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ISBN-13: 9780841274099
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Publication date: 03/14/2007
Series: ACS Symposium Series , #959
Pages: 290
Product dimensions: 9.10(w) x 6.20(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

1. Overview of Fundamentals of Synthetic Ultra Clean Transportation Fuels Production, John Anderson and Mark Ackiewiicz
2. Ultra-Clean Transportation Fuels From Coal: An Overview, John Shen1, Edward Schmetz, Gary J Stiegel, John C Winslow, Robert M Kornorsky, and Suresh C Jain.
3. NETL's Ultra-Clean Fuels Focus Area: An Overview, Charles E. Taylor, and Anthony V. Cugini
4. Technology Opportunities For Clean Fuels, Paul O'Connor, and Steve Mayo Production from Solid and Liquid Carbonaceous Feedstocks
5. Clean Fuel Production Using PEPS Technology, Ronald J. Patun
6. Effect Of Ultrasonic Irradiation On Enzymatic Transesterification Of Waste Oil To Biodiesel, Hong Wu and Min-hua Zong
7. Improving Enzymatic Transformation Of Waste Edible Oil To Biodiesel By Adding Organic Base, Zhi-feng Chen, Min-Hua Zong, and Hong Wu
8. Catalytic gasification of biomass to produce synthesis gas at low temperature,, Mohammad Asadullah, Kimio Kunimori, and Keiichi Tomishige
9. ExStol - Exelus Synthesis Gas to Liquids Technology, Mitrajit Mukherjee and Sankaran Sundaresan
10. Methane reforming with tungsten carbide catalyst, E.L. Kugler, M.V. Iyer, L. Norcio, and D.B. Dadyburjor
11. The Effect of Pressure on the Carbon Deposition Route in CO2 Reforming of13 CH4 on Noble Metal Catalysts, Christopher D. Johnson and Abolghasem Shamsi Advances in Catalysis
12. Effect of High Surface Area Siliceous Supports on the Structure and Catalytic Performance of Ni2P Catalysts, Yong-Kul Lee and S. Ted. Oyama
13. Direct decomposition of methane to hydrogen on metal loaded zeolite catalyst, Lucia M. Petkovic, Daniel M. Ginosar, Kyle C. Burch, and Harry W. Rollins
14. Product distributions and carbon balances in higher alcohol synthesis using molybdenum-based catalysts, D.B. Dadyburjor, L. Norcio, and E.L Kugler
15. Methanol synthesis activity of SiO2 supported Pd sulfide catalyst and its local structure around Pd atoms investigated by extended X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy, Naoto Koizumi, Kazuhito Murai, Satoshi Takasaki, and Muneyoshi Yamada
16. The Effect of CO, H2S and H2O on the Hydrogen Permeance of Pd-Cu Alloy Membranes, Anthony Cugini1, B.H. Howard2, B.D. Morreale3, O. Iyoha3, and R.E. Enick.
17. Mechanisms of Sulfur and Nitrogen Removal from Liquid Fuel by supercritical fluid, Olubunmi M. Ogunsola
18. Fluid regeneration of deactivated solid alkylation catalyst, David N. Thompson, Daniel M. Ginosar, and Kyle Coates
19. ExSact - Novel solid-acid catalyzed iso-Paraffin alkylation process
20. Cryptomelane as High Capacity Sulfur Dioxide Absorbent for Diesel Emission Control, Liyu Li
21. Adsorption properties change of Ni/Y on sulfur compounds depending on the diesel composition, Chang Hyun Ko, Vinay M. Bhandari, Jung Geun Park, Jong-Nam Kim, Sang Sup Han, and Soon Haeng Cho
22. Screening of potential o-ring swelling additives for ultra-clean transportation fuels, John P. Baltrus, Dirk D. Link, Paul H. Zandhuis (2), and Robert J Gormley.
23. Starting Diesel Engines at Low Temperature—Impact of Ignition Quality, Robert Freerks
Mechanism of Soot Suppression During Diesel Combustion By Water, Daniel T Daly
24. Viscosity of DME diesel fuel blends, Shirish V. Bhide, Andre L. Boehman, and Joseph M. Perez
Process Modeling and Optimization
25. Optimization of Cu-Zn catalyst for methanol synthesis from syngas using simple genetic algorithm, Kohji Omata, Testu Umegaki, Yusuke Watanabe, Gunji Ishiguro, and Muneyoshi Yamada
26. Slurry Bubble Column Reactor Optimization,, Isaac K. Gamwo (1), Dimitri Gidaspow (2), and Jonghwun Jung (2).

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