U/P: Lean Business Philosophy: True-North Value

U/P: Lean Business Philosophy: True-North Value

by Benjamin Snipes


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U/P: Lean Business Philosophy: True-North Value by Benjamin Snipes

In my last semester of graduate business school, I was trying to understand exactly what the business curriculum taught when I stumbled onto the business discipline of “Lean.” From that point forward my thinking went sideways. I expected that during the business program I might have an “AHA” moment - an “AHA” moment synthesizing the entire degree into an overarching insight explaining how all business subjects led to making money. For comparison, in law school, that “AHA” moment for me was a sudden, intuitive sense of who, why, what, and how we regulate people, businesses and society. From business school though, I expected a singular understanding of the money making process.

However, when I ran into the popular business concept of “Lean,” I realized that while I was taught the specific details of how money got made generally from all business activity, business school taught me nothing about the creation of “true-north value,” which money ought to represent and “Lean” advocates pursuing. There is a difference. I realized that while all business subjects allude to and try to quantify “value,” none fully described the genesis of “true-north value” in the way “Lean Thinking” suggests, which is helpful to know when leading a business toward creating the type of value for which customers willingly pay a price. I knew I had some extra-curricular work to do to graduate with the knowledge of true-north value applied to business that I was seeking. My business education then became a quest to understand the historical and philosophical foundation of “Lean” and apply it in my own life and business dealings.

As I became more educated about the history of Lean, it became for me a unique synthesis of Western and Eastern philosophies used to reach measurable business results. Thus, in this text and through a close reading of others, I summarize and extend the intellectual legacy of Lean to its philosophical extreme, unifying everything from theoretical physics to the humanities to religion by further intertwining Lean like a golden braid within the themes that form the bedrock of all true-north value. Thus, you might find U/P to be an intellectual companion and counterpoint to all that has been written regarding Lean.

Through this research and writing process, this book evolved to become simultaneously academic, literary and artistic. It became academic because I tried to not only write truly, but to support it copiously with legitimate, well-researched footnotes. I consider it literary because its symbolism requires that it actually be read to be fully appreciated. And it to me became artistic because I could only articulate true value in the space where words fade away, and that sense of the unspeakably sublime that I felt started coming out in the writing methods I used. The fission, fusion, parallelism, coherence and discoherence of its language began to model for me the physics and metaphysics of Lean. It became an abstract meditation on all busy-ness - a transcendent business book. I sincerely hope and expect that you will enjoy and learn from it as much as I have writing it.

Thus, my purpose in writing this book is both ego-centric, in that I wrote it for my own entertainment and benefit, and allo-centric, in that I sincerely hope to pass on what I consider useful knowledge to you about the intellectual history and philosophy of Lean and business in general. By reading this book, I expect that you will learn a bit about history, a bit about philosophy, a bit about business, and a bit about yourself, which may be like rebuilding a ship you are already on, as the philosopher Otto Neurath famously said. However, by studying this intersection of “Lean,” “Business,” and “Philosophy,” I hope that you will become more powerful throughout your life’s journey.

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Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 06/24/2017
Pages: 534
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About the Author

Benjamin Snipes (JD/MBA/LLM) is currently based in New York City. He has been working for fourteen years as a corporate lawyer and in private industry. Ben is also a passionate autodidact in the history and application of plain-language philosophy. He wrote this book to discover what business value truly means and how that knowledge may be used in commerce.

Table of Contents

A Forward Slash to VIP i

U/P A3 Report v

U / PLexicon vii

U / PFurther Summarized xiii

Volume I True-North Value xiii

Stream 1 Headwaters- VIP xiii

Stream 2 Money & Economies - Lean Normative, Real and Monetary Value xiii

Stream 3 Existence- Lean Universal, Process and Personal Values xiv

Stream 4 Lives- Lean Living Systems xvi

Stream 5 People's - Lean Ethics, Motivation and Factors of Truth Value xvi

Volume II Channels xvii

Stream 6 People's, Chief Meaning Officer (CMÔ) xviii

Stream 7 Optimizing, Chief Optimization Officer (CÔÔ) xviii

Stream 8 Energizing, Chief Energization Officer (CEÔ) xix

Stream 9 Profitably, Chief Function Officer (CFÔ) xx

Stream 10 Uniquely, Chief In-formation, In-novation & De-sign Officer (I/DEÔ) xxi

