Un-natural Selection

Un-natural Selection

by James Donnelly


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Un-natural Selection by James Donnelly

Genre - A modern speculative mystery, of natural menace.
It is worth noting, that a number of issues in this story, have been inspired by actual events and mirror recent headline reports featured in both the tabloid and broadsheet papers. The scenario therefore, is but a step away from actually happening. A work of fiction...? Well maybe. But the simple notion at the core of this book is so plausible; it would be easy for the reader to assume, that one day... it will happen!
Therefore, as humanity eases its way into world domination, interference on the natural order is inevitable. On the grand scale, there is global warming but at a local level, who knows what those effects might be. For the small Dorset town in this story though, it results in 'left field' consequences taking its community, completely unawares.

Un-natural Selection By James Donnelly

Poor Common is an insignificant patch of scrub and woodland. Its geography typical of cities and towns through out the UK and encroached by humanity in all its forms: roads, houses - people. Like many open spaces, it is a welcome pocket of green in an expanding urban environment and seemingly of little consequence. However, the disappearance of a young child from a house with direct access to this tiny swathe catapults it to global interest.

The Police on the whole are convinced they have their man; a modern monster hiding within the fabric of society. Proof though is the problem for Inspector Patrick Stimpson. A solid copper and naturally suspicious, he is totally unprepared for the reality check that would later be inflicted upon him.

Twenty seven year old Tony Nash, Forest Ranger, self confessed outdoorsman, tanned and gently weathered, has his own problems. With a good working knowledge of what to expect from the relatively benign local wildlife, he is increasingly concerned as disquieting rumours about animals being clinically predated upon, become reality.

The conclusions he draws are ominously disturbing, and not just for the local residents. Long term, the potential repercussions would be devastating to the natural order of this green and pleasant island we call home. With so much at stake, why is he reluctant to come forward?

As the media stirs up Tony's past, the two men eventually cross-swords; the Ranger, relegated to near nutter status by the Inspector, is equally contemptuous. However, in an effort to unlock the secret of Poor Common, they must form an unlikely alliance.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780992822903
Publisher: James Donnelly
Publication date: 03/08/2014
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.73(d)

About the Author

Born 1957 in Gosport , Hampshire, United Kingdom.

I am one of five children and lucky enough to grow up within a happy home environment, noisy, boisterous, occasionally bellicose but always supportive.

Academia... perhaps not my strong point! Like many, only doing just enough to gain a smattering of 'Ó levels. Followed by an 'A' Level a few years later and then an HND in Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management.

Much of my life since leaving college has been involved with hospitality in its various forms, culminating in a twenty two year partnership in an Event Catering Company with a good friend and Co-Director. Within that sector, as many a chef or waitress would tell, lays a wealth of human narratives, from the outrageous and funny to the weird and wonderful. It would not be difficult to recall occasions when one of our own events would go a little off-piste, prompting a, 'you couldn't make it up!' remark, or that's 'one for the book!' Some day I'll get around to it.

Writing is rarely easy, and writing about oneself is an uncomfortable prospect. Arguably nobody knows me better, but still it doesn't feel right. Where to pitch it? How to avoid blowing ones own horn section and yet not to sell oneself short. In my efforts to expound, I came across something that my wife and children put together for a Fathers day. There's no mention of awards or great accolades, no knighthood or anything! But it does seem to sum me up and, much better than I could ever do; reflecting on my interests and hobbies and those things that matter the most to me. To view this summation, visit www.james-donnelly.co.uk and go to my Bio page.

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