Two Romes: Rome and Constantinople in Late Antiquity

Two Romes: Rome and Constantinople in Late Antiquity


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ISBN-13: 9780190241087
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 06/01/2015
Series: Oxford Studies in Late Antiquity Series
Pages: 496
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Lucy Grig is Senior Lecturer in Classics at Edinburgh University and author of Making Martyrs in Late Antiquity.

Gavin Kelly is Reader in Classics at Edinburgh University and author of Ammianus Marcellinus: The Allusive Historian.

Table of Contents


Part I. Introduction: Rome and Constantinople in context
1. Introduction: from Rome to Constantinople, Lucy Grig and Gavin Kelly
2. Competing Capitals, Competing Representations: Late Antique Cityscapes in Words and Pictures, Lucy Grig
3. The Rise of Constantinople: Old and New Rome Compared, Bryan Ward-Perkins

Part II. Urban Space and Urban Development in Comparative Perspective
4. The Notitia Urbis Constantinopolitanae, John Matthews
5. "It would be abominable for the inhabitants of this Beautiful City to be compelled to purchase water." Water and Late Antique Constantinople, James Crow
6. Aristocratic Houses and the Making of Late Antique Rome and Constantinople, Carlos Machado

Part III. Emperors in the City
7. Valentinian III and the City of Rome (425-455): Patronage, Politics, Power, Mark Humphries
8. Playing the Ritual Game in Constantinople (379-457), Peter Van Nuffelen

Part IV. Panegyric
9. Bright lights, Big City: Pacatus and the Panegyrici Latini, Roger Rees
10. A Tale of Two Cities: Themistius on Rome and Constantinople, John Vanderspoel
11. Claudian and Constantinople, Gavin Kelly
12. Epic Panegyric and Political Communication in the Fifth-Century West, Andrew Gillett

Part V. Christian Capitals?
13. There But Not There: Constantinople in the Itinerarium Burdigalense, Benet Salway
14. Virgilizing Christianity in Late Antique Rome, John Curran
15. "Two Romes, Beacons of the Whole World": Canonizing Constantinople, Neil McLynn
16. Between Petrine Ideology and Realpolitik: The See of Constantinople in Roman Geo-Ecclesiology after the End of the Acacian Schism (518-523), Philippe Blaudeau

Part VI. Epilogue
17. From Rome to New Rome, from Empire to Nation State: Reopening the Question of Byzantium's Roman Identity, Anthony Kaldellis

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