Unbreakable (Legion Series #1)

Unbreakable (Legion Series #1)

by Kami Garcia


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I never believed in ghosts.
Until one tried to kill me.

When Kennedy Waters finds her mother dead, she doesn't realize that paranormal forces are responsible—not until mysterious identical twins Jared and Lukas Lockhart break into her room and destroy a deadly spirit sent to kill her.

Kennedy learns that her mother's death was no accident, and now she has to take her place in the Legion of the Black Dove—a secret society formed to protect the world from a vengeful demon. A society left in the hands of a misfit group of teens with unique skills: Jared, combat trained, with a temper to match; Lukas, rogue hacker and code breaker; Alara, whose attitude is as powerful as her voodoo protections; and Priest, an engineer capable of making a weapon out of a soda can.

As the teens use their individual talents to battle paranormal entities, they earn their rightful places in the Legion—except for Kennedy, who is left wondering if she is truly one of them.

Can she stay alive long enough to find out—without losing her heart in the process?

Protect Yourself.
What you can't see CAN hurt you.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780316210188
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Publication date: 05/06/2014
Series: Kami Garcia's Legion Series , #1
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.00(d)
Lexile: HL670L (what's this?)
Age Range: 12 - 18 Years

About the Author

Kami Garcia is the #1 New York Times bestselling coauthor of Beautiful Creatures, which is now a major motion picture. Unbreakable is her first solo novel and the first book in the Legion series. Kami lives in Maryland with her family and her dogs, Spike and Oz, named after characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You can find her online at www.kamigarcia.com and on Twitter @kamigarcia.

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By Kami Garcia

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Copyright © 2014 Kami Garcia
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-0-316-21017-1



As my bare feet sank into the wet earth, I tried not to think about the dead bodies buried beneath me. I had passed this tiny graveyard a handful of times but never at night, and always outside the boundaries of its peeling iron gates.

I would've given anything to be standing outside them now.

In the moonlight, rows of weathered headstones exposed the neat stretch of lawn for what it truly was—the grassy lid of an enormous coffin.

A branch snapped, and I spun around.

"Elvis?" I searched for a trace of my cat's gray and white ringed tail.

Elvis never ran away, usually content to thread his way between my ankles whenever I opened the door—until tonight. He had taken off so fast that I didn't even have time to grab my shoes, and I had chased him eight blocks until I ended up here.

Muffled voices drifted through the trees, and I froze.

On the other side of the gates, a girl wearing blue and gray Georgetown University sweats passed underneath the pale glow of the lamppost. Her friends caught up with her, laughing and stumbling down the sidewalk. They reached one of the academic buildings and disappeared inside.

It was easy to forget that the cemetery was in the middle of a college campus. As I walked deeper into the uneven rows, the lampposts vanished behind the trees, and the clouds plunged the graveyard in and out of shadow. I ignored the whispers in the back of my mind urging me to go home.

Something moved in my peripheral vision—a flash of white.

I scanned the stones, now completely bathed in black.

Come on, Elvis. Where are you?

Nothing scared me more than the dark. I liked to see what was coming, and darkness was a place where things could hide.

Think about something else.

The memory closed in before I could stop it....

My mother's face hovering above mine as I blinked myself awake. The panic in her eyes as she pressed a finger over her lips, signaling me to be quiet. The cold floor against my feet as we made our way to her closet, where she pushed aside the dresses.

"Someone's in the house," she whispered, pulling a board away from the wall to reveal a small opening. "Stay here until I come back. Don't make a sound."

I squeezed inside as she worked the board back into place. I had never experienced absolute darkness before. I stared at a spot inches in front of me, where my palm rested on the board. But I couldn't see it.

I closed my eyes against the blackness. There were sounds—the stairs creaking, furniture scraping against the floor, muffled voices—and one thought replaying over and over in my mind.

What if she didn't come back?

Too terrified to see if I could get out from the inside, I kept my hand on the wood. I listened to my ragged breathing, convinced that whoever was in the house could hear it, too.

Eventually, the wood gave beneath my palm and a thin stream of light flooded the space. My mom reached for me, promising the intruders had fled. As she carried me out of her closet, I couldn't hear anything beyond the pounding of my heart, and I couldn't think about anything except the crushing weight of the dark.

I was only five when it happened, but I still remembered every minute in the crawl space. It made the air around me now feel suffocating. Part of me wanted to go home, with or without my cat.

"Elvis, get out here!"

Something shifted between the chipped headstones in front of me.


A silhouette emerged from behind a stone cross.

I jumped, a tiny gasp escaping my lips. "Sorry." My voice wavered. "I'm looking for my cat."

The stranger didn't say a word.

