Two Thousand Questions On Practical Anatomy: Prepared for Students of Medicine and Dentistry

Two Thousand Questions On Practical Anatomy: Prepared for Students of Medicine and Dentistry

by George Fetterolf


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ISBN-13: 9780344192579
Publisher: Franklin Classics Trade Press
Publication date: 10/25/2018
Pages: 218
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.46(d)

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SECTION II. The Thorax and Abdomen. The flediastinal Space. 1 What are the (2) viscera of the thorax ? The heart and the lungs. 2 What is the mediastinal space? The space between the pleurae. 3 How is it bounded laterally ? By the pleurae. 4 What are its (4) subdivisions? The superior, anterior, middle, and posterior tnediastina. 5 What are the (3) structures bounding the superior mediastinum in front ? The manubrium of the sternum and the origins of the sterno-hyoid and sterno-thy- roid muscles. 6 What (2) structures bound it behind? The bodies of the first four thoracic vertebrae and the lower portions of the longus colli muscles. 7 How is it bounded laterally ? By the pleural sacs. 8 What is its upper limit ? Its lower limit ? The upper opening of the thorax. A plane passing from the junctions of thefirst and second pieces of the sternum to the lower border of the body of the fourth thoracic vertebra. 9 What are the contents of the superior mediastinum ? a. What portion of the respiratory system ? b. What portion of the alimentary system ? c. What portion of the lymphatic system? d. What (5) arteries? e. What (2) veins? f. What (4) nerves? g. What (2) glands ? h. What ligaments ? a. The trachea. b. The oesophagus. c. The thoracic duct. d. The arch of the aorta and the innominate, left common carotid, left subclavian and thyroidea ima arteries. e. The innominate and superior vena cava. f. The pneumogastric, left recurrent laryngeal, phrenic and cardiac. g. The thy- mus and bronchial lymphatic. h. The superior sterno-pericardiac. 10 What determines the middle mediastinum ? The pericardium. 11 What are its contents ? a. What viscus ? b. What (3) arteries? c. What (2) veins? d. Whatpair of nerves ? e. What (2) other structur...

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