Two Continents, One Hope: Searching the Atlantic for the Souls of Black People

Two Continents, One Hope: Searching the Atlantic for the Souls of Black People

by S. Newton


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When S. Denice Newton made a trip to Zimbabwe, on the continent of Africa in 2011, she didn't know that it would profoundly impact her life and change her focus. For several weeks she was able to see up close and personal, the devastation of the AIDS/HIV pandemic that is destroying black people in Zimbabwe. Additionally, economic devastation and political turmoil is leaving the people little to hope for. After returning to the United States, Denice focused on the crime, violence, AIDS/HIV crisis, racial intolerance, and other ills that are destroying black people in America. Why is the black community in such dire straits? Why are black youth dying in inner city streets every day? Why are preventable diseases still claiming lives of black Americans? Why is racial profiling seemingly a part of the standard operating procedure in law enforcement? She has concluded that the long-lasting effects of the Transatlantic Slave Trade yet remain because the souls of black people were lost in the chilly, dark waters of the Atlantic Ocean en route to America. It is critical that a diving expedition is conducted to retrieve the souls of black people if the next generation is to have any chance of success or survival.

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ISBN-13: 9781475061000
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/01/2012
Pages: 150
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About the Author

S. Denice Newton is a talk radio host, writer, inspirational speaker and educator. She was born in eastern North Carolina and studied Communications at Regent University and University of Maryland University College. Denice is also a veteran of the United States Army where she served in New Jersey, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, and South Korea.
She has been working with children in public and private schools for more than twenty years. Denice has been featured in the Wilson Daily Times, Blog Talk Radio, Black Talk Radio,, Hope 4 Today magazine,,, and The Vineland Daily Journal. She hosts Solutions Now! Radio with Skyler Jett and Afterthoughts With S. Denice Newton on Blog Talk Radio and has interviewed celebrities, activists, entertainers, writers, and many others.
Denice is a devoted Christian with a heart for youth. She founded Ari'el Rising Ministries, Generation B.E.F.Y Network (black, educated, focused, yielded), a community-based movement designed to encourage the pursuit of higher education and self development, and R.O.A.R (reach out and recover).

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