The Ultimatum (Rystani Warrior Series #3)

The Ultimatum (Rystani Warrior Series #3)

by Susan Kearney


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The Ultimatum (Rystani Warrior Series #3) by Susan Kearney

His captive has issued a most unusual ultimatum . . .

He must make love to her. . .

Little does he know that giving her what she needs may bind him to her forever . . .

Rystani star pilot Xander is willing to use unusual methods, no matter how unorthodox, to save the galaxy from a deadly virus. He's already resorted to kidnapping bio-geneticist Alara Calladar in the hopes that her psi-talent of identifying DNA will help find a cure to save both their worlds.

But now his sworn enemy has revealed that her biology requires her to periodically regenerate her cells by making love or she'll die. Really die.

Xander is stunned, yet fascinated, by her admission and wonders what other secrets she's keeping. While he has little choice but to agree to trade his life-saving love making for her psi powers, he's determined to keep an emotional distance. No way is he falling for her, a woman from a race who invaded and occupies his home world.

Soon their desperate bargain becomes a turbulent but all-consuming passion. Her body isn't just rejuvenating each time they make love, it's adapting to his on a genetic level. Before long she will be unable to make love to any man but Xander.

Xander resists becoming her conquest, but not even the dangerous mission can distract him from Alara's appeal. She's just the kind of woman he admires. Intelligent, resourceful, and passionate. If only he trusted her. If only she wasn't the enemy. If only his heart didn't have a mind of its own.

When together they must merge their talents to fight the most powerful forces in the galaxy, will trust win out, or will they lose each other forever?

The much-awaited sequel to The Challenge and The Dare.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781611943221
Publisher: BelleBooks
Publication date: 07/31/2013
Series: Rystani Warrior Series , #3
Pages: 252
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.57(d)

