Twisted Tails VIII: Paraabnormal

Twisted Tails VIII: Paraabnormal

by J. Richard Jacobs

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"ParaAbnormal? Come on, you made that one up, right? What's that supposed to mean?"

Well, it means you're about to read stories featuring paranormal beings and things that You know, things that go bump in the night because they keep tripping over stuff. You are going to meet that are just a little over the line. Just beyond the unreal side of the sanity line. Try to picture in your mind what it would be like being a ghost. That's simple enough, right? Now, suppose you are a ghost that can't walk through things like walls or anything else solid. Any normal ghost can cross the street without looking both ways because that big truck approaching will just go right through it. No harm done. Now, suppose our ghost can't walk through walls and if that monster truck hits it, then it's toast. No ghost, just ethereal matter spread as a thin film on the pavement. A dead ghost. It can't get into a house unless someone opens a door or a window. It can, through expending a lot of energy, open a door for itself but afterward it is visible for awhile-until it has rested and its energy returns. That, my friend, is an abnormal ghost. A ParaAbnormal critter.

With an imagination like yours, I'm sure you can see where this is leading. Think up any paranormal critter, then give it a debility and you have an abnormal paranormal whatsit. Got the picture? Our abnormal authors, all of them certifiable, have dreamed up a batch of the weirdest critters that ever graced a page and they've done it beautifully. I must advise you, though, the Twisted Tails series is based upon rug tugging endings that are designed to give you a jolt of surprise. Sometimes a bit subtle. Most of the time, powerful, neck snapping sudden. I, and all the authors, hope you have a good time while you're here. If you haven't read others in the Twisted Tails series, please do. I know you'll be happy you did. Also, it is true that without this gang of warped authors, there would be no Twisted Tails. It is equally true that, without you, there would also be no Twisted Tails. Thank you for picking us up.

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ISBN-13: 9781771151863
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing
Publication date: 07/10/2014
Series: Jacobs, J. Richard
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 392 KB

About the Author

 Well, hello to you and welcome. I’m J. Richard Jacobs, but you can call me "J" and dispense with all the rest of it. I’ve been an avid and active amateur astronomer since my "first light" through a telescope in 1947 (is he that old?) and began writing professional level in 1956. Technical writing, copy writing and technical illustration were the income generators until 1965, when I turned my attention to naval architecture. There was a brief (28 year) hiatus in my writing while I spent my time doing the science and engineering involved in the largest moving structures on Earth, although I continued to write papers and articles on applied math, science, engineering, design, and astronomy.

These days, now that I’m "retired," I write Science Fiction in both the hard and soft varieties. But, honestly, I tend to cross genre a lot because of the way I feel about populating a story with reachable, touchable characters with all their strengths, weaknesses, successes, failures and foibles. I write Fantasy, too, but I’ve never managed to do it successfully in novel lengths--just can’t seem to hurdle that short story wall, but I have a lot of fun with the short stories I write. I’ve tried my hand at Horror, but, for some reason, I’ve had trouble with that, too. Someday, when I’m in a particularly nasty mood, I may be able to do it. In the meantime, my horror pieces tend to be very short...and funny. Oh, well...I guess I’m stuck with Humorous Horror.

The first review of this book is on its way. When it arrives it will be included here (good or bad)...

First review of XENOGENESIS is now in and I am delighted...

"Xenogenesis is one of those rare books that manages to catch even the most jaded of sci-fi readers off-guard. Somewhere between the description of cities in stratified levels of wealth and the injection of nano-machines, we realize we are somewhere between the world we inhabit and the world we only dream about, which makes the entire book something beyond a simple novel of escape. This combination of biotechnology and space travel with a hefty dose of hard-boiled detective fiction in the character of Patrick Dalworthy allows Jacobs to create a work that is both fantastic and close to home, one that tackles the subject of what it truly means to be human in a rapidly advancing world and answer it with aplomb.

Jamie A. Hughes"

What makes this review doubly important to me is that it comes from the very person who did the editing. That means she had looked at the book with a hypercritical eye before she did the review.


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