UCP 500 + Eucp: ICC Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits and Supplement to UCP 500 for Electronic Presentation (Eucp)

UCP 500 + Eucp: ICC Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits and Supplement to UCP 500 for Electronic Presentation (Eucp)



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ISBN-13: 9789284213061
Publisher: ICC Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 06/28/2002
Pages: 92
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Table of Contents

ICC Uniform Customs & Practice for Documentary Credits
A.General Provisions and Definitions10
Application of UCP10
Meaning of Credit10
Credits v. Contracts11
Documents v. Goods/Services/Performances11
Instructions to Issue/Amend Credits11
B.Form and Notification of Credits12
Revocable v. Irrevocable Credits12
Advising Bank's Liability12
Revocation of a Credit13
Liability of Issuing and Confirming Banks13
Types of Credit15
Teletransmitted and Pre-Advised Credits16
Incomplete or Unclear Instructions17
C.Liabilities and Responsibilities18
Standard for Examination of Documents18
Discrepant Documents and Notice18
Disclaimer on Effectiveness of Documents20
Disclaimer on the Transmission of Messages20
Force Majeure21
Disclaimer for Acts of an Instructed Party21
Bank-to-Bank Reimbursement Arrangements22
Ambiguity as to the Issuers of Documents23
Unspecified Issuers or Contents of Documents24
Issuance Date of Documents v. Credit Date24
Marine/Ocean Bill of Lading24
Non-Negotiable Sea Waybill27
Charter Party Bill of Lading29
Multimodal Transport Document31
Air Transport Document Road, Rail or Inland Waterway32
Transport Documents34
Courier and Post Receipts35
Transport Documents Issued by Freight Forwarders36
"On Deck", "Shipper's Load and Count", Name of Consignor36
Clean Transport Documents37
Freight Payable/Prepaid Transport Documents37
Insurance Documents38
Type of Insurance Cover39
All Risks Insurance Cover39
Commercial Invoices40
Other Documents40
E.Miscellaneous Provisions41
Allowances in Credit Amount, Quantity and Unit Price41
Partial Shipments/Drawings41
Instalment Shipments/Drawings42
Expiry Date and Place for Presentation of Documents42
Limitation on the Expiry Date43
Extension of Expiry Date43
Hours of Presentation44
General Expressions as to Dates for Shipment44
Date Terminology for Periods of Shipment44
F.Transferable Credit45
Transferable Credit45
G.Assignment of Proceeds47
Assignment of Proceeds47
Supplement to UCP 500 for Electronic Presentation (eUCP)
Scope of the eUCP56
Relationship of the eUCP to the UCP56
Notice of Refusal60
Originals and Copies60
Date of Issuance60
Corruption of an Electronic Record after Presentation61
Additional Disclaimer of Liability for Presentation of Electronic Records under eUCP62
ICC Banking Commission Decisions & Policy Statements
The Determination of an "Original" Document in the Context of UCP 500 sub-Article 20(b)64
ICC Endorsement of the UNCITRAL Convention on Independent Guarantees and Stand-by Letters of Credit69
The Impact of the European Single Currency (euro) on Monetary Obligations related to Transactions involving ICC Rules70
Selected Opinions of the ICC Banking Commission
Whether an issuing bank and/or advising bank can give a deadline for the notification of an amendment76
Does accepting discrepant documents mean that a bank has to accept similar discrepencies on future drawings?77
Whether the phrase "substitute vessel" constitutes a "similar qualification" under sub-Article 23(a)(iii)78
Where bill of lading and signatures thereon are produced by imaging technology and sent via the Internet, can they qualify as original documents under sub-Article 20(b)?82
Questions concerning whether insurance must be precisely 110% or whether it can be rounded up; if the credit is silent regarding the insurance coverage, must the insurance cover the entire voyage reflected in the transport document?85
ICC at a glance89
Selected ICC publications90

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