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Two Little Mittens

Two Little Mittens

by Miriam Cohen

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Meagan Albright
This book tells the story of the friendship and lives of two little mittens. The illustrations are simple, with most pages featuring only a border of a stage curtain and the image of the two little mittens. The mittens are portrayed in everyday acts of friendship: drawing together, cooking a meal, and reading books. Cohen's style of writing is easily accessible to children, with simple sentence structures and a child-like conversation between the mittens. The last page of the book features a stage curtain fashioned from two liftable flaps in front of pictures of various articles of clothing with the line "now you can tell a story with your mittens". The pictures accompanying this message, however, include a variety of winter clothing such as hats and socks, not only mittens. For a young audience that is just learning word meanings and context, this last page may be confusing. Overall, the story is a straightforward and upbeat tale, though it is suggested that the book may appeal more to a younger audience, rather than the 4 to 8 range recommended by the publisher.
Kirkus Reviews
Printed on light card stock, two bright orange mittens with faint but expressive facial features draw, garden and even dream together in this playful mini-tale. Drawing the mittens as if she were watching them on her own hands, Cohen adds simple, stage-like surroundings, a line or two of dialogue per page and a bit of drama as one mitten goes missing and the other goes in search: " 'Did you see a little lost mitten?' 'No,' say the pants. 'We can't get lost. We are always together.' " But the stray soon turns up, offering a joke so silly that the distress is quickly forgotten. A direct invitation to make up more stories lurks beneath a closing double flap; rare is the young child who will be able to resist doing just that. (Picture book. 3-5)

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Star Bright Books, Incorporated
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Product dimensions:
5.90(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.30(d)
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3 - 6 Years

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