Two to Tango

Two to Tango

by Mimi Strong
4.4 29


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Two to Tango (Erotic Romance) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 28 reviews.
Just_Booked_Monique More than 1 year ago
SINFULLY HOT! CINDERELLA LOSES HER STILETTO, EXCHANGES HER POLE FOR A DANCE STUDIO, AND FINDS A SCHMEXY MAINTENANCE MAN INSTEAD A PRINCE? Two to Tango is about Skye Evans a twenty-nine year young woman with a killer body and long gorgeous legs that could make any man stupid. She was a dance instructor for children at the local community center living her dream job, since she previously was an ex-stripper and appreciates an honest job for the good person she is trying to be. Skye is striving to make her life better considering how she grew up, by keeping positive and making changes for the better in her life.  “…you don’t know me…I’m not hungry for power, not looking to make partner at a law firm, and looking to get a ring from someone who did. If I won the lottery, I’d give all that money away before it poisoned me and took my soul.” - Skye Charlie Ward is hot handsome sweet tattooed wealthy man and part owner of the country club his family owns, The Cedars, where he encounters Skye while fixing a water irrigation issue. What Charlie did not expect was how Skye affected him immediately after meeting her, but he also sense the distrust she had for rich guys. “I’m not someone from your past, or a symbol of everything that’s gone wrong in your life. From where I’m sitting, it’s clear you can take care of yourself. You say that you don’t need to be rescued, but what about me? Me, Charlie. This guy in the wet clothes. This guy who’s hoping maybe you can rescue him, because he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to be doing with his life. Save me, Skye. Give me a chance.” - Charlie Even though, Skye tells Charlie several times that he cannot be save, rescue or fix her life, but Charlie never gives up on Skye because Charlie is a “fixer” by nature and tries to help Skye to see the different outlooks of life for a solution.  “You’re a beautiful mess to me…Like wildflowers, growing up in the middle of a tire, along the side of the road. You’re not prize roses, carefully planted in the right soil and pruned back at the right times. You’re wild, and you’re free. And you smell like heaven. When I look at you, I believe…I don’t know. I just believe.” - Charlie Two to Tango is a SINFULLY HOT LOVE STORY that will capture your attention immediately and will be unable to put the book down. Mimi Strong’s novel, Two to Tango, will have you tangled between the schmexy love scenes and the hilarious banter between Skye and Charlie.  Mimi Strong’s novel, Two to Tango, receives - 5 AMAZING STARS! **JUST BOOKED received an ARC for an Honest Review**
3TweenMom More than 1 year ago
Mimi Strong doesn't disappoint in this stand-alone steamy romance. I love the characters, flawed enough to make them human and funny, smart-mouthed and funny, as well as the fact that I could read the whole story from beginning to end without having to wait for a sequel. As with the other books of Mimi Strong's that I have read, the romance is explicit and steamy, but is backed up by a good storyline. Would definitely recommend for those that like that kind of thing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have never left a review on any of the hundreds of books I've read but I absolutely adored this book. It is a must read.
pepperjwooten More than 1 year ago
Love it!! When I started reading Two to Tango, I was intrigued before I even finished the first page. Skye and Charlie come from two completely different walks of life and yet they find common ground and overcome their differences for each other. Charlie is a dark-haired hunk from a wealthy family but is very different from most other people in his social class. Skye is a reformed stripper/addict who has cleaned up her act and makes her living by teaching dance to young girls at the community center. Their ups and downs as a pair and as individuals make them seem very real and Strong's complex descriptions of their attributes, both mental and physical, made me feel as if I knew them personally. Duncan, Charlie's wild best friend, provides an interesting twist to any situation and had me in stitches (I'm amazed that I didn't wake my husband with my laughter). Regardless of the setting, Strong's descriptions made me feel as if I was walking alongside the characters. I loved the fact that the POV is alternated between Skye to Charlie throughout the book because it gives you two different takes on the situations at hand. There were times when I wanted to cry and times when I wished I could say to them "Are you serious????" Overall, I was more than impressed with Two to Tango and most definitely look forward to seeing more of Skye and Charlie!!! Meagan Free ebook given in exchange for an honest review.
yarag009 More than 1 year ago
Charlie lives and works for his father. He hardly takes time to enjoy life because he spends a lot of it trying fix anything that goes wrong. Anyone with a problem can count on him to fix it. Skye has had bad luck in life, and she finally has caught a break. When things threaten to shake up everything she has worked for, she tries to fix it. Charlie and Skye are thrown together in one night of passion that was not meant to happen, but neither one can forget about. This novel was funny, sweet and kept me interested. I really liked the characters and found myself thinking about them when I was not reading.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Could not put it down. Sexy fun
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved the banter in this book I don't know how many times it literally made me laugh out loud! I would definitly recommend this book!