Sounds intensified at a dizzying rate—branches breaking, leaves rustling, my pulse throbbing. I thought about the hundreds of unsolved crime shows I'd watched with my mom that began exactly like this—a girl standing alone somewhere she shouldn't be, staring at the guy who was about to attack her.

I stepped back, thick mud pushing up around my ankles like a hand rooting me to the spot.

Please don't hurt me.

The wind cut through the graveyard, lifting tangles of long hair off the stranger's shoulders and the thin fabric of a white dress from her legs.

Her legs.

Relief washed over me. "Have you seen a gray and white Siamese cat? I'm going to kill him when I find him."


Her dress caught the moonlight, and I realized it wasn't a dress at all. She was wearing a nightgown. Who wandered around a cemetery in their nightgown?

Someone crazy.

Or someone sleepwalking.

You aren't supposed to wake a sleepwalker, but I couldn't leave her out here alone at night either.

"Hey? Can you hear me?"

The girl didn't move, gazing at me as if she could see my features in the darkness. An empty feeling unfolded in the pit of my stomach. I wanted to look at something else—anything but her unnerving stare.

My eyes drifted down to the base of the cross.

The girl's feet were as bare as mine, and it looked like they weren't touching the ground.

I blinked hard, unwilling to consider the other possibility. It had to be an effect of the moonlight and the shadows. I glanced at my own feet, caked in mud, and back to hers.

They were pale and spotless.

A flash of white fur darted in front of her and rushed toward me.


I grabbed him before he could get away. He hissed at me, clawing and twisting violently until I dropped him. My heart hammered in my chest as he darted across the grass and squeezed under the gate.

I looked back at the stone cross.

The girl was gone, the ground nothing but a smooth, untouched layer of mud.

Blood from the scratches trailed down my arm as I crossed the graveyard, trying to reason away the girl in the white nightgown.

Silently reminding myself that I didn't believe in ghosts.



When I stumbled back onto the well-lit sidewalk, there was no sign of Elvis. A guy with a backpack slung over his shoulder walked by and gave me a strange look when he noticed I was barefoot, and covered in mud up to my ankles. He probably thought I was a pledge.

My hands didn't stop shaking until I hit O Street, where the shadows of the campus ended and the lights of the DC traffic began. Tonight, even the tourists posing for pictures at the top of The Exorcist stairs were somehow reassuring.

The cemetery suddenly felt miles away, and I started second-guessing myself.

The girl in the graveyard hadn't been hazy or transparent like the ghosts in movies. She had looked like a regular girl.

Except she was floating.

Wasn't she?

Maybe the moonlight had only made it appear that way. And maybe the girl's feet weren't muddy because the ground where she'd been standing was dry. By the time I reached my block, lined with row houses crushed together like sardines, I convinced myself there were dozens of explanations.

Elvis lounged on our front steps, looking docile and bored. I considered leaving him outside to teach him a lesson, but I loved that stupid cat.

I still remembered the day my mom bought him for me. I came home from school crying because we'd made Father's Day gifts in class, and I was the only kid without a father. Mine had walked away when I was five and never looked back. My mom had wiped my tears and said, "I bet you're also the only kid in your class getting a kitten today."

Elvis had turned one of my worst days into one of my best.

I opened the door, and he darted inside. "You're lucky I let you in."

The house smelled like tomatoes and garlic, and my mom's voice drifted into the hallway. "I've got plans this weekend. Next weekend, too. I'm sorry, but I have to run. I think my daughter just came home. Kennedy?"

"Yeah, Mom."

"Were you at Elle's? I was about to call you."

I stepped into the doorway as she hung up the phone. "Not exactly."

She threw me a quick glance, and the wooden spoon slipped out of her hand and hit the floor, sending a spray of red sauce across the white tile. "What happened?"

"I'm fine. Elvis ran off, and it took forever to catch him."

Mom rushed over and examined the angry claw marks. "Elvis did this? He's never scratched anyone before."

"I guess he freaked out when I grabbed him."

Her gaze dropped to my mud-caked feet. "Where were you?"

I prepared for the standard lecture Mom issued whenever I went out at night: always carry your cell phone, don't walk alone, stay in well-lit areas, and her personal favorite—scream first and ask questions later. Tonight, I had violated them all.

"The old Jesuit cemetery?" My answer sounded more like a question—as in, exactly how upset was she going to be?

Mom stiffened and she drew in a sharp breath. "I'd never go into a graveyard at night," she responded automatically, as though it was something she'd said a thousand times before. Except it wasn't.

"Suddenly you're superstitious?"

She shook her head and looked away. "Of course not. You don't have to be superstitious to know that secluded places are dangerous at night."

