Unbreak My Heart

Unbreak My Heart

by Melissa Walker

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Unbreak My Heart by Melissa Walker

You can't help who you fall in love with. It's a lesson Clementine Williams knows all too well. She's headed into the summer with a broken heart and zero social life. So even though her parents' plan to spend the summer (trapped) on their sailboat should make Clem break out in hives, she doesn't really mind the chance to float away for a while. Even if it means most of her social interaction will be with her nine-year-old sister. Then she meets James at one of their stops on the Great Loop-a classic sailing track in the US. He and his dad are sailing the same track and he's just the distraction Clem needs. But will he be able to break down Clem's walls and heal her broken heart?
Told in alternating chapters that chronicle the year that broke Clem's heart and the summer that healed it, Unbreak My Heart is a wonderful dual love story from magazine writer/editor and rising star, Melissa Walker.

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ISBN-13: 9781599908274
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Publication date: 05/22/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 700,035
File size: 2 MB
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

MELISSA WALKER has worked as ELLEgirl Features Editor and Seventeen Prom Editor. She is the author of the Violet on the Runway series as well as Lovestruck Summer. Melissa manages a daily newsletter, iheartdaily.com, and handles blogging for readergirlz.com, an online book community that won a National Book Award for Innovations in Reading. She grew up in Chapel Hill, NC and now lives in Brooklyn, NY. Melissa sailed part of the Great Loop with her own parents.
MELISSA WALKER has worked as ELLEgirl Features Editor and Seventeen Prom Editor. She is the author of Small Town Sinners, the Violet on the Runway series, and Lovestruck Summer. Melissa manages the daily e-newsletter, iheartdaily.com and handles blogging for readergirlz.com.

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Unbreak My Heart 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
mrsinserra More than 1 year ago
Unbreak My Heart is a super cute teen read. It is a book that many teenagers will be able to connect with; even some adults might enjoy this book, especially those who can still connect with their inner teenager, like I try to! This book is about a girl who was deeply hurt, and in some ways betrayed, by her best friend and her best friend’s boyfriend, who was also her friend. You do not really understand what happened that made her BFF hate her, you really don’t completely understand what happened until near the end. It hurt me to see Clem beating herself up all the time; I kept thinking more had to have happened than was being said, but that is not the case, not really. As an adult, I can look back at this and say, gosh why did you let this come between you two? It is only high school, and the beginning of it at that. But then I remember, oh yeah, in HS every boyfriend is the one you are going to marry, so I get it. But, overall, I actually ended up really disliking Amanda and I don’t think Ethan had a redeeming quality. I think the best thing about this book was that Clem’s parents were real honest to goodness parents. They were there for her and as annoying as we adults remember our parents being, at least at times. They were the kind of parents that I hope to be when we have kids. They were there to listen to Clem when she was ready to talk, but did not push her. They did not act like her best friend, but rather like the adult parents that they were. I also loved Clem’s sister, Olive; anyone who has or had a little sister will totally be able to connect with Clem on how annoying being trailed by your little sis can be, especially when you are trying to make out with a cute boy. She made me LOL! Now on to the romance part, James. He is not your average love interest in a book, he isn’t super hot, or a bad boy. He is just a regular kid who was also traveling with his father by boat on the same course as Clem’s family and another couple who makes recurring appearances in the story. The reader does not realize what James’ demons are until after James turns away. Even then, it takes a bit for the truth to come out, though it was easy enough for me to guess beforehand. In the end, this is a great “summer beach read” for a YA. It is the perfect YA book in all respects. The main characters have parents and siblings, both of which many readers will be able to connect with. The main characters are normal teenagers dealing with normal teenage things, things that even we adults dealt with all those years ago. This book tackles tough topics that YA have to deal with, one I won’t mention so I don’t ruin the story, trouble with boys, and fights with your best friend, for example. Another reason this is a great YA book, there is absolutely no sex or violence. There is romance and the mention of making out, but there are no details and no sex, not even alluded to. This is a great book for teachers and parents to recommend to their kids to read. This book would appeal more to girls, since the story is told from the POV of a teenage girl. I would highly recommend it to girls in 7th grade- adults. I received this book as an ARC. I do not get paid to review books; I do so in order to assist you in recognizing books that you might enjoy and also to assist parents and teachers in recommending appropriate books for your kids to read. Please read more of my reviews on my blog: sarahereads(dot)wordpress(dot
BlkosinerBookBlog More than 1 year ago
This is such an emotional story, somehow perfectly blended with that summer/beach read, and it was just what I needed. Clem went through something that affected her so much, and it speaks volume towards friendship, and what happens when trust is broken. But I am sympathetic to her, and I toally wanted to root for her and Ethan in that point of view, except for I knew what she knew, and that made it so much harder. Ethan is her best friend's boyfriend. But they go so well together, and I just wish that she would've spoken up before Amanda went after him, but I guess if that happened, then we wouldn't really have a story. And let me just say that Melissa Walker has a gift of writing chemistry and longing if she can make me understand and want it to work out when it involves cheating. It's such a hard issue, but she tackled it well, and I am glad that there's the back and forth where we see she learned from it and the ramifications. It's more than just about the boy too, its about a lost friendship. This is also a new way where I've fallen for both boys, but its unique because its in the past and present, because James aka Red is totally awesome too. I love his humor and his understanding. I also appreciate the ties of family, between Clem and her sister, between her and their parents. I love how her parents push but not too much, how they care without managing to suffocate. It is special to me when parents play a huge role in a book, and Melissa pulls it off well.
