Twisted Emotions

Twisted Emotions

by Cora Reilly

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BN ID: 2940161409503
Publisher: Cora Reilly
Publication date: 01/08/2019
Series: The Camorra Chronicles , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 9,794
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Twisted Emotions 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
KSwanson 8 days ago
Twisted emotions really is the PERFECT title for this book. After finishing my emotions are all twisted and all over the place! Cora Reilly has delivered another 5-Star read to us. Nino Falcone is my new book boyfriend! Hand to god, I have never read a more interesting and complex hero like him before. I loved it. I loved him. I never thought a character with no concept of emotions would ever interest me and I am so happy to find out that is not the case. One of the best things for me with this story is the honesty and communication between the two characters. There was no mind games, no miscommunications, no unnecessary drama - it was This or That with them, no in-between. Kiara was such a beautifully written character. Cora did an amazing job portraying her character in a way that makes the reader feel and understand Kiara. I felt her hurt. I felt her shame. I felt her strength. I felt her healing. Twisted Emotions is the 8th Mafia novel by Cora and even with all the stories intertwining, I just want to point out how every character is truly different. I have noticed with other series I've read by other authors, after a while some characters start to blend together - the way they speak, think and act. But it is something I really noticed while reading this one, is how unique each character is. I love it. I really enjoyed Nino and Kiara's story and I cannot wait until Cora's next release.
Anonymous 4 days ago
Great read; couldn't put it down!
Soumya Nair 5 days ago
This book is the second installment of the Camorra Chronicles. Twisted emotions is a beautiful book that keeps you on your toes throughout. After reading Twisted Loyalties, I absolutely loathed the Falcone brothers. This book showed me the Falcone brothers in a new light. The book revolves around the union of Nino- a sociopath and Kiara- the broken daughter of a traitor. There wasn't a moment of boredom while reading this story and it is my personal favourite by Cora Reilly. I've read this book 10 times already and can't get myself to stop. If you haven't read the book already, I don't know what you're waiting for!!
Astrid292 5 days ago
holyyyyyyyyyyyyy love it!! The amazing thing about Cora is that despite having written so many Mafia books, so manages to make each of her characters and plots unique and different! Sometimes with long series, the plot and characters become repetitive and begin to follow the same recipe, but that's not the case with her! Nino and Kiara were amazing. It was refreshing to see that their marriage actually included open communication and boundaries. I love Kiara's slow battle to accept who she is, and how patient and kind Nino was with her! Also can't rave enough about the Falcone brothers. All of them are to die for! I love their relationship with each other! I can't wait for Remo's book now! :)
Anonymous 5 days ago
I loved reading this book. I really had trouble putting it down and going on with my day. Let me tell you that I actually read this book twice already and it has only been released for 4 days now. That's how good it was. Cora Reilly really knows how to glue her readers to the book and leave them wanting more... This book is about two complicated characters, Kiara and Nino. Kiara lived in a world where her reputation is everything. She is the daughter of a traitor, whom her cousin Luca has killed. But not only that but she has been raped at a very young age. Now she has to marry a ruthless mobster who is merciless and is known for not having emotions. Nino is an intelligent man who's going to marry Kiara to form peace between the Camorro and Famiglia. I recommend this book to all the people that like to read about characters who overcome tragic events.
Mimi_DeGroot 5 days ago
What I really love about Cora Reilly’s writing style is that it never is boring. She always changes it up just enough to match the tone of the story and she writes the characters so beautifully well. She lets them shine in their own way. This makes each of her books a different feeling even though they’re in the same world. Now moving on to Nino’s en Kiara’s... sigh. When we first meet them they are about to announce their engagement and that little moment just giv s such a good insight on these two characters and how they are. My favorite part had to be when Nino made Kiara feel comfortable in her own skin. How he wanted her to be independent and of course how the whole Falcone family adapted to a new member of their family. The story gives enough room for it to develop slowly without it becoming slow paced. Everything happens at just the right moment. We see how when Kiara and nino find each other they find peace. The end of the story was breathtaking and so satisfying. All I can say is good job Cora Reilly you’ve written such a complex book and made it phenomenal.
DarGee 8 days ago
This book was nothing that I expected, but everything that I loved!!!! Arranged marriage in mafia setting, well, that is one of my favourite tropes ever, and I knew this authour was good at telling a story in that trope, but this one, this one makes her a MASTER at telling a story in this trope Nino doesn't feel, Kiara feels too much. Somehow, someway, they fit perfectly, they compliment each other. He needs her to say, she forces herself to open to him. He protects her, and nobody has done that for her ever. He wants to protect her, something he never thought he'd want. Nino, and all of the family, tell her she is one of them, and she has never belonged before. She demands honesty, Nino concedes it. She grows in confidence and he grows, just grows, as a man with her I didn't think I would love Nino, but I did. I didn't think I could hope for Kiara, but I did. I didn't think they both would get what they wanted, but never knew was there, but, of course, they did!
Rena_Bainbridge 8 days ago
Twisted Emotions was hands beautiful. Nino and Kiara were so well for each other. After Kiara's traumatizing past, her fear of men has stopped her from living. Her marriage to Nino was the last thing she ever wanted. Nino Falcone has a duty to the Camorra, fulfilling this marriage was only a task for peace. Nino and Kiara come to together in the most perfect way and learn each other!! Sigh. There is so much going in Vegas and the Falcone brothers are bringing a lot more trouble ;) Lovely job Cora! I cannot wait for Remo oh my gosh, April come faster! 2 likes
Betul90 8 days ago
"She fought the demons of her past and made me realize that I, too, was shackled by memories, controlled by something I thought I had put past me." I am falling more and more in love with the Falcone brothers. Twisted Emotions is Nino's story, who is the second in command to his older brother Remo (Capo of the Camorra). I am a huge fan of mafia romances, and especially the ones with arranged marriages. I was also intrigued by Nino when I met him in Twisted Loyalties, and I couldn't wait to see who could figure this complex man out. Both Kiara and Nino have gone through a tragic and horrible past, and that definitely still shows in their behavior now. Nino's mind has found a way to deal with his messed up memories, by just shutting down his feelings. Which scares Kiara because she didn't have an easy life, and doesn't know what to expect from him. His consideration for her feelings were very admirable. "Only she could look down into the black abyss that was my soul and find something lovable in it." I loved the slow progress of Kiara and Nino getting to know each other, even though they are married pretty quickly into the story. Nino in my opinion is a very thoughtful and would never do anything to hurt her. I loved seeing these two characters come together and grow as a couple. This story was mostly focused on their relationship, but I also wanted a bit more mafia action. Towards the end I felt that the story was a bit rushed and that there was still room for growth between the couple, especially when something happened with Nino. It happened just a bit too late into the story, so it wasn't fully explored and explained. Nino's individual character development would've been stronger if this happened midway through the story. So that was the only things I found lacking in this story, it just didn't feel complete in my opinion. However, we'll definitely see more of them in the next book, which will focus on Remo. I can't wait for this crazy guy to find someone who can handle him. "We had both been scarred by our past, but together we fought our demons and came out as the champions. Never had a victory felt better."