Ultraviolet: Journeys By DJ

Ultraviolet: Journeys By DJ

by DJ Touche



"Deeper inside myself, I journey inside myself." These words repeat, wrap themselves around lush and sexy beats, and playfully introduce the listener to the idea behind the record. In DJ Touche's Ultraviolet, techno music is used for introspection, a cathartic tool for discovering one's self through repetition and movement. Heady stuff for the dancefloor, but Touche delivers his message with a grace and lucidity rarely seen on mix records. This is dance music with a troubled soul, ever-shifting and reflective while laying down ethereal beats that never stop moving forward. To say Ultraviolet is cohesive is to understate the vision behind the project. Few mix discs have so successfully pulled off a theme like this before. In Touche's universe, dance music does more than shake booties; it also opens a window of thought that is complimentary to the ebb and flow of the record. Although the occasional shout out from hip-hop luminaries such as Eminem and DJ Premier provides the requisite self-promotion, the rest of the mix provides a steady path of music that moves from an ethereal thoughtfulness to a sensual throb seemlessly. Ultraviolet is Touche's way of introducing his absorbing approach to the dance world, and he succeeds splendidly on the 18 tracks here.

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Release Date: 10/15/2002
Label: Journeys By Dj
UPC: 0808665000522
catalogNumber: 5

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