I waited for the lecture.

Instead, she handed me a wet towel. "Wipe off your feet and throw that away. I don't want dirt from a cemetery in my washing machine."

Mom rummaged through the junk drawer until she found a giant Band-Aid that looked like a leftover from my Big Wheel days.

"Who were you talking to on the phone?" I asked, hoping to change the subject.

"Just someone from work."

"Did that someone ask you out?"

She frowned, concentrating on my arm. "I'm not interested in dating. One broken heart is enough for me." She bit her lip. "I didn't mean—"

"I know what you meant." My mom had cried herself to sleep for what felt like months after my dad left. I still heard her sometimes.

After she bandaged my arm, I sat on the counter while she finished the marinara sauce. Watching her cook was comforting. It made the cemetery feel even farther away.

She dipped her finger in the pot and tasted the sauce before taking the pan off the stove.

"Mom, you forgot the red pepper flakes."

"Right." She shook her head and forced a laugh.

My mom could've held her own with Julia Child, and marinara was her signature dish. She was more likely to forget her own name than the secret ingredient. I almost called her on it, but I felt guilty. Maybe she was imagining me in one of those unsolved crime shows.

I hopped down from the counter. "I'm going upstairs to draw."

She stared out the kitchen window, preoccupied. "Mmm ... that's a good idea. It will probably make you feel better."

Actually, it wouldn't make me feel anything.

That was the point.

As long as my hand kept moving over the page, my problems disappeared, and I was somewhere or someone else for a little while. My drawings were fueled by a world only I could see—a boy carrying his nightmares in a sack as bits and pieces spilled out behind him, or a mouthless man banging away at the keys of a broken typewriter in the dark.

Like the piece I was working on now.

I stood in front of my easel and studied the girl perched on a rooftop, with one foot hanging tentatively over the edge. She stared at the ground below, her face twisted in fear. Delicate blue-black swallow wings stretched out from her dress. The fabric was torn where the wings had ripped through it, growing from her back like the branches of a tree.

I read somewhere that if a swallow builds a nest on your roof, it will bring you good luck. But if it abandons the nest, you'll have nothing but misfortune. Like so many things, the bird could be a blessing or a curse, a fact the girl bearing its wings knew too well.

I fell asleep thinking about her. Wondering what it would be like to have wings if you were too scared to fly.

I woke up the next morning exhausted. My dreams had been plagued with sleepwalking girls floating in graveyards. Elvis was curled up on the pillow next to me. I scratched his ears, and he jumped to the floor.

I didn't drag myself out of bed until Elle showed up in the afternoon. She never bothered to call before she came over. The idea that someone might not want to see her would never occur to Elle, a quality I'd envied from the moment we met in seventh grade.

Now she was sprawled on my bed in a sea of candy wrappers, flipping through a magazine while I stood in front of my easel.

"A bunch of people are going to the movies tonight," Elle said. "What are you wearing?"

"I told you I'm staying home."

"Because of that pathetic excuse for a guy who's going to be the starting receiver at community college when we graduate?" Elle asked, in the dangerous tone she reserved for people who made the mistake of hurting someone she cared about.

My stomach dropped. Even after a few weeks, the wound was still fresh.

"Because I didn't get any sleep." I left out the part about the girl in the graveyard. If I started thinking about her, I'd have another night of bad dreams ahead of me.

"You can sleep when you're dead." Elle tossed the magazine on the floor. "And you can't hide in your room every weekend. You're not the one who should be embarrassed."

I dropped a piece of charcoal in the tackle box on the floor and wiped my hands on my overalls. "I think getting dumped because you won't let your boyfriend use you as a cheat sheet rates pretty high on the humiliation scale."

I should've been suspicious when one of the cutest guys in school asked me to help him bring up his history grade so he wouldn't get kicked off the football team. Especially when it was Chris, the quiet guy who had moved from one foster home to another—and someone I'd had a crush on for years. Still, with the highest GPA in History and all my other classes, I was the logical choice.

I just didn't realize that Chris knew why.

The first few years of elementary school, my eidetic memory was a novelty. Back then, I referred to it as photographic, and kids thought it was cool that I could memorize pages of text in only a few seconds. Until we got older, and they realized I didn't have to study to earn higher grades than them. By the time I hit junior high, I had learned how to hide my "unfair advantage," as the other students and their parents called it when they complained to my teachers.

These days, only a handful of my friends knew. At least, that's what I'd thought.

Chris was smarter than everyone assumed. He put in the time when it came to History—and me. Three weeks. That's how long it took before he kissed me. Two more weeks before he called me his girlfriend.

One more week before he asked if I'd let him copy off me during our midterm.