NicAwesomeOle More than 1 year ago
Clementine and her family are boat people. Actually, Clem’s family is made up of boat people. Clem would rather spend sometime using her newly-acquired driver’s license, checking up on Facebook and doing any number of normal things for a 16 year old girl. Except nothing is, or ever will be, normal again because Clem has committed the ultimate no-no: She fell in love with her best friend’s boyfriend. Throughout her sophomore novel, author Melissa Walker continues to show her innate understanding of the adolescent mind and the problems they face, as well as the concepts on their minds. While this novel is different than Small Town Sinners, it is no less a compelling read. I was intrigued by NetGalley’s description of the novel, but when I realized the author, I knew I had to read it and proceeded to devour it. I really enjoyed her first book, and this was similar. I want to thank NetGalley and the Publisher for giving me the opportunity to read and review this. I think that fans of young adult literature will enjoy Clem’s character and circumstances. I loved that Clem is a writer, that she journals and that she realizes (possibly too late) the bigger implications of her feelings and actions. Her family and her extended ‘boat family’ are secondary characters, but very clear and enjoyable. There are very few loose ends by the end of the book and I felt this is one of my favorite YA reads of the year.
Buried-in-Books More than 1 year ago
iThis was a nice pleasant summer read. It not quite being summer, I didn't get to enjoy it by the pool or outside but the feeling was the same. Clem made a mistake and fell for her best friend's boyfriend. But everyone seemed to forget that there were two people that did something wrong. Actually it was more of a flirtation and Clem tried to stop it. Her best friend, Amanda, blamed her for something that never happened. And everyone chose a side. Not Clem's. But it wouldn't matter because Clem thinks she's the worst person in the world. Even if you chose her side, she'd push you away. She wouldn't take your comfort. She is sure she is the worst person on the face of the earth. This is one of those books that reminds me of how MAJOR everything seems when you're a teenager. It reminds me of how great that first kiss was and how awful that first breakup was. How bad it felt to not get asked to the dance and how great it felt to go out on my first date. How BIG everything felt. And how it was all about ME. Because when I was a teenager, the world revolved around me. I was so focused on fitting in and being what everyone wanted the slightest blip was a huge ordeal. And that's where Clem is right when the story starts. The world has shut down because she made a mistake and her best friend unfriended her on Facebook and her heart is broken. Thankfully she's spending the summer on a sailboat with her family instead of skulking around the house or her job at the mall. But spending time on a small boat with her family doesn't give her a lot of grieving time or feeling sorry for herself and then there is this cute happy, puppy dog like guy that is at every stop they make that gets under her skin and his mood is kind of contagious. He was contagious off the page as much as on the page. I looked forward to reading about him. He and Clem, oh his name is James and he is an artist and sensitive, and Crazy Olive, Clem's little sister spend the summer together swimming, fishing, eating together and exploring. It's very sweet how James includes Olive in their outings and makes her feel welcome. The story goes back and forth between past and present as Clem tries to write a letter to Amanda about what happened and then she thinks back on the flirtation that went on between her and Ethan, Amanda's boyfriend. It's chronicled for us, though the big reveal is a bit of a disappointment considering all the fuss . But this is a very enjoyable coming of age story, at least I think that's what it's billed as. I'd say it's about a girl that makes a mistake and gets a blessed amount of time away from the situation to get a clearer picture of what really happened. With time and the love of her family, she's able to see things for what they really are and unbreak her own heart. It's a lovely story with a sweet romance. I recommend it for anyone that loves romance or YA contemporary. I do have to say that James has his own kind of heartbreak he is dealing with this summer and though he doesn't show it, he shares it with Clem. At one point in the story, he needs Clem's parents' help and I found myself sobbing through this part of the story. I really, really loved James with his happy attitude, always making people feel good, young and old. And in his time of crisis, I fell apart. My heart broke for him. I was really surprised that I had such a strong reaction, but I did. Sign of a great story, when it makes you cry.