clpetit56 More than 1 year ago
Mimi Strong does it again! From the very beginning, she has the ability to grab hold of you and keep you on the edge of your seat till the very end. Two to Tango is a well-written story that has a good mix of anger, fear, guilt, heartache, drama, sadness, romance, lust, swoon worthy moments, a great plot line, and characters that you can relate to. A must read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really enjoyed this
CrystalMarie218 More than 1 year ago
Skye had been burned by rich people all of her life. She would rather life on the streets than be dependent on a rich person. Coming from the life of a stripper to make ends meet, she found herself a job as a dance instructor at the local community center. When confronted with the news that she could lose some of her dance students to the up class private country club, she knew she had to act fast so the poor girls could still have the chance to dance. After “finding” some fancy clothing in an awkward situation she decided to go to the open house at the club and see what she was up against. Little did she know the clothing that she lucked into was going to bring her a possible solution but also a world of heart break. Charlie was one of those sons of a rich family, unfortunately the fortune belonged to his mom who passed away. He was determined to not let his dad’s sexual habits tear down what his mother had built. After seeing his father in more than one situation that could lead them to lose the club he vowed to stop all the affairs he could. Sometimes he only saw the clothing of the women that his father was involved in at that time, so when he saw the red dress on Skye, Charlie went into fix it mode once again. Little did he know he would fall in love with this dancer and have to repair the damage that rich people had caused her in her life. This is a story of Skye and Charlie, of his acceptance at her doing what she needed to do to survive and her acceptance of Charlie, his money and his willingness to help her at all costs. The author did a great job as giving us the personality of each character and letting us into the story. While I don’t recall reading another plot like this in a long time, it didn’t really give me the excitement that I had hoped for. Skye was willing to have sex with Charlie at any time and he wasn’t able to refuse. I think that was the sticking point for me, the mixed messages of how she refused to be one of those girls who would have sex with anyone, then turns around and is having sex with him during the first few hours of meeting him. I am glad the author gave us the ending she did. It was nice to see the answers to many questions that I had during the book. The writing is great, the flow is good and you aren’t left with a lot of dragging pages. I would recommend this book if you were wanting a simple love story with a few twists, but if you are looking for high drama, edge of your seat reading, this one won’t do it for you. Reviewed by Tbird for Crystal’s Many Reviewers *Copy provided for honest review*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Realiy a waste of money and a silly read... Story was too thin, not enough depth to know the characters, and who sleeps with a guy just so?!?! The picturs on the book looked hot, said book was for mature audience.... Skimmed the pages to hurriedly reached the end... LOVEETOREAD But not this...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am a fan of Mimi's other books, she put humor and sexiness into the story and likes to make her readers laugh. I am worried that maybe my expectations are too high for Mimi now or maybe this just wasn't a story for me. I really really liked Charlie and how funny he could be. You wouldn't tend to think a person with his job and upbringing could be so silly. Skye was the buzz kill for me. I didn't hate her but sometimes I really just wanted to smack some sense into her and tell her to wake the eff up. When I got to 95% in the book I was worried it wouldnt' wrap up some of my questions or concerns but Mimi is faithful to her standalone promise
LovingNate More than 1 year ago
Mimi Strong! Enough said! Mimi Strong never disappoints me! I loved this book! Just like all Mimi's characters they are funny, sexy and just plain fun! If you want a good book to read you need to grab this book! I recommend any of Mimi Strong's books she has something for all audiences! Thanks Mimi for another great read!
Nanny72 More than 1 year ago
Mimi, you have outdid yourself once again. I absolutely love this book. I never thought I would laugh out loud and cry at the same time like I did in the Peaches series. I LOVE SYKE AND CHARLIE JUST AS MUCH AS I LOVE PEACHES AND DALTON. I HOPE TO SEE MORE OF SYKE AND CHARLIE. Mimi your an awesome writer. GREAT JOB MIMI!! LOVE YA GIRLFRIEND!!