Seeing him at school and pretending I was fine when he cornered me with his half-assed apologies was hard enough. "I didn't mean to hurt you, Kennedy. But school isn't as easy for me as it is for you. A scholarship is my only chance to get out of here. I thought you understood that."

I understood perfectly, which was the reason I didn't want to run into him tonight.

"I'm not going."

Elle sighed. "He won't be there. The team has an away game."

"Fine. But if any of his loser friends are there, I'm leaving."

She headed for the bathroom with her bag and a smug smile. "I'll start getting ready."

I picked at the half inch of black charcoal under my nails. They would require serious scrubbing unless I wanted to look like a mechanic. The giant Band-Aid on my arm already made me look like a burn victim. At least the theater would be dark.

The front door slammed downstairs, and Mom appeared in the hallway a moment later. "Staying home tonight?"

"I wish." I tilted my head toward the bathroom. "Elle's making me go to the movies with her."

"And you're okay with that?" Mom tried to sound casual, but I knew what she was worried about. She had baked brownies and listened to me cry about Chris for weeks.

"He's not going to be there."

She smiled. "Sounds dangerous. You run the risk of having a good time." Then her expression changed, and she was all business. "Do you have cash?"

"Thirty bucks."

"Is your cell charged?"

I pointed to my nightstand, where my phone was plugged in. "Yep."

"Will anyone be drinking?"

"Mom, we're going to a movie, not a party."

"If for some reason there is drinking—"

I cut her off, reciting the rest by heart. "I'll call you and you'll pick me up, no questions asked, no consequences."

She tugged on the strap of my overalls. "Is this what you're wearing? It's a good look."

"Grunge is coming back. I'm ahead of the curve."

Mom walked over to the easel. She put her arm around me, leaning her head against mine. "You're so talented, and I can barely draw a straight line. You certainly didn't get it from me."

We ignored the other possible source.