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Ultimatum 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Eloise_In_Paris More than 1 year ago
First, I did not like Xander. I understand that he is trying to save several life forms, but he tried to pretend like he is some kind of good guy when he is really an ass who was going to do what he had to regardless of Alara’s well being. Even though he has spent years hating Endekian people he never realized that he knows very little about them. After being at war with them he just noticed during this mission that he had never seen any Endekian women off of their home planet. When Xander asks Alara to go away with him to help him find a cure for the Terrans she says no. One because she hates them and two because it would be illegal for her to leave the planet. It never occurred to Xander to find out why and he kidnaps her. Once she is onboard his ship she is forced to reveal that Endekian women have to have sex with men in order to stay alive. Xander’s reaction to this news is for her to either enthusiastically help him or die. What? The way that scene was written you would have thought she was a stowaway not kidnap victim. He then judges her and her people as if the women of that planet are just sluts, not beings with intense biological needs, and then after all that he decides that they are going to have sex the Rystani way. Even though he knows nothing about Endekian physiology or if his essence (sperm) is compatible enough to keep her alive. Xander is not a good guy hero, he is a sadist. I am usually tough of the female leads when the hero is a jerk but Alara get’s a pass. The woman is literally ruled by her hormones and can not think straight. She has no room to negotiate for her own well being because if she doesn’t comply she will die. I’ve read some books where the heroine is powerless but this takes things to a whole new level. She comes from a world where because a woman can not survive without a man, the men treat them like garbage. While it is ridiculous that two people who come form warring worlds would fall in love over the course of a few days, Alara’s combination of stockholm syndrome and being given the barest form of kindness from Xander explains her infatuation. Another thing that bothered me was that aside from Earth the women seemed to be treated like second class citizens throughout this universe. The Rystani only have sex in a way that the male is always a dom (completely controlling the sexual situation and the female orgasm) and the woman a sub and any deviation from that is perverse. And they travel to another planet that requires their women to make a huge sacrifice but mentions nothing of the men. What is the point of living in the future with insane technology if women are still treated like they live in the dark ages? The book is written with a overlying theme of men knowing what is best for women. Even men who are aliens and know absolutely nothing about another woman’s culture or biology. As I was reading it I felt like it was written by a man who thinks women just want to be controlled. I won’t be reading the other books in this series.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The most disappointing entry in the series so far, The Ultimatum is ultimately simply about sex. Too much of the action is bogged down in the necessity for 'regeneration' of the heroine so that what could have been an interesting story is sidelined and really not very well developed. Very simplistic and unbeliveable romance between the main characters and little development of the main secondary character. The ending is rather abrupt and unsatisfying.
harstan More than 1 year ago
To live Endekian females need to mate with the men or their cells deteriorate and quickly die. This men control life literally on Endeki as every other year a woman must have a man to prevent the cellular deterioration caused by the Boktai defect. Endekian cellular research scientist Dr. Alara Calladar resents the cavalier enslaved citizenry of women and vows to find a cure for this illness. --- Rystani star pilot Captain Xander abducts Alara because he is in dire need of her uncanny psychic skill of just looking at a person to typecast their DNA molecular structure. He seeks the purebred DNA of the mythological Perceptive Ones as the only potential elixir to prevent a virus from pandemic killing millions or more. However, Alara is in trouble as her biological clock is ticking so she needs what she least wants in life, a man with only Rystani available. He offers to make love with Alara in exchange for her help with stopping the deadly Terran virus. She was unprepared for her cells especially of the heart to adapt to only his lovemaking while he realizes this is his soulmate even if she is a member of an enemy species. --- Though the third science fiction romance in the Kearney universe) see THE CHALLENGE and THE DARE), THE ULTIMATUM is a terrific stand alone thriller that grips the audience once readers understand Alara¿s dilemmas especially involving the deaths of her parents and Xander¿s mission to save the galaxy. The story line is action-packed, but also insures that the lead heroes are full blooded individuals with desires beyond their respective quests. As with the previous two novels, this is a must read for sub-genre fans. --- Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I honestly don't understand these bad reviews. I also don't think there was all this sex, people can be such nit picky. I got the first book for free and bought the rest. I find all the heros and heroines all great chemistry. Fantasy people sometimes readers can't see the nose on their face. Enough said great book. I am starting the 4th book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LDPen More than 1 year ago
This book was poor I could only read the first fees chapters hoping it would get better.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you like hot sex, if you like watching enemies become lovers then this book is for you.  I thought it was awesome.  And so did a lot of readers because I remember when this book made the rint USA Today List.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
When two enemies need one another, diplomacy enters new realms. Alara is a brilliant scientist among the people of her world, but her species' women are cursed by the need to mate at certain intervals or suffer a painful death. She is less than thrilled when that time comes upon her and the one available man is Xander, a man whose allegiance is to her people's enemies and who has come to kidnap her so that her unique talent for being able to see DNA can be used to help find a way to cure a galaxy pandemic. He's only too willing to help out, and the two agree to exchange services for their mutual benefit. Their quest will be long, dangerous, and filled with surprises, and much copulation. ............... This story is bogged down by excessive emphasis on sex and a need to have the past books fresh in one's mind, despite claims that it stands alone. The highlight of the story are the italicized conversations between two semi omnipotent beings, rather like the Q, discussing the fate of the galaxy. ..........Amanda Killgore
Guest More than 1 year ago
Endekian biology holds the women of Endek hostage to the men. Every other year of an Endekian female's adult life she enters into Boktai. This means that her cells begin breaking down. She must mate to regenerate her cells or die. Since the women need the men in order to survive, the men take all their females for granted and treat them badly. This is why Dr. Alara Calladar is determined to find a cure to Boktai. ......................... Captain Xander takes Alara, against her will, to his ship. Xander's mission is to seek out the ancient Perceptive Ones to find a pure form of DNA. Only with this will the galaxy be saved from the strange virus that has invaded all life forms throughout the galaxy. To succeed, Xander needs Alara's ability to look at someone and actually see their DNA. No microscope necessary. ...................... Alara is now trapped aboard Xander's ship. Worse, she is in Boktai. So Xander gives her an ultimatum: He will make love to Alara if she will help him find the cure for the deadly virus. .................... ***** This sci-fi romance is set in the same galaxy as 'The Challenge' and 'The Dare' is. I admit that the synopsis on the book made me wary about how good the story would be, but let me tell you, this book is terrific! This novel is a story in itself, just like the other two, but the author left room for another installment if she so desires. I am very hopeful that another book will be forthcoming. And I strongly urge you to pick up a copy of this tale, if not the entire series. *****