by Myron Night




In the dystopian year 2075, Adam Twist, a down-and-out private investigator, ekes out a living inside the walled city of Wichita. Tornadoes stalk the ravaged landscape and lost children haunt his nightmares. When the rebellious daughter of the most powerful man in the city runs away, Twist must follow into the hell outside the Wall to find her.

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ISBN-13: 9781935961840
Publisher: Libertary Co.
Publication date: 03/29/2013
Pages: 188
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.43(d)

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Twist 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So what happens when the twister comes and you can't get out of Kansas? In Myron Knight's novel, Twist, climate change has lived up to our worst fears and the world outside the Wichita wall is almost uninhabitable. But the world inside isn't much better. Greed and violence prevail and no place seems to be really safe. Adam Twist, our anti-hero, has been beaten down by the horrors of the world he lives in as well as by his own private tragedy. In the midst of this horror, however, he still has principles and tries to live by them. The book is a page turner, and in the end, there is a ray of hope as we see that love does still exist, even in dystopia, and that all walls must eventually come down. Twist is a good read - fast moving, but still thoughtful.   
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
One could consider this book as an homage to Raymond Chandler, inventor of Phillip Marlowe and the noir detective stories. In a twist (yes, pun intended), Mr. Night places his hard-boiled, wisecracking detective in the near future, particularly Wichita, Kansas.  Climate change has happened, as forecast in a big way.  Drought, pollution and tornadoes violent enough to make our E-5’s seem like a shower.  The cast of characters is familiar to readers of Chander.  There’s violence, sex and evil.  Did I mention evil?  Mr. Night is capable of writing well and also writing very darkly.  The plot builds slowly, characters are developed well and there’s even a happy ending, sort of.  The main plot’s dénouement is dark enough to leave the reader wondering how twisted the author’s mind really is. A very good, satisfying read, best for the beach or a long plane ride.  The book captured me and made the transcontinental flight pass quickly, which is a feat, indeed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I won this book on goodreads and was excited to get started reading it. I had a hard time getting into it at first but once I did it turned out to be a pretty good book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book will quickly suck you in and you won't be able to put it down. Twist is a dystopian novel, set in a time when the ozone has been depleted, the sun will blister your skin in seconds, there is a giant Wall separating the "Insiders" from the "Outsiders", armed Humvee's roam around, and most terrifying of all, coffee is illegal. The main character, Adam Twist, is a private detective who is hired to find an important missing girl. This assignment turns  out to be more dangerous than he expected! Twist must team up with OUTsiders, and discovers the dark and twisted secrets of extremely powerful people.  If you enjoy a fast paced, action packed, detective novel this is the book for you. I loved it and would easliy read it again!
Nikki_F More than 1 year ago
Intense dystopian thriller.  Fast-paced and gritty. Adam Twist just wants to drink some really good coffee while talking to the calendar on his office wall.  Instead, he is forced to take a job from the most powerful man in the walled city of Wichita.  The man’s daughter has run away and he requires Twist to go OUTside the city walls to find her.  In doing so Twist will have to confront his own demons, demons he has kept buried by staying INside.  “Twist” by Myron Night is a great new dystopian thriller/suspense novel set in 2075. Global warming and pollution have destroyed the land.  People die of exposure within hours as the ozone layer has been ruined.  Severe weather threatens the city daily, and the city of Wichita, Kansas is now on the coast thanks to the rising ocean levels.  Twist was a private investigator looking for people that had been lost OUTside the walls until he lost everything.  Now, his main goal is to get through each day as they come.  His new assignment will change everything, including the city he lives in. Night is a remarkable storyteller.  His novel is fast paced and gritty.  I found the storyline to be incredibly interesting and unique with the elements of global warming, changing politics and economy, and the consequences of these alterations.  I enjoyed the certain aspects of the novel, such as the idea that coffee had become an illegal substance while marijuana was completely legal, all based on where the products originated.  Night did a fantastic job getting the reader to really think about what could happen in a world as radically altered as Twist’s.   Night also did an extraordinary job with character development.  I really enjoyed Twist.  He had such a dry sense of humor and behaved ever so apathetically towards the world.  He definitely made the novel.  “Twist” is a very dark mystery.  The dashes of humor really helped to lighten the tone at times.   If I could ask for anything more in this novel it would be a more complete back-story.  The novel was short and an exceptionally quick read.  It would have been nice to understand more of what was happening in the world around Wichita.  Having said that, this novel is not lacking a completely adequate back-story. “Twist” was a fantastic new thriller, fast paced, gritty, dark, with a dash of humor.  Twist was a unique and exceptionally relatable character in a world that has changed drastically both in environment and in government.  I highly recommend this new novel for those who love a good thriller in a dystopian world. I received this book through Goodreads First Reads.  This in no way influenced my review.