Stream 1 Headwaters to U / P 1

Stream 1 A 3 Report: 1

Why Lean? 3

Why Lean Philosophically? 6

Structuring U/P 9

Further Reasons to Lean Philosophically 12

Why LeanMore Specifically? 22

PhilosophicallyLeaning Your Business Ideology 31

Philosopher Kings and Queens 32

The Philosophy ofLean in the Grand Design 37

Science 40

Religion 43

Limits to Business Quantification 45

The U/PeopleBusiness Model 46

Synthesizing Subjects 47

Quantifying Lean Abstraction and Analogies for Sales Success 51

From Zero to One 52

The Symbols - The Forward Slash, Circumflex, and Sigmas 56

U People / Toward 6σ 59

U/ People in theLean True-North Value Stream 62

Pay Usover the Pay Wallat the Margin of Existence 65

Identifying the Four Steps to Lean Philosophically to ward U/People 67

The Para-Scientific Business Process 70

The I/D Kata 74

High Flying Mamas 82

U/Pin the Air 86

Consumers Are Always Right 89

L-Shaped Reflection of What U / People Value 93

U/People and Michael Porter's Value Chain 95

YouLean People are Philosophical 99

Products and/or Services > p and/or s > paos > pay us> soap .com 103

Stream 2 Money & Economics as True Value 106

Stream 2 Money & Economics 107

Stream 2 A 3 Report: 107

The Brazilian Real 115

Precious Metals and the Locke-Lowndes Debates 116

With Money Comes Great Power 119

Caveats to Measuring Money 122

1 Supply, Substitutes and the Warhol Paradox 122

2 Barter and Self-service 128

3 Market Structural Distortions 130

U / People's Money Veil 131

Off to See the Wizard 132

Funny Money 134

Traditional and Modern Measurements of Money 136

Traditional, Process-Oriented Value Estimation 142

Optimal Slack 143

Cash and Credit Flow as Meta-Economic Value Streams 145

Chart of Economics Terms 146

Truth Value as Two Sides of the Same Physical Coin 148

Moving Forward 151

Stream 3 Existence 153

Stream 3 A 3 Report: 153

Existence and Ontology Defined 156

Tripartite Perspectives on Existence -Universal, Process and Personal Truth Values 161

You, the Plane and the Lottery - On U/ PP as a Universal, Process, Person 166

Levels of Dependent Existence 171

ThreeLean Truth Types Aligned with Universal, Process and Personal True-North Value Perspectives 171

Truth Value Correlations 176

Reason, Causation or Nothing 183

Reason as Causation from Aristotle's Perspective, with Modification 185

Relating Aristotle's Four Causesto Levels of True-North Value 187

Rational Agnosticism- Existential Causation in the Eastern Traditions 190

Boundaries of Reason - Self-Causing Causes, Gödel's Second Incompleteness Theoremand Simon's Bounded Rationality 193

20th Century Fragmentation of Unification 198

Money as Unified Lean Theory 199

Beautiful Question Marks?? 200

Fecund Universes? 207

Other Scientismic Theories 209

Consumers' Existences areAs If Self-Defined 210

Theists 212

Scientismists 213

Intuition Bracketing(the IB) Speculation for Money 214

Chart of theIntuition Bracket ox IB 215

Intuition Bracket of Reason 218

Ontological Medium(the OM) 219

TheOntological Teleology (the OT) 222

Ontologically Prospective Projects(the OPPs) 225

Teleology v Teleonomy 228

The Open-Ended Paradox of theOT 232

Silly Suds 237

Stream 4 Lives 241

Stream 4 A 3 Report: 241

Customers Self-Organize Upward Along theOT 243

Self-Organizing and Supervening Levels of OT Sophistication: FromSO-Or toSL-OTS 245

Super Supervenience 246

Supervenience of Weather, Money and Consumers 249

What GoesU/PPMust Come Down 251

How Did People Come to Live? Living SL-OTS E-merge 252

Lean aRe SL-OTS- You, Your Organization and Customers Become Meaningfully Viable 255