MissPrint More than 1 year ago
Clementine made a big mistake her sophomore year. It started with a series of little mistakes and foolish decisions but by the end Clemetine had broken one of the most important rules of friendship. That was two weeks ago. Now, heartbroken and friendless, Clementine is about to embark on a three month sailing trip with her parents and her little sister, Olive, on The Possibility. Last year the trip sounded like a horrible, faraway idea. Now that it's here, Clem is surprised to realize it might be exactly what she needs. Three months is a long time to be on a boat with nowhere to go and nothing to do. It's a long time to have no one around except your family and the other boaters on your route. It's an even longer time to be miserable. Not that Clem deserves to be anything else after what she did. But as The Possibility sails farther from home and Clem really thinks about what happened, she begins to realize that being miserable won't actually fix anything--if she wants to move forward, Clem has to do that herself in Unbreak My Heart (2012) by Melissa C. Walker. Unbreak My Heart is a fizzy, adorable story about a girl who made a really bad choice and what she is doing to move beyond it. Alternating between scenes of Clem's summer trip and memories of what happened during the school year, Walker tempers Clem's past with a strong dose of retrospection so that she is always a sympathetic and approachable protagonist. The reveal of what ultimately went wrong is also well-handled providing a good balance between teasing asides and actual facts. The pacing is excellent and Walker does an excellent job of unfolding Clem's complicated motivations and choices throughout the story. Although the core of the story comes from a complicated issue, the plot is charmingly simple as Clem comes back to herself on the sailing trip and meets other boaters (including a cute boy) who help her put her own mistake in perspective as she starts to heal. I also loved that Clem's family played such a huge role in the story with a sister that I would definitely hang out with and parents who are refreshingly present and helpful and supportive throughout the story. I know it's hard sometimes to have excitement and growth in the same story as parents but I wish more books could find that balance as easily as Unbreak My Heart. Another dimension is added to the story by Clem's repeated attempts to write a letter to her best friend as she tries to explain herself. (Not to mention a totally realistic, unobtrusive integration of social networks.) I tend to be extremely skeptical of reconciliation plots because they seem simplified and idealistic but it works in this one. Unbreak My Heart features one of the only reconciliation plots that felt not only legitimate but necessary. I'm absolutely rooting for Clem and her best friend. As the title might suggest, there is some romance and a whole lot of flirting but what I most enjoyed about this story is the romantic parts are very secondary to Clem's own understanding of what she has done and what she wants to happen next. Filled with idyllic sailing scenes, lots of humor, and some very wise ruminations on what friendship really means, Unbreak My Heart is a surprising, enchanting story about fresh starts and healing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. It was a perfect short-read and I recommend it to anyone thinking about reading it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
VysBlog More than 1 year ago
Clementine didn't finish off Sophomore year on a good note. Now she’s caught in this awkward situation of almost cheating with her best friend’s boyfriend. The story is told in alternating chapters that tell the story of how she broke her heart and how she healed it. Clementine started off with a moody attitude, but slowly grew on me with her personality. She was definitely someone I could see myself becoming friends with. The whole family aspect of the book was one of my favorites. They were this fun, close family that was easy to relate to. Olive, Clementine’s sister, was such a fun person to read about. She’s always honest, sometimes even brutally honest, that only result in interesting conversations.  What is another one of my favorite things? Nice guys. Yupp. NICE GUYS. And there just happens to be one named James. I liked him from the moment he showed up. He’s just this all around great, funny, and artistic guy. Clementine literally bumped into James during one of her stops and ever since then the two slowly got to know each other. This book was just full of awesome. I absolutely adored every moment of Unbreak My Heart. Not only did I love the characters and the beautiful setting, but I also loved Melissa’s writing style. It was easy to get lost in the pages and fall in love right along with Clementine. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
soo good! 