Excerpted from Unbreakable by Kami Garcia. Copyright © 2014 Kami Garcia. Excerpted by permission of Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Unbreakable 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 34 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Super great book if you're into murder,mistery, romance, and paranormal things
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was the greatest book i read about a legion
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
lprather66 More than 1 year ago
I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Unbreakable is an action-packed, suspense-filled, hauntingly good read. This book is exactly why I don't go to haunted houses. Kennedy Waters has abandonment issues since her father walked out of her life when she was just a little girl. Her mom and her friend Elle are Kennedy's world. That world is shattered when Kennedy finds her mom dead. Kennedy just wants to spend one more night in the only home she has ever known. Will that choice be the death of her? Jared and Lukas Lockhart break into Kennedy's room, and save her from the same fate that happened to her mother. The twin brothers give Kennedy a crash course in the paranormal world. She learns that her mom was part of a secret society that protects the world from a demon, who is bent on destroying the world. Is it true? Why didn't her mom tell her? Kami Garcia has the reader tag along with the characters as they learn more about the secret society, and how to defeat the demon. I enjoyed the adventure that this book takes you on. It had me on the edge of my seat, and I can't wait to read what happens next.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
notrow1 More than 1 year ago
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publishers through Netgally in return for an honest review. This is the first book in a new YA Paranormal series by Kami Garcia. I loved it! Kennedy Waters is an interesting character. I really liked her. She is an ordinary teen, with ordinary problems, but she has a fantastic eye for detail and is an excellent artist. However, her life is about to take a dangerous twist when her mother is murdered, and Kennedy finds out that there really are things that go "bump" in the night. I really enjoyed the Beautiful Creatures novels this author co-wrote, so when I found out that she was writing a series on her own I was excited. I started to read this book and I was quickly hooked! I loved the first scene, because it was extremely unnerving and creepy. I don't visit cemeteries at night anyway, but reading that scene has completely put me off even trying; it sent shivers up my back! I liked meeting the other characters in this book. Jared and Lukas Lockhart may be seventeen year old twins, but they have very different temperaments. Jared is very intense and serious, while Lukas is more laid back and charming. Priest is an engineering genius, even though he's only fifteen, and quite sweet. Alara is also seventeen, but she is good with wards and is quite focused and determined. Together, they are four-fifths of a group called the Legion; a secret group of ghost and demon hunters. Kennedy finds herself becoming the fifth member of this motley crew.  This story is full of action and danger, secrets and surprises. I loved watching the scenes unfold. The descriptions of the people and places were such that I could picture them with ease. There is a palpable sexual chemistry between Kennedy and Jared, and the tension is building nicely between them. The book finishes on a cliffhanger that felt a bit tame compared to the scene preceding it, but I am now looking forward to reading the next book in the series as soon as possible. Kami Garcia has written a fantastic YA Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy. I loved her fast paced writing style, and the flow was wonderful. Although I loved the Beautiful Creatures series, I think that this book has shown me that she can write stories on her own. I hope she will continue to do so in the future. I highly recommend this book if you love YA/Paranormal Romances/Urban Fantasy. - Lynn Worton
zacktab More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed reading Unbreakable. Unbreakable is a fun, young adult paranormal story to read. Kennedy is a normal teenage girl until one night chasing her cat thru a cemetery leads to her life changing and one night waking up with a couple of boys in her house chasing demons. Kennedy learns that life is not what it seems and tries to find the answers if she belongs to this new world she has discovered or it discovered her however you want to look at it. I am looking forward to reading more of Kennedy's journey and the rest of the pack especially Priest and what he will invent.
Autumn2 More than 1 year ago
I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review. 4 1/2 rating. I have to say this was very paranormal book. Right from the very beginning I was intrigued on the story line. Demons? Ghosts?  Well that is right up my alley of reading. Demons and Ghosts  are creatures that I enjoy reading about when they are written correctly. And the author did this perfectly for me.  Now we have Kennedy who is a normal teenager nothing special about her except that she can really draw. But everything changes within a matter of time when Kennedy comes home and her mother is dead. Now the way she died was pretty cool as I didn't even put two and two together until Kennedy met the brothers and they explained the whole ghost thing. Or vengeful spirits as they are known. Along with the Legion group. So after the death hits Kennedy and this group of teenagers go on a mission to stop a very powerful demon. They have to piece together a weapon  but the question is what will the weapon do once put together? No one knows truly they only hope that it puts the demon to rest. Kennedy is shy and keeps to herself. But when she teams up with the twins, Jared and Lukas, Priest, and Alara Kennedy changes for the better. She becomes more comfortable and you can tell she is going to be good at getting rid of the spirits that need to be gone from our world. I loved how the spirits were able to "hurt' or attempt to hurt those that got close to them. It brings that creep factor into play. After we get through the death of Kennedy's mother it is action after action, ghost after ghost, clue after clue. And it all works together. Now there is a semi love triangle between Kennedy, Jared and Lukas. I kind of wanted to slap Kennedy a bit and tell her not to lead the boys on. She would be with Jared a bit too long, and Lukas would be looking down. Or she would be with Lukas a bit too long and Jared would have a look on his face. Just things like that. And plus your mom just died and you are trying to stay alive so boys shouldn't be on your mind. More like learning how to wield some weapons and fight is what she should be thinking about.  