The Ultimate Bird Lover: Stories and Advice on Our Feathered Friends at Home and in the Wild

The Ultimate Bird Lover: Stories and Advice on Our Feathered Friends at Home and in the Wild

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Ultimate Bird Lover: Stories and Advice on Our Feathered Friends at Home and in the Wild 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ok. While touring Starclan hunting grounds Smokekit asks "Will we be able to see our parents ever again?" The cat leading them pauses. Then after a moment she/he turns and siad "If you want you /can see/ them, but they can't see /you./" "Why not?" Blackkit asks. "Because your in Starclan." The cat leading them replies. "Are we asking to many question again?" Smokekit mewed. "No. Just the right amount to know the things you need to know." "Featherkit are you ok? You seem as if your not /with/ us right now." Blackkit asked bumping Featherkit with her shoulder. Featherkit shook herself out of her thoughts and said "Yeah. I'm here. What?" "Nothing. But you better watch where your going." Smokekit called over his shoulder. Featherkit looked in front of her to see a rock. She gasped and moved out of the way. (Done! How do you like it? But you would add more to it. Also could you add a tom named Wolftail to the story? He is a brown tom with dark brown stripes and dark brown paws. His eyes are hazel brown. Also his tail is bushy.)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great! Here are a few applications for your story! <br> <p> Onyxshade <br> &female <br> WindClan/Dark Forest <br> Deceased <br> Jet black with almost black eyes. She is strong and extremely powerful. Her claws have been shapened to wicked points. <br> Evil to the heart <br> Hawkfire (brother, WindClan/StarClan), Cherryfrost (sister, WindClan) <br> <p> Hawkfire <br> &male <br> WindClan/StarClan <br> Deceased <br> Red-brown and black tabby tom with amber eyes. He is swift and sleek. Very athletic. <br> Loyal, smart, quiet, calm, shy <br> Onyxshade (sister, WindClan/Dark Forest), Cherryfrost (sister, WindClan) <br> Springfawn is mate <br> <p> Cherryfrost <p> &female <br> WindClan/StarClan <br> Deceased <br> Ginger with white tips and green eyes. Just like her brother in build. <br> Energetic, hyper, loyal, brave, outgoing, fiesty, slightly gullible (this may be an interesting point!) <br> Onyxshade (sister, WindClan/Dark Forest), Hawkfire (brother, WindClan/StarClan) <br> Eaglespirit is mate <br> Jaysong (son, WindClan) <br> <p> Springfawn <br> &female <br> WindClan/StarClan <br> Deaceased <br> Light brown with white spots. Extremely vibrant green eyes. Petite, thin build. <br> Loving, playful, caring, kind, loyal, brave, quiet, follower, untrusting <br> Hawkspirit is mate <br> <p> Eaglespirit <p> &male <p> WindClan <br> Living <br> Dark brown with gold stripes and off-white points. Deep amber eyes. He is muscular but still fast. He is not as fast as the average WindClanner. <br> Strong-hearted, loving, loyal, brave, leader, great father <br> Cherryfrost is mate <br> Jaysong (son, WindClan) <br> <p> Jaysong <br> &male <br> WindClan <br> Living <br> Silver and blue tabby tom with striking blue eyes. He has a build like his mothers. <br> Exactly like his father's, but energetic <br> Cherryfrost (mother, WindClan/StarClan), Ealespirit (father, WindClan) <br> <p> Hope you can find a use for all of these! Thanks! <br> <p> <br> <p> ~Dawn&star
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Go to the 7 result for FruitsBasketClan.