SCrit1 More than 1 year ago
Skye and Charlie are such fun characters! Love reading this tango between Skye and Charlie. It was like a chase between a cat and mouse. You have Skye who is like the mouse would be around briefly, have her fun and make a run for it. Charlie is the cat who loves to have fun and keeps trying to grip his claws onto Skye! When these two are together, they have so much. Some of the love scenes are so hot! Unfortunately, Skye has issues that she does need to overcome both internally and externally. Charlie does want to be that knight in shining armor to rescue her. Who wouldn't want this hunky guy to save them? This was not an extremely long read, but the length of the novel had so much material to keep me entertained. Just like a good majority of Mimi's books, a lot of humor and steamy, hot moments! Great job Mimi! (ARC provided by the author)
Joy-Anne More than 1 year ago
This was an amazing read that I was very happy to have a chance to read. It moved along at an amazing pace, from beginning to end, keeping you interested throughout, has characters you cannot help but fall in love with, the story was amazing and very entertaining. Loved it. Mimi Strong is a very talented author and I really need to read more of her books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I received this as an ARC for an honest review.... Charlie and Skye are so different from each other, but soooo good together. Their chemistry is off the charts and both are so likeable. Skye isn't afraid to speak her mind and her banter with Duncan, Charlie's friend, is hilarious. This is another winner for Mimi. Her characters and their stories never disappoint.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I received this book as an advance read, in exchange for an honest review. (Which is a bit late, lol oops) “I’m not someone from your past, or a symbol of everything that’s gone wrong in your life. From where I’m sitting, it’s clear you can take care of yourself. You say that you don’t need to be rescued, but what about me? Me, Charlie. This guy in the wet clothes. This guy who’s hoping maybe you can rescue him, because he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to be doing with his life. Save me, Skye. Give me a chance.” Something about this book caught my attention the second I started reading it. Maybe it was the connection with Charlie on how he felt. I'm not quite sure. But I flew through this book because I got sucked in to the story and couldn't put my kindle down! Charlie's a hot, lovable guy. Never really saw himself with a women at all. Until he saw Skye Evans. The girl with the long, gorgeous dancer legs. A miscommunication happens between them all because neither of them goes into detail when they try to explain stuff to each other. I loved Charlie though. He was the sweet, caring, I'm here for you guy (that's rich behind the scenes) that Skye needed even though she said a million times she didn't need someone to save, rescue, or fix her. Skye was likeable. I loved that she was teaching kids dance, too. That seems like a fun job! I loved the arguments and conversations between Skye and Duncan. They were hilarious! Had me cracking up every time. Duncan was a mysterious character on his own. Partying, getting girls numbers just to have them. Not to mention owning his own business?! HOT. I hope we get a story about him. He definitely needs one after reading this story! I say if you love this book, you should read her Peaches Monroe trilogy! That series alone is what drew me to read Mimi's books. It was a hilarious read and adorable at the same time!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was ok. But i do NOT like Skye. She's selfish, flighty, and a down right b. The book would have been better if Charlie just gave up.on her and met a.decent.girl. I agree with Duncamn, she is trash.
Aleksandraaa More than 1 year ago
LOVE it! I was a winner in a "book of your choice giveaway". So I went to Amazon and saw the list of new releases and decided to pick Two To Tango! And OMG!!! I am so happy I`ve picked this book! Best choice ever! After reading this book it`s official. Mimi Strong is an "instant buy." I don`t need to read the synopsis of her books anymore, beacuse I KNOW I`ll love them! I enjoyed reading every page of this book. I love books like Two to Tango. I laughed, I cried, I swooned, I huged my Kindle. I lived in this book. It`s funny read but also very emotional read! I love Charlie and Skye`s story. Skye wants to be happy, she wants to put her past behind, but that`s easier said than done. She also hates rich people. BUT guess what? Charlie is rich! But their chemistry is smoking hot! And I really like Skye. She isn't afraid to speak her mind. And Charlie, ohhh Charlie he is so dreamy! :) They are perfect for each other! I highly recommend this book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. It was a roller coaster of emotions! 
KristinaL74 More than 1 year ago
Mimi has written another amazing story, loved that Skye isn't afraid to speak her mind! Charlie is beyond HOT and well amazing, these two are well written and makes you believe love can overcome anything! Really hoping Charlie's friend Duncan will get his own story too!
Nicole02 More than 1 year ago
Two to Tango is a feel good book, it made me feel good. I had a very trying day today, and when I sat down to read two to tango it took my mind completely off the troubles of the day and into the world revolving around Charlie and Skye. Skye just maybe the biggest mess of a character I have ever had the pleasure of reading, she defines the term HOT MESS, and Charlie enters her life in just a nick of time? Well sorta? He's rich Skye hates rich people, yet she doesn't even know he's rich which will lead to a helluva argument if Charlie could just get Skye to stand still and let him into her life to begin with. I loved the humor in Two to Tango, it was just my kinda dirty funny, I have to say one of my favorite things was the comedy moments during sex.. because seriously that is the REAL world sometimes stuff happens and you laugh it is not always sexy poses and perfect timing.