I did enjoy the way they all had to work together to get rid of the ghosts. It wasn't just a one person thing it took a team of them. I have to say my favorite two scenes were the one with the children in Mercy Hospital and the prison.  Both totally freaky and cool at the same time. Overall a great story and I will be looking out for book two. I want to know if they succeed or not. Will Kennedy become an official Legion member, will Kennedy get the answers as to why her mother never told her about the supernatural? 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Review Courtesy of April Hollingworth This is the first book in The Legion series, and it is extraordinarily brilliant. I can’t wait to read the next book in this fabulous new series.  The Review: Kennedy Walters never believed in ghosts, until the night one tried to kill her that is. Being rescued by gorgeous identical twins Jared and Lucas Lockhart, after they break into her house, and destroy a dangerous spirit sent to kill her, is a unexpected and terrifying wake up call to the dark forces ruling the supernatural world. A world Kennedy had no idea even existed. Being informed that her mum was part of a secret society called Legion, responsible for protecting the world from a vengeful demon, is shocking to say the least, but finding out that the five members of the group were all killed on the same night, and that Jared, Lucas, along with two other new members of the group, Priest and Alara, have been looking for her, Kennedy, to take her place and join in the battle against evil, is a lot to take in, especially when Kennedy unlike the others was told nothing about Legion or the battle raging against the world by her mother, unlike the others who have trained all their lives for the day they take over the fight. The race is on. Kennedy must join the fight, if only to uncover the truth of the legacy she knows nothing about. They must all find a weapon that might be able to destroy the demon, while battling the demons and spirits he controls every step of the way. And as if all that isn’t hard enough, Kennedy finds herself drawn to both Jared and Lucas and the attraction is mutual! FTC Advisory: Little, Brown and Company through Net Galley provided me with a copy of Unbreakable by Kami Garcia. Published through Little, Brown and Company. Kindle Edition. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.
Caroles_Random_Life More than 1 year ago
Fast-paced, fun novel! I received an advance reader edition of this book from Little, Brown Books for Young Readers via Net Galley for the purpose of providing an honest review. 4 Stars Wow! This book was so much better than I expected it to be. I am not really sure quite what I expected but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The book opened with a bang and the action just never stopped. This was a quick, easy read that ended up being loads of fun. Kennedy is an average 17 year old girl. She finds herself chasing her cat, Elvis, after he escaped from the house. Her cat leads her into a nearby cemetery where she see a girl. She quickly realizes that this girl may be a ghost. She pushes the thought aside and continues on with her normal life. Unfortunately, her life changes dramatically and she must deal with her new reality. She finds herself joining a group, the Legion, which consists of Lukas, Jared, Priest, and Alana. Each member of the Legion is new to their position being appointed after a family member died. Each of the preceding members died on the same night as Kennedy's mother. Kennedy's mother has never mentioned anything about the Legion and she lacks the training that the other members have had years to acquire. The group works together to solve a puzzle battling ghosts along the way. Kennedy quickly proves to be an asset to the group despite her lack of training. This book was not any kind of great literature, but it was fun. For the most part I liked the characters, although I must admit I wanted to smack Kennedy every once in a while. There was a small bit of romance which I really wish had just been left out. Nobody needs another teen love triangle, especially one involving hot twins. The pacing of the book was wonderful with lots of action. The writing flowed throughout the book. I found that I was completely engaged in this book while reading. I actually read the book completely within a single day and I did not spend the entire day reading. I would recommend this book to others. This is a young adult novel and I would feel completely comfortable with my 14 reading this story. This is the first book by Kami Garcia that I have had a chance to read. I do plan to continue with this series and to read other works by this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So great! VERY well written! Read now, worth double what their asking.
tpolen More than 1 year ago
This book description appealed to me immediately - almost like a teenage Ghostbusters, only darker, but it was leaps and bounds away from The Da Vinci Code. When all was said and done, some things I liked about this book, some not so much. Early on, I connected with Kennedy. She was an awkward teenager, talented artist, child of a single parent who had a great relationship with her mom, just trying to figure out where she fit into the world. Almost immediately after her mother was killed and twins Jared and Lukas came into the picture, I lost interest in her. Her mother was murdered, house destroyed, she had no close living relatives, only the clothes on her back, no money - and she talked about how "gorgeous" the twins were with their "pale blue eyes and full lips". Cue love triangle with brothers. What I did like about this book was the pacing, the supernatural scenes with the ghosts, and the unusual and clever ways the characters were able to kill them. Either the author has a highly creative imagination, or I'm just completely unaware of the universal methods of ghost assassination. Several reviews have mentioned the strong similarities between the TV show Supernatural and this book. Since I've never seen the show, I can't comment on that, but Unbreakable did hold my interest. Unbreakable is by no means a book with deep themes and complex characters. They are superficial, occasionally amusing, and if you can overlook the immaturity and near constant insecurities of Kennedy, this was an okay read purely on the basis of the ghosts, demons, and mystery of the Legion. This review is based on a digital copy from the publisher through NetGalley.
vikingprincess1976 More than 1 year ago
I knew from reading the Beautiful Creatures series that I would like this book. I did not know I would LOVE IT! This had everything you could want in a paranormal book. Death, action, romance and a mystery! Then again, I would expect nothing less from Ms. Garcia, lol! I cannot wait to continue this series.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
