Two steps forward

Two steps forward


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ISBN-13: 9781861342294
Publisher: Policy Press at the Univ of Bristol
Publication date: 07/18/2001
Pages: 408
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Dave Cowan, Department of Law, University of Bristol and Alex Marsh, School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol

Table of Contents

Analysing New Labour housing policy - Dave Cowan and Alex Marsh

Stock transfer in the social rented sector: New Labour transfers - Alan Murie and Brendan Nevin

Stock transfer - Tom Mullen

Housing standards in the private sector: Housing standards in the private rented sector and the three Rs: regulation, responsibility, and rights - Sarah Blandy

Housing standards in the private sector - Philip Leather

The allocation of social housing: Allocating housing - or 'letting' people choose? - Peter Somerville

From allocations to lettings: sea change or more of the same? - Dave Cowan

Tenant participation: Two steps forward for tenants? - Helen Carr, Dorothy Sefton-Green and Damien Tissier

Developments in tenant participation: accounting for growth - Robina Goodlad

Anti-social behaviour: Managing anti-social behaviour - inclusion or exclusion? - Pauline Card

Anti-social behaviour and housing - can law be the answer? - Caroline Hunter

Housing management in the era of Best Value: From housing management to the management of housing: the challenge of Best Value - Peter Vincent-Jones

Registered Social Landlords, Best Value and the changing organisation and provision of social housing: a perspective from housing studies - Bruce Walker

Rent policy in the social rented sector: Restructuring social housing rents - Alex Marsh

The politicalisation of social rents - Barbara Mauthe

Housing Benefit and personal subsidy: Housing Benefit - Peter Robson

Helping with housing costs? Unravelling the political economy of personal subsidy - Kenneth Gibb

Conclusion: Making connections - Dave Cowan and Alex Marsh

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