. If you're looking for a book with real substance, this is probably not it. But, no lie, I was completely addicted because each book was left with a cliffhanger and you just HAVE to read the next one. I read some reviews where people are unhappy because there's a fairy tale ending. Don't we have enough misery in real life?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
These are my favorite books ever. I am only in 6th grade and I read them all in 2 months or less; no lie! TEAM EMMETT!!! <3
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have read all the books and love them all. I look forward of Stephanie Meyer continuing with twilight saga and reading Edward and Bella's life turn out with their daughter.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Only in the world of make believe can love be potrayed so beautiful