What has Kami Garcia got here? With her characteristic style and flare for the unusual, but definitely entertaining, comes Unbreakable, the first volume in the series Legions. If you’re looking to slither into an eery world that moves so fast, your head is doing a 360, a world where only a handful of heroes are what stand between the Earth plane and disaster, you have come to the right place. The ghosts that inhabit this world are not all fluffy and cute, none of them are named Casper, these are dark demonic ghosts with evil on their agenda. No Ghostbusters will come to the rescue, instead, The Legion has been prepared for generations to take the mantle of responsibility on their shoulders, it’s what these kids have trained for all their lives, except for Kennedy. When her world comes crashing down one night, and her life is in danger, two young warriors come to her rescue, identical twins that could cause even the desert sand to drool. Jared and Lucas give Kennedy the most unbelievable news, that her mother was butchered by a demon because of who she is. Apparently, she wanted to shield Kennedy from her legacy and never told her what her destiny was. Big mistake because how could anyone depend on this brilliant, yet very un-hero-like girl? Get ready to buckle in for the ride of your life into the house of horrors created by Kami Garcia. Great writing style? Check. Brilliantly quirky character? Check. Dark and brooding character? Check. Brave, yet confused heroine? Check. The perfect and beautiful fighting machine that sees Kennedy as possible threat? Yep, we’ve got one of those, too. Ms. Garcia even tossed in one heck of a plot that will send chills down your spine, so maybe you should read this in the daylight, in a crowded and well-lit place, because you never know when a demon ghost my come floating by, ready to drain you of your essence in about as much time as it takes to eat an ice cream cone on a ninety degree day. I admit it, I like spooky, I like great dialogue and I like deadly things that go bump in the night. A quick word about the ending…I didn’t see that one coming!
lrhubble More than 1 year ago
A fantastic book Contemporary, Paranormal, Young Adult Kennedy Waters never believed in ghosts. When Kennedy finds her mother dead she never thought paranormal forces were responsible. That is until she is almost killed by a ghost but is saved in time by Jared and Lukas Lockhart, mysterious identical twin brothers. They destroyed the spirit sent to kill her when they break into her room. Kennedy learns the truth about her mother, and the fact that her death was no accident. Now Kennedy needs to take her place in the Legion of the Black Dove. It is a society of ghost hunters that first came together to protect the world from a vengeful demon. It is society made up of five members. Though all the members died on the same night so now the society is in the hands of the next generation, a misfit group of five teenagers. Each with a unique set of skills. The new members are in a race to find the only weapon that is capable of destroying the demon. They need to use their individual talents by battling pararnormal entities so that they can earn their place in the Legion. Their rightful place. The only exception seems to be Kennedy. She needs to stay alive long enough to see if she is truly the missing piece of the puzzle. But can she do it without losing her heart in the process? This is a book that puts a unique spin on ghost stories. The plot is very different and makes for a book that is hard to put down. The world building is fascinating and unique. The characters are interesting and move the story line along very well and with plenty of action it makes for a great read. It is a young adult story that is great for readers of all ages. It will also have readers eagerly awaiting the next book in this series. It has a great mystery woven throughout the book. It does leave some of the story line hanging and with a somewhat of a cliff hanger at the end it still proves to be irresistible. If the other books prove to be this good this is going to be a series of books that will be worth taking the time out to read.
ImaginaryReads More than 1 year ago
First, Kennedy’s mother suddenly dies. Then, twins Lukas and Jared her life from a poltergeist that tries to kill her, and they tell her that she is the next in line to represent her family as a member of the ancient secret group called the Legion. Now, Kennedy has to use her eidetic memory to work with the rest of the members of the group to collect the Shift’s five pieces that will destroy the demon Andras. The character development is not the strongest point in the novel. We don’t get much backstory on the characters; as a result, they fall flat. Kennedy is brave. However, I don’t like how she doubts herself and is preoccupied with insecurities about fitting in with the others, as she doesn't know whether or not her eidetic memory counts as a special gift. I would like to see her undergo more character growth in the next installment. There are hints of a love triangle between Kennedy and the twins, but it's not certain at this point. The romance is not significant in this book. The most distinguishing feature is the good-boy bad-boy tension. The horror aspect is the book’s strong point. I liked following the characters on their journey from a haunted mansion to places like an abandoned magic shop, a neglected sanitarium, and a death-row prison. The author describes these places with thoroughly chilling and flawless details that sent shivers down my spine. Additionally, the story is fast-paced with plenty of terror and suspense. Unbreakable is a promising start for a new thrilling and exciting series. I am looking forward to reading book two, where there will hopefully be more character development.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am 12 and read this book in an hour it was that good i ever shared it with my friend who is 11 and it took her a day to read it was that good. Even in class we got in trouble for reading when the teacher is talking. Anyway i recomend this book and I can not wait for the second one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Overall the book was fast past and left you hanging on your sit to see what happens next.....if you have the time then you should check the story out. Can't wait for the next book an how the story will unfold
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dazzlamb More than 1 year ago