Universal Chart of SUDS Forming/aRe SL-OTS 258

You aRe/People 258

One General Definition of Life Proposed by a NASA Working Group 259

Qualities of Living Qualities 260

Lean aRe Processes 261

"a" 262

"R" 263

"e" 263

How/aRe You and Consumers? 265

How/aRe Organizational Processes? 266

Apple of my i 267

Consumers' Pocket Universe 269

The Axial Age - Energizing Money and Intuition 271

Spaghetti Suds as a Mental Model for /aRe Processes 274

The FSM is Not Dead 275

Emergence ofSUDS throughSO-OT intoSL-OTS 275

Tire Survivor Tree of life 278

TheUniversal Constructor, Games of Life and Langston's Ants 279

Universal Constructors 280

Conway's Games of Life 281

Langston's Ant 282

The Great Chain of Being 285

Valuable Energy Streams are The Great Chain of Being 291

An Organization's (B/aRe) Viability 294

Universal Chart of SUDS Forming B/aRe SL-OTS 296

B/aRe as Modern Evolutionary Synthesis 297

C/aRe Downward 299

Universal Chart of SUDS Forming C/aRe SL-OTS 301

Studying Consumers' Circular Randomness 305

AddingIntention toCognitive/aRe (I/C/aRe) 309

Chart- Timeline of Known Universe vs. Degrees of OT Existence 315

Mitochondria, Consumers and their Pets are Co-Determined 316

Stream 5 People 325

Stream 5 A 3 Report: 325

OT/N-OT as Strategic Degrees of Consumers' Sophistication 327

As Consumers Find Themselves - Karl Jaspers' Existenz and ExistentialBest Fit Models 329

Phenomenology and Survival of the Persistent 333

California Dreaming 338

The Rothko Effect 340

Test for Qualia: How Do You Know U/People See the Color Red? 343

Lifting the Veil to See Reality 344

The Scientific Revolution of theOT 345

Phenomeno-logical Categorization to Abstract Analogy Making 348

Y Am i? 356

Moving Beyond the ÔT to What is Gets B-Ôught 358

Philosophical Zombies as Straw Men 361

U/People areN-OT in Jeopardy 365

Maximally ExistentialMe aning Defined (/σ∞) 367

Universal Chart of SUDS Forming ME/aRe SL-OTS 368

OT Cognitive Dissonance(OCD) and Meaning 371

MEaning MeansM aximuin E xistence 372

A Buy-Product of Conscious Existence is ME aning 374

Springing Beyond the OT 377

Consumers' Hall of Mirrors 380

On the Shoulders of People Who aReN-OT 383

Will to Live - Shopenhauer 384

Will to Power- Nietzsche / Adler 385

Will to Pleasure - Freud 387

Will to Meaning-Kierkegaard / Frankl 387

Will to Will - Nietzsche 388

Opportunitiesand Threats as Binary SW-ÔT Analysis 390

WE/aRe Normatively Valuing Supervening Conceptual Structures 392

WE/aPeWilling to Existentially Optimize 392

Universal Chart of SUDS Forming WE/aRe SL-OTS 394

U/aRe Forming Micro, Meso and Macro Economic, Political and Cultural Structures 398

Universal Chart of SUDS Forming U/aRe SL-OTS 399

U/aRe Controlling Their Ontology and Ethics 400

U/aRe UniversalizingConsumers' Will to Exist 404

What An Organization Ought toD/O 405

Chart of Gradations ofOught 409

Universalization ofOught Ethics (U) for Fun and Profit 410

Universalizing Consumers' Universal Egoism 418

Universalizing Your Organizations' Perfectionist Conseqaentialism 420

Altruism and Optimizing Being 422

The Problem of EvilGoogle Can't Escape 425

Ethical Prospects - OPPs for the Captain, Prisoner and Transplant 428

The Captain 431

The Prisoner 433

The Transplant 434

Emotions as Personal Analogies - How Consumers Ought to Feel about Yourpaos 436

Survival of a SystemicUtilitarianism Inside the IB 437

Customers' Upward, Downward, Inward, Outward Demand - Supervenience and Enactivism 445

Hierarchy of Needs -Maslow Inc. 450

Self-Actualizing Peak Experiences, Flow and Getting B-Ought 452

Peak Experiences 454

Flow 454

Self-Esteem 455

Love & Belonging 456

Safety 457

Physiology 457

No Need Hierarchy 458

Other Need Theorists 460

Henry Murray 460

Clayton Alderfer 461

David McClelland 461

Manfred Max-Neef 462

Paul Lawrence 462

Deci and Ryan 464

Attachment Theory 465

Factors of the Ought 465

Zero to One Again- Binary Oppositions ofB-Ought and N-Ought 466

Ôught Factors( Ôfs) of Psychological Motivation 469

Model ofU/aRe Ôught Factors 476

U/aRe Ôught Factors Within the ÔM 477

Higher OrderMeta-Ôfs (MÔs) 478

Industrial Classification ofMÔs 478

Transportation MÔs 479

TelecommunicationMÔs 480

Factoring Meta-Ôught Factors 482

Emotional Meta-Ofs(E-MÔs) 483

Irrational Exuberance 485

Critical Phase Transitions while Dreaming - Extending U/aRe Persona 489

The Harder They Fall 490

The Only Way isU/PP throughMeaning 491

Bringing it All Together 493

Chart of U/Peôple's Value Stream 494

Volume II Channels 497

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