ImaginaryReads More than 1 year ago
Unbreak My Heart is a heartbreaking novel about love, friendship, and forgiveness. My heart despaired along with Clem's, and I wanted to walk up to her and give her the hug that she needed. Clem is the insecure teenage girl that we can all relate to. She isn't bad at heart; she never meant to hurt anyone. She just couldn't stop her growing feelings for her best friend's boyfriend--and that's what love is. It's something that we can't control. It is true that we can control our actions, something Clem could have done better, and she suffers the consequences, as we find out through Clem's alternating narration of the past and present. Clem's heart breaks when her best friend of forever (Amanda) ditches her after finding out that Clem and her boyfriend Ethan's relationship wasn't as innocent as she thought. While the two never really "hook up," Clem betrayed Amanda emotionally, and that's bad enough to start the rumors--and make Clem a social pariah while nobody blames Ethan. At first, I really despised Amanda, and I was annoyed with Clem for thinking of herself as a bad person. As I learned more about their relationship over the course of the novel, the two grew on me. While I never really felt like I got to know Amanda, Clem's character matures when she meets James. James was by far my favorite character. He has unique personality that goes along with his red hair. Together, he and Clem's younger sister Olive are the ones who get her to stop moping around and bring the smile back to her face. James is the one who brings her back to real life. One of my favorite parts of the novels is how old songs, films, and ships are worked into the novel. It is music and a shared taste for the classics that brings Clem and Ethan together. It is a sailing trip that brings Clem and James together, and their shared flair for individuality brings them closer. I enjoyed learning more about life on the water. The family getaway is just what Clem needed to heal her broken heart, especially as James is around to show Clem what a real relationship is about. This is a book that can be easily finished in one sitting. I wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for a light summer read filled with sunshines and smiles from start to finish. However, you won't regret picking up this book. It is a beautiful contemporary read that looks into relationships of all kinds (from family to friends to love).
BookPortrait More than 1 year ago
This book had a lot of buzz around it, and the night that I picked it up to read, it seemed like it would be the right mix of poignant and sweet. Unbreak My Heart explores different sides of heartbreak and the pain that any loss can cause, but as the title suggests, it also shows healing. Clementine Williams' sophomore year was fine...until people found out that she had fallen for her best friend Amanda's boyfriend. Because of that, Clem was shunned by her friends and looking forward to a summer with no plans, until her parents tell her that they will be sailing along the river. Clem is looking forward to escaping into her room with her music, but her family's first stop on the journey changes that. She meets a boy her age, James, in a store, and soon they are running into each other quite frequently. But Clem knows she isn't a good person - after all, her lifelong friends still won't talk to her. Neither her parents nor her little sister Olive can cheer her up. But could James be just the medicine that her heart needs? Unbreak My Heart is told with a dual narrative, alternating pieces of Clem's sophomore year with the events of the summer on the river. I loved that the story unfolded gradually and that we still learned more about Clem as the book went on. I also enjoyed getting to know her family. Her parents were involved and caring, and her little sister Olive was adorable - just like what I always imagined a little sister would be like. Then there was James. I have to admit that I am a sucker for tortured artists - and with James being an incredible artist who was hiding secrets, I found him incredibly swoon-worthy. Their relationship felt real and was developed over time, and it was by no means issue-free. I appreciated how Clem gradually realized what was really bothering her and started learning how to be okay with the way thing were. And as for Ethan...even though he seemed perfect at first, he is also a great example of how the perfect person isn't always perfect for you. Even though this book was full of emotion and definitely worth the read, it wasn't as moving as I was expecting. Perhaps it was a case of my expectations being too high, or perhaps it was because I had issues with some of the characters. Amanda disappointed me, and to be honest, I wish that Clem would have stood up for herself better. Even so, the story was sweet, and I enjoyed reading about the summer on the river. Whether you're looking for something about first love or recovery from first crushes, Unbreak My Heart is a great summer read. Now that I've read this, I will definitely have to read Melissa Walker's Small Town Sinners and any other books that she might write!