Kennedy's life changes abrubptly when her mother is murdered by a ghost that soon is after Kennedy as well. She has never been in contact with anything supernatural before and knows just as much as readers do when they first learn about the special group of people who call themselves the legion. We find out how the legion was founded and learn more about the different types of ghosts they have to fight and the best ways to send them back to where they came from. Sketches of meaningful symbols and inventions of importance to the story are included to underline the books' ritual character and give it another boost of authenticity. The legion is a group of five people whose goal is to rid the world of evil spirits and ultimately of the demon Andras, that has been the legion's enemy for many hundred years. Now five teens have to continue their parents' or grandparents' legacy. The twins Lukas and Jared, one introduced as the bad boy, the other as the nice boy next door. Then there's the group's brilliant inventor and youngest member Priest. Alara, the only other female group member. She's very loyal and protective. And now Kennedy's a part of their group, too. Together they are set on finding clues that are meant to lead them to the weapon that could destroy Andras. It is a very absorbing quest and a few tasks and riddles demand to be solved. It only takes a few days for Kennedy to become an accepted member of their group and suddenly ghosts are everywhere. Supernatural ghost encounters are the common theme in the story as one could expect from a story about ghost hunting kids. And not just your average ghosts. Kami's spirits are freakishly scary just as her ideas to frighten her readers. Ravens, abandoned prisons and old wells. Kami Garcia knows how to write a horror ghost story. Every single evil spirit in the story gave me a good scare. The romantic relationship between Kennedy and Jared and the tension their intimacy creates between them and Jared's brother Lukas ,who obviously seems to like Kennedy as well, was generally appealing. But I always had a nagging feeling about their relationship. Not because I didn't like it (I really did), but because it wasn't as believable as I'd hope it to be/to grow. They have very strong feelings for each other from the moment they meet each other. And for me it was too early in the story that they were talking about overwhelming feelings of love and even trust issues. Too many strong emotions in too short a time, considering that both Kennedy and Jared are naturally cautious characters and trying to keep their distance. I'm really curious in which direction their relationship is headed in UNBOUND, the sequel to UNBREAKABLE. I was surprised to read a story loaded with action, one ghost encounter following the next without lengthy dialogues or filling scenes in between. One or two more scenes on the characters in between their ghost huntings would've been appreciated, maybe a bit more on their backgrounds and former members of the legion. Each chapter is on the shorter side with about eight to ten pages, making it easy to loose track of time and keep reading till the early hours of dawn...when it's more likely you'll be able to close your eyes after a ghost story like this anyway. 4/5 **** UNBREAKABLE – A spine-chilling, fast-paced and ideal read for fans of Supernatural. If you read the BEAUTIFUL CREATURES series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl you know that these two authors can write, international bestselling stories for that. UNBREAKABLE being Kami's first solo project, I was very curious to find out in how far her writing would change without the support of a co-author. The first book in the THE LEGION series was her opportunity to show how eerie ghost encounters can be. Kami Garcia always has another spooky spirit up her sleeve and the legion's five teens are easily my new favourite ghost hunters!
ChristineyReads More than 1 year ago
Rating: 2 Stars I can’t think of anything worse than having a book that you were anticipating disappoint you from the beginning to the end. Okay, I kind of lied. It didn’t disappoint me in the beginning. At least, it didn’t until the characters mentioned the Illuminati. From there I kind of knew that it was going to go downhill. I don’t know what it is about the Illuminati that makes me feel as though the author kind of lazied his/her way out. I mean, there are so many other conspiracies out there that hasn’t been done to death by media. The only thing that kind of salvaged it was the twist that she offered regarding the Illuminati (which, by the way, I have to google to see if she made it up or if it is based on some facts). Characters-wise, I liked it. With the exception of the twins, I thought that every character had an unique voice and stood out in their own little way. Personally, I thought the whole each member had one speciality thing to be a little bit too convenient for my taste but the interaction between them made up for it. And, now, getting to the twins. I know that the twins are supposed to be the love interest and that it will be hard to physically distinguish them two, but I thought that their personality was eerily similar to each other as well. Only in the beginning did I get a feel for what their different personalities were going to be then *boom* they merged and swapped some characteristics throughout the novel. It totally confused me and I didn’t know who to root for in the romance department (which is a first because I always find someone, usually the underdog, to root for). Generally, there were some parts in the books that gave me chills. Like, some of the ghosts were downright creepy and I had to turn on my brightest light while I was reading those passages but, sadly, there weren’t too many of those gems. In fact, I felt as though she rushed through a lot of the scenes. I know that it was marketed as a Supernatural meets The Da Vinci Code and I kind of saw the Supernatural angle and I saw a glimpse of the The Da Vinci Code as well too. But, here’s the thing about trying to write something like The Da Vinci Code, you can’t rush through some of the information otherwise your readers are going to get lost. Overall, it’s a good book for light reading but try not to open it with any expectations. If you’re a fan of Supernatural, you probably might be a little disappointed by the story. If you’re a fan of Beautiful Creatures, you’re going to be majorly disappointed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I attended the Miami Book fair to here about Mrs. Kami's latest solo book; although i may be only 14 i am still entitled to my own opinion. This book was Amazing. Kennedy went through months of making trial and error mistakes. I agree that they were all extreme however they are still ones that kids my age can relate to. Ever heard the saying "learn from your mistakes?" That is what Kennedy was doing as the story continues to unfold. Now the love triangle has my complete attention. I believe that there could have been more intimacy between Kennedy and the twins. Im hoping for more in the sequel when she and Jared find eachother (im keeping my fingers crossed). They are perfect for eachother. Btw i love jared. I only didnt like the end. No offense i hate cliff hangers.