U. S. Naval Special Warfare - U. S. Navy SEALs

U. S. Naval Special Warfare - U. S. Navy SEALs

by Greg E. Mathieson Sr.


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U. S. Naval Special Warfare - U. S. Navy SEALs by Greg E. Mathieson Sr.

A first of its kind book on all of U.S. Naval Special Warfare; home of the US. Navy SEALs and Special Boat Units. From the CIA forefathers, the OSS Maritime Units, through to the Raiders and Underwater Demolition Units and into the development and birth of the SEALs to the present day. With an opening tribute by U.S. President George W. Bush, who utilized their skills to track down terrorists after the attack on 9-11. No publication ever before has gone inside to show the men and women that support the US Navy SEALs and the SEALs themselves in all aspects of their work, training, missions and sacrifices to our country as they go about it quietly, secretly each and every day around the world. This is not another book on BUDS (basic underwater demolition school), but like nothing ever done in history and likely to never be repeated. Because of unparalleled access given the authors and photographers, this book has insights behind the scenes of the support personnel, unique training, underwater vehicles, operations in Iraq /Afghanistan, unique weapons developed just for the SEALs as well as into the future of NSW. So total and complete was the access, the book reveals for the first time the now declassified SECRET documents of the establishment of the SEALs but rest assured this book was screened for security by the US Navy and others. It depicts everything from early powered canoes to hydrofoils to the first mini subs as well as the specialized weapons from underwater guns to underwater atomic bombs and much more. Some 931 unique, and many exclusive photographs taken around the world by photographers Greg Mathieson, Sr. and Dave Gatley. From the morning attack on the Pentagon on 9-11, to freezing mountain training in Alaska, to the basement White House Situation Room, to the ocean deaths, these two photographers were given unprecedented access for over 5 full and exciting years to go past the restricted, no camera signs, to go deep into war zones to see it all.

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ISBN-13: 9780615663814
Publisher: NSW Publications, LLC
Publication date: 09/01/2012
Pages: 360
Product dimensions: 10.00(w) x 13.40(h) x 1.50(d)
Age Range: 14 Years

About the Author

Greg Mathieson is as comfortable working in war zones as he is at the White House. For more than 27 years, he has chronicled the epic lives of our heroic men and women in uniform, our star crossed national celebrities and the media focused often chaotic lives of those who make the decisions on American policy.
Born and raised in Glen Cove, Long Island, this 11 year U.S. Army veteran's stellar reputation has allowed him to repeatedly cross the line working for hard news organizations as well as the Federal government with equal objectivity. From intimate portraits of the famous to the private lives of the powerful, rich and infamous
Few photographers working today have covered as many traumatic current events, political watersheds, cultural and historical milestones as Mathieson. Since establishing his agency, MAI Photo News Agency in 1981, Mathieson has been called on by such agencies as the U.S. Secret Service, FEMA, The US Justice Department and the military services to create images that capture the core values of those agencies in service to the American people. His editorial images have appeared on the covers of Life, Time, Newsweek, US News and World Report, The New York Times, Paris Match and thousands more around the globe; in 64 countries.
And Mathieson is not only well known in the corridors of political power and the halls of the Pentagon. This veteran of the Vietnam era has used his deep knowledge of the American military during exploits, from the jungles of Panama and Honduras, to the ocean seas, to the Korean DMZ and the Wars in the Persian Gulf, including Desert Storm and the invasion of Iraq. He is highly experienced on the front lines having spent 15 years going in and out of Iraq, for months a time, depicting the difficult struggle of the Kurdish and Iraqi people. He lived with the Contra Rebels on the jungle boarders of Nicaragua fighting the Sandinista and was the first into Kuwait City, recording the first US Marines entering the city, pushing out the Iraqi Army during Desert Storm and on the snow covered shores of the Sava River as first U.S. M1 tanks crossed into Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Those dangerous and hardship experiences reached a zenith when Greg Mathieson was selected as the videographer by NBC News to sneak into Iraq two months before the 2003 war as one of a five member covert team traveling across the snow covered mountains of Iran into the future war zone. Working unilaterally and not embedded with US troops like other media, his team was the first to reach Saddam's Palace in Tikrit, prior to the US forces arriving. His video has appeared on both NBC and ABC News networks. He is so trusted by his clients, many of whom are Kings, Queens, Prime Ministers, heads of state, corporate chieftains and government agencies that he is routinely privy to critical briefings; he is instantly a member of the team.
During the past 22 years, Mathieson has never given in on his efforts to create the ultimate photo book chronicling the activities of the U.S. Navy SEALs and the closed community of Naval Special Warfare in which they live. Now for the first time much of that veil will be lifted for a sneak peak at America's greatest secret warriors and the people that support them.

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U. S. Naval Special Warfare - U. S. Navy SEALs 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
jonom More than 1 year ago
I bought this to learn more about the Navy Seals. So much of what they do is kept behind closed doors. Obviously for good reason. However, Greg and David have done a superb job of pulling back the curtain and showing the past, present and future of the most elite team on the planet. The photos are incredible, the level of detail in this book is amazing. The quality of the book itself, is astonishing. It is a beast of a book weighing in at like 5 lbs. I only know that as I put the darn thing on my set of scales ;) The question that may go through peoples minds when considering it maybe, is… it worth it? Yes, without a doubt it is worth every dollar and more! There is nothing like this book on the market and I doubt there will ever be another of it's kind. Greg and David were given incredible access that few people will ever get. It is the closest thing you will ever get to sitting down with a Navy seal or Greg himself and questioning them on every aspect of this team. Seals creed, craft, demolition units, scouts, raiders, boat teams through the years, common structure, training, seal teams and what they do, delivery vehicles, special boat teams, equipment, technical organizations, support, global war on terror, warfare operations, development, the men and medals and the future.  I cannot give this book a higher rating than 5, though I would if i could. Thank you, this has been the best purchase of 2014 to date.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Nothing like this extraordinary book has ever been published. The exclusive access the author enjoyed produced the kind of photography of NAVY SEALs that has never been revealed. Even if you are not a military buff this book traps you in page after page of heretofore secret information about America's most elite warriors. Quite an achievement!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hear about this great book but Amazon doesn't ship to Canada, only B&N does. So thank you B&N for allowing me to get such a great book on a great bunch of guys like the Navy SEALs
Anonymous More than 1 year ago