Suzie_Beth17 More than 1 year ago
such a cute story about heartbreak, loss. mistakes. and new beginnings
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was a really good book. It was cute and easy read book. I could not put it down and when I had to the minute I could read it again I did. It has a story line that keeps you guessing and wondering every second. At least it did for me. I highly recommend this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Falln2books More than 1 year ago
Unbreak My Heart is a bildungsroman (coming of age story... sorry I used to be an English major, haha) that teaches about love and forgiveness. The characters are well-developed, and the plot will draw the reader in. Furthermore, Unbreak My Heart brings up an important social issue, gender double-standards in contemporary society. All of that combined with the summer and vacation setting make this book a perfect summer read. I really enjoyed the way Walker told this story. She told it from alternating points in time. One chapter would be in the present, and the next chapter would be in the past/a flashback of what happened with Clementine, Ethan, and the fall out between Clem and her friends. It was shocking, yet accurate, to see the double-standard at play. I can't believe that no one seemed to blame Ethan at all. I really wasn't his biggest fan. I did love James, though. And Olive, Clem's younger sister, was the highlight of the book for me. She was fantastic! I also didn't understand why Amanda was so important to Clem. I mean yea, if my best friend messed around with my boyfriend, I'd probably disown her, but I'd disown him, too. I would treat them both the same. However, everyone makes mistakes. Clem grows a lot throughout the novel, and I think she learned some valuable lessons because of what she did and what happened to her. I doubt she'd be that selfish again. Walker did a terrific job of showing instead of telling, and I was able to pretty much feel what Clem felt. I felt bad for her, but I was angry at her for being such a brat, too. At some points, her depression was a bit much to take, but she was authentically a teenager. Her emotions were more turbulent than the water they were sailing on at points, but that's typical for someone her age. I was drawn into the story immediately and couldn't put the book down until I was finished. It's a quick and short read, only 240 pages, and the pacing is perfect. Nothing is rushed or dragged out. I didn't feel like we reached a resolution between Clem, Amanda, and Ethan at the end of the story. It was a happy ending, and I know that the story is supposed to be about Clem's journey to self-forgiveness and personal growth. However, I would have liked to see the after and how things went for her a few months down the road as well. Just a small snippet to keep me from being so curious. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. As I said, it's the perfect summer read. I'd recommend this story to anyone. You should take it on vacation with you and read it while you're relaxing on the beach. That's what I did!
bookandlatte More than 1 year ago
Unbreak My Heart is a story about friendship and family. After Clementine falls for her best friend’s boyfriend, Ethan, and is ostracized by all of her friends, all she wants to do for the summer is stay home, read, and drown in self-hatred. Instead, she’s forced to spend her summer sailing with her parents and little sister. This story really is a dual love story that’s told in alternating chapters, and I loved it. With this format, you’re able to see how Clem’s relationship with Ethan (her BFF’s boyfriend) develops and you can’t help but sympathize with her. They have so much in common, and he’s charming and flirtatious – his actions should be unforgiveable, but no, it’s always the girl’s fault so she’s the only one shunned by all their friends. I really liked Clementine as a character – she’s flawed, human, and I liked seeing how she grew from her mistake. Clementine spends the summer grieving her friendship with Amanda, hating her self for ruining their relationship, and analyzing her actions. She meets James, whose family is sailing the same route as hers, at a marina… He’s upbeat, and always tries to see the best in things, despite his own family problems. The romance between Clem and James is sweet and builds up slowly. I loved James with his blue eyes and red hair, and was rooting for them the entire time! I absolutely loved that this story is set is on a sailboat, on the water, and at the marinas they visit. As much as I loved the setting, my favorite thing about this novel was Clem’s family. Olive is the best little sister ever, and her parents are so loving and supportive. They give Clem unconditional love, and along with James help her accept, and move past her mistakes. Teenagers often take their family for granted, and I loved how the point of sailing for the summer was to spend time as a family. Unbreak My Heart pulled at my heartstrings – it made me cry, but it also made me smile. It’s a fantastic contemporary that shouldn’t be missed, add it to your to-be-read list or better yet, pick up a copy today!
lovepassionbooks More than 1 year ago
I need to read more books that are set in the summer because the whole book always puts a smile on my face! I love them so much that I just can not get enough of them. And this book was no exception. This book made me try to convince my husband that we need to buy a boat so when we have kids we can take them on adventures such as these.... true story, he told me no. :( Clem is sixteen. This is the time of her life were everything is falling into place! She has great friends, a great social life, and a great family. She has it made. But in her eyes she is about to ruin it all. She does the unthinkable...she fell for her best friend's boyfriend. I know that if this would happen to me, I would flip a lid. But nothing happened between them, it just looked that way. And now her and her best are not talking and she is supposed to embark on a adventure with her family sailing down the Mississippi River. If you were a sixteen year old girl and you had this much drama in your life, a family vacation is not going to help it. While on this vacation she meets James. James is sailing with his dad on the same route. It is meant to be. But James and Clem are both hiding secrets about their lives. But everything is about to come out and thrown on the table. How is James going handle Clem's secret and how is Clem going deal with James's secret? This book was AMAZING! If I didn't have to go to work today, I would have stayed up all night reading this book. If you love the Jenny Han books, the summer series, you will love this book. It had everything that a pretty awesome book should have. It had a summer romance, heartache, and drama. Everything that is needs!!! If you want a good read that keeps you wanting more, this book is